December 18th, 2015

mini plush

ITS DEMO 3 :D New Merch!

more info, credit to pokepolitan:
Face towel - 1,500 yen
Washcloth - 780 yen
Mugs - 1,200 yen each
Notebook style phone cases - 3,400 yen each

I have wanted something Its demo for a while..
This might be it! I love this art ♡

Argh at the only fits one phone.... I swear all these super cute case almost want to me make me get one just to look at them...

Those mugs, though. (Even if they're not full color like the cases :/)
Really, really wish they make cellphone charms next time, when was the last time they made those?
Ah, well.

Hope they keep this up, if anyone does pickups keep me posted~ ♡♡♡♡♡

Last, but not least, here's my wants list in any case too:
I finally got a bit of cash left over, so now's a good time to make an offer :3

A New Collection Appears!

Done with finals, so that means collection update time~! When I first joined this community, I was amazed by the dedication people have for collecting specific Pokemon. Out of 700 different Pokemon, I couldn't imagine choosing just one.

Until now (oops.)

warning: picture heavy cut ahead.

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If you've made it this far down with my ramblings, thanks for reading! ^^"

Zoroark gets and some sales (Dragonite pokedoll!!)

Hey guys! Finals are over woo! Now I have time to show off my latest gets :) If I haven't responded to a message or left feedback, I promise you I will over the weekend! I'm just now getting back into the swing of things.

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Now onto some sales! After much debating, I have decided to sell my beloved Dragonite pokedoll. He is probably one of the most adorable pokedolls ever, but I need the money for other things right now.

Sales Permission granted by areica96 on March 21, 2015
My Feedback

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Thanks for looking guys :) I'm super excited to be receiving something I never thought I'd own (I guess you could call it a grail, but I wasn't like hardcore searching for it since I had accepted the fact that I would never own it ^^;) and can't wait to show her off to you guys :) I also might be selling other parts of my collection, so stay tuned! Until then, I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

massive TCG collection

Hey there! Long time I don´t post here. I want to share with you some pictures of my TCG collection, that of course, I would like to sell some day. I have like 5000 cards of all the expantions, some of them are really old. What do you thing? How many cards do you have?

Thanks for watching.

Cute Pokemon fans?

I bet y'all are tired of me asking about random merch but I have another question I got these cute Pokemon fans and I'm wondering if they are rare I haven't been able to find any information about thrm.

They have 2 sides and are pretty adorable

candy figures + more sales!

Hey community! I have a set of the new candy figures for sale along with a bunch of other things :D I took new pictures of everything so it's easier to see what's available! I also have Tomys, kids, plush, and roller stamps in my storenvy! You're welcome to buy through there or let me know what you're interested in here and I can combine shipping C: Everything is open to offers as well!

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pokemon ♚ awe

december commissions are open!

Hey all! I have great news!! I got approved for sales permission just the other day, so I'm very pleased to announce that I'll be opening digital art print commissions! YEAH!

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  • Any questions? Feel free to ask by replying to the comment below!


1. starrypurloin -- DONE. ready to ship!

I'm only gonna do five spots for now, just so that I don't overwhelm myself. Your art will be completed in NO MORE than four weeks, tops. If there are any sort of delays, I'll be sure to let you know. You'll recieve at least one WIP before I complete your commission! And if you have any questions or concerns at any point during the commission process, always feel free to message me!

I think that's all?? YEEHAW, FIRST SALES POST. I have a few gets and some actual merch to sale too, but I decided to wait 

Metal Figure Collection XY&Z and N Nendodroid Sale!

Hi all. Today I got a lot of metal figures for sale! I ordered a full bag of 100 just to get some Frogadiers for my collection.
I have taken some photos for anyone interested, and extras for sale!



If you order more than 4, I am happy to give a 10% discount on the item price :) If you order quite a number I am willing to haggle!

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Also quick sale/ trade for N Nendodroid. I originally bought this one for my friend but unforunately she actually got one somewhere else ;_;
It is NIP and is the Japanese version. Asking $70 (less than what I paid) + shipping. I will be shipping N in another box with tracking. Shipping will be $12-$20 for a tracked method depending on your country.
I am willing to do a straight trade for the Cynthia Nendroid. I am happy with either US or JP version, it does not has to be NIP but it needs to be in good condition and complete with all parts and box.

Thanks all!

You can hold items for up to 1 month ~Sales~

Happy holidays, everyone!
I have completely re-done my sales pictures, added new things and reduced a LOT of prices.

I know people are a little tight on money at this time of year, and some people are afraid of having packages shipped due to the overflow of packages in the mail system right now. So as the title implies, this is a sales post in which you can hold items for up to ONE MONTH.
This is how it works:
You ask for the item. Then, once I reply with your total, and you decide you want the item, you have exactly one month from the date of my reply of the total to you. For example:
You: "I want that Pikachu plush to the UK!"  - sent at December 18th at 8:00
Me: "Okay, it's $5."                                    - sent at December 18th at 8:05
You: "Okay, that sounds good. I'll send the payment within this next month." - sent at December 19th at 6:00
In this situation, you would have until January 18th at 8:05 to send the payment.

If you back out of the sale at any point after you confirm that you indeed DO want the item, I will leave you negative feedback. If you miss the deadline for paying, I will leave you negative feedback. If you find that you are late on the payment, please message me so we can work things out.

EDIT: This 1-month holding deal became invalid as of Janurary 1st, 2016. This deal is no longer valid.

Preview of the sales:

no title

2015-12-18 16.10.58-3.jpg

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Question about Settei?

Hey Pokemon Collectors! I have a question about Settei. What do the artists use to draw it? Is it a pencil or some kind of ink pen? I know this is kind of off topic, but just for fun I made my own Pikachu Settei and I wanted to know if I should ink it.

Thanks for any help!

  • mixie94

Some new gets and a question

Edit: Diggersby's tag isn't working is that normal?

Hi again community! I come to you with some new gets and a question. First off I just got a new plush not that long ago, I actually got him not after I had posted last time so he didn't get a chance to be included. This new get is a Diggersby Pokedoll made by bubble_rhapsody! He is super cute and I just love him!

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Well that's it for now, thank you for reading. Also I'm hopefully caught up with all the feedback I needed to leave, if I missed you please let me know. Thank you <3

Kid figures: Buy one get one free

Hey guys, just wanted to post a quick reminder that I'm currently having Buy One Get One Free on all loose kid figures in my store :). The sale is ending TOMORROW (12/19 at 11:59PM CST) so this is your last chance to get some "free" figures! And of course I have plenty of other stuff for sale...plush, keychains, tazos, Tomy figures, models, zukan, etc.

Happy Holidays!

Sales preview:


Sales are here: