December 21st, 2015

12 Days of Gets-mas + A Grail Get

Hello all,

Recently I received a plushie that I have been wanting for a very long time, the Jumbo Substitute Doll! Look under the cut for the entire story. Please note that there is a picture that has my face in it for anybody who is made uncomfortable by that. It is the 8th picture within the cut. Thank you and I hope you enjoy reading!

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A few new gets, and some great weekend finds!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!
I went shopping this weekend at the mall with my bestie kyreon, and we found some great stuff! One of my favorites was my new Pikachu and Eevee blanket from Hot topic. (The Pikachu piggy bank is from FYE)

Also found a Pikachu backpack, and eeveelution earrings at HT.

A few new cuties from kyreon <3

A Skitty and Espeon perler I made~

I want to fill one of my walls with pokemon perlers of all my favorites lol it'll take a while, but I've gotta start somewhere xD
Pokemon - Starters
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Zygarde Core moncolle claims + HUGE flats sales updates!

Hey everyone, I've got claims for 5 of the upcoming limited edition Zygarde Core Form Puni-chan (Squishy) Moncolle for anyone interested here~! Anyone who has claims for Oyasumi Friends TOMY figures is welcome to combine shipping with these! And FYI the Oyasumi Friends figures are enroute to me and should probably come in a couple weeks :3

*edit* Expanded the slots to 8 by special request, and I was able to request a few more :)

Also did huge updates to my flats section of my sales and lots more! Tomorrow is my last shipping day until next week Monday/Tuesday, and then it's New Year's~

Preview of new items:

Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )

Quick Wants! :)

Looking for:

-Bulbasaur plushies (especially the new sleeping one!)
-Raikou plushies
-Sylveon Plushies
-Dratini Plushies
-Pokedolls: Raikou, Suicune, Entei
-Japanese Petits

I actually have money right now! Hooray! :D xDD
Happy holidays everybody!
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Ducklett/Swanna Merch!

Hi everyone! I hope y'all are having some holiday fun and cheer!
Well I finally ran across some funds and I would love to purchase Ducklett/Swanna Merch! I'm not looking for flats at the moment, but I'm really looking for either the Ducklett mini pokedoll or the Swanna mpc. Both of which I'm looking to spend around $15 each :) If those aren't around, I'd love some Ducklett straps as I don't have any yet! Thanks a bunch everyone! Happy Holidays/Christmas/Whatever!

New gets, Christmas time and sales!

Hello PKMNCollectors!! :)

How are you all? Have you had a nice weekend? Mine was great!

First I have got the last few weeks a lot of new gets! I didn't had the time to post them here, because I was very busy at work, at home (christmas decoration), shopping Christmas presents for my family and doing fun things beside xD So after all that time, I found finally time to post them here! :D

Thanks to absol for all your help! <3 because of you I have got this beautiful Zigzagoon/Linoone Japanese postcard! I know they are very hard to find, and you found it for me, thanks so much!! (I have more for sale, not Zigzagoon ones, but diffrent postcards. I think Im gonna auction them later, or maybe for sale, depends...)

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Also, I have put up my small Christmas tree in my room! Now it has only a little Mudkip charm in it (can you find it X_X?), bought it from gaarasyami , and there will be more charms soon!!

How is your Christmas tree looking? Also with Pokemon stuff? I'm excited to see some!! :3

Also, hereby my sales: (click the banner to be transported)

Have a nice Christmas to you all, and a Happy Newyear!


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Sales permission and quick little want

Does anyone have any Fennekin metal figures for sale? Preferably bronze, but I'm interested in other colors too.

Also, I finally got sales permission a couple of days ago and figured I should drop a little sales plug here. I'm still willing to trade as well, so feel free to make offers~ ^-^


End of year sales! Shiny Kids, Rare Movie Charms, Keychains, and more...

Hello! I'm hoping to clear out my sales for the year. I'm currently running a special for US buyers, spend $15 and get free shipping! (International buyers, spend $20 and shipping is only $3)

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Shiny Skitty Kid - $15
Shiny Gyarados Kid - $35
Lanturn - $2, Quilava v.1, Quilava v.2 - $3 each
Chimchar Pokedoll Keychain - $12
Emolga Strap - $2
Chikorita, Igglybuff mini boxes - $3 each

Misty's Pokemon Complete Set - Accepting offers, starts at $25
Brock's Pokemon Complete Set - Accepting offers, starts at $25
Loose Charms - Misty's Poliwhirl, Misty's Psyduck, Molly's Flaafy, Molly's Teddiursa, Brock's Onix, Ash's Chikorita, Larvitar, Pikachu - $4 each
*I will send Misty's packaging to the first person to purchase a loose charm.

All Movie Metal Charm Keychains are $10 each
Shaymin (land), Giratina (origin), Regigigas x 2
Shaymin (sky), Giratina (altered), Pikachu
Pichu Bros, Movie Logo (2000) x 2 x 1
Whismur, Torchic, Pikachu/Meowth

All Rubber Keychains are $2 each
Pikachu & Meowth x 2
Deoxys & Rayquaza
Pikachu, Plusle, Minun

All Can Badges are $1 each

no title
PokeCen Diamond/Pearl sticker sheets - $5 each sheet (stickers not sold individually)

Last but not least, here my wants for anyone who is looking to trade or sell. Please let me know if any of these are your photos and you don't want them used so I can take them out. Thanks!
My Wants:

*Butterfree Pokedoll is my highest priority! Then Togepi (and pretty much in the order above)
*Secret Base Lapras is the Japanese version

Other stuff:
Turtwig Pokedoll tag only (red star version)
Victini Pokedoll Stamp Pin
Pikachu Pokedoll Stamp Pin

***Can badges!***
Pokemon with You Turtwig
Pokemon with You Lilligant
Pokemon with You Oshawott
Pokedoll Can Badges! (lots, please let me know if you have any!)

***Dex Charms***
Togepi (both versions)
Azurill, Marill (2nd version)
Turtwig (any)
Celebi (2nd version)

Pokemon Tretta Magazines!


Are there Tretta collectors and enthusiants? I bought these tretta magazines on my birthday at the bookstore (since there was a 20% off sale XD) and have some pictures to share. Both came with freebies such as a tretta and tretta board for the Z and and a mini Tretta book for the other.

If there is interest, I'm happy to share the rest.

This one is Pokemon Tretta Ultimate Z pictured on the left which came out November 30th..

First page: The Legendary Beasts

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Lots more in the magazine like Tretta characters and arcade game pics.

For the other Tretta magazine it contains this cool mini book with Mega Gengar!


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Thanks for seeing!

Happy holidays~

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Inquiry about the Eevee backpack from Hot Topic ?

Hello everyone ! I hope your holidays are great so far !

I found this Eevee backpack today, on Hot Topic's website, when I was looking for Eeveelution earrings. I have a few questions about it :

1) Can the bag hold many items, or is it basically a plush with a tiny pouch inside ?

2) Is it heavy ? The few bags that are listed on Ebay are really expensive to ship to France, for some reason. Maybe I should ask if someone would accept to middle-man it to me. ( However, I am not sure - My dad will surely tell me that buying this backpack is useless, as I already have one that is more practical. )

3) Does it look good when you wear it ? I would like to use this bag for a trip to a country that I always have wished to visit, and maybe it sounds a little shallow, but I don't wanna look silly !

Thank you and have a good day !