December 25th, 2015

tomy figures. real or fake?

i have brought a few tomy figures and i swear 1 out 5 are fakes. looking on ebay and forums my cloyster seems most legit. stamps very sharp and is the nintendo version. my concerns are the other 4. if fake please confirm.

haunter looks very good quality. stamps real sharp and looks like the original version with the clear pretty sure brown base is a definite fake.

marowak has poor paintjob and its toes seem to be just sprayed white. poor stamp quality too.must be a definite fake?

nidoran looks like a legit one and stamps are sharp in detail and looks like the original. only thing really different is the middle seam that is meant to run down its stomach so must be fake too? or atleast a pretty dam good fake

krabby looks really good however the arms dont cross over like most real ones ive seen.paint very good besides eyes are slightly out the lines.there is also a huge made in china stamp underneath which looks odd.

if you can confirm these are fake then im not going to bother putting in my collections. i am very picky with authenticity :) thanks guys for any input!


Hello everyone! I recently saw a Plush Charizard Backpack on Ebay, but it was stated to have the zipper broken and a few stains..

I was wondering if anyone had one of these that they would be willing to sell to me! Here is an image below

If anyone has one and would be willing to discuss a price with me I am highly interested!!

If no one has that I am also looking for Best Wishes Charizard Plush! Here is a picture of that

I got some Christmas money and want to treat myself a little, if anyone has any info on these items please please please let me know, thanks! <3

Merry Christmas! (+Wants)

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas!! ^_^ <3
I hope you all have a good time together with your family/partner and/or friends!
I was spending my time together with my father and my brother and I ate a lot! xD

I made some photos of my pokemon and my christmas room decoration which I think I should share with you! You will see them under the cut below :3 Also I have some new wants! I´m not sure if I have the money atm (xD) but if you have something for sale from my wants below, please tell me! I will find out if I can buy depending on the price :P

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raichu_want.pnghappypikachu.jpgraichupezdispenserbigraichutomyraichuoldkid ......maybe other cute plushes or figures of Pikachu & Raichu! I´m totally after the old and rare to find very cute & chubby looking Chu´s! If you think you have some, please let me know! Maybe I´m interested! Thanks :3

- Base: Zapdos, Venusaur
- Team Rocket: Dark Raichu, Dark Dragonite, Eevee, Dark Flareon, Dark Ratticate, Porygon
- Jungle: Jolteon, Pikachu
- Neo Discovery: Metapod, unholo Lugia&Ho-Oh
- Gym: Erikas Bulbasaur, Lt. Surges Pikachu & Raichu (the fighting pose ones)
- Intro Pack/Bulbasaur Pack: Raichu sitting on a chair
- Vending cards: Raichu
Thanks for looking & good night! ^^
Mudkip wooper lotad

New merch

Apparently some new cover plates are coming to Japan in Febuary!

I also found some other merch on the net!
Poseable pikachu bandai S.H.Figuarts figure

this pikachu item I found on the japanese pokemon website
Chef, Charmeleon

Gonna be further breaking up my swing charm collection/Collection updates

Yup, like it says I'm gonna be further breaking up my swing charm collection. I had an auction thread that had the eeveelutions in it, but only two people had interested (Which they're gone now, so just a heads up)

But I have about 250 more swing charms (Out of the 287-ish in total for all of them), and I'm wondering if there were any specific ones people are looking for, I'm also willing to trade for Charmeleon and/or Raikou stuff I don't have yet. (Look below for stuff that I DO have)

My feedback ->

I was given permission to sell in pkmncollectors by entirelycliched on 2/11/2013

Anyways, collection updates!

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Mareep Pokemon

eBay Low-Start Pokemon Listings

Merry Christmas, pkmncollectors! Lately I'm trying to make some space by selling a lot of my pokemon toys :) I am slowly but surely listing my items to ebay at low start prices to sell asap. My goal is that I will have room to actually display my collection at some point, and also catch up on all the eevee related goods I missed out on the last year I wasn't able to participate. (Pokemon Time, Kuttari etc.)

My listings are right here!

So far there are only a few Banpresto plush such as DX Lopunny, DX Axew, DX Piplup etc. plus some Hasbro beanies. But I am going to be listing more and more the coming days once Christmas is up and out of the way :D I basically have about 20 large boxes to get through, and a lot of it I'm happy to sell very cheaply in order to clear the room in my house.

I am shipping from the UK and am willing to ship worldwide. Just request shipping at the end of the auction (or ask for it here).

Merry Christmas! I made a Pokemon Collectors Bingo!

I rearragned the display area today for Christmas. :D

One of my favorite promotions are definitely the Christmas and Winter ones.

I love the Little Tales calendar. I remember last year around this time when I was still new to collecting... I had regret not getting it and it was over 100+ on eBay. Later, I learned about buying stuff off Yahoo! Auctions and have not looked back.

Also, I ate a few of the Christmas chocolate crunch. The tin is beautiful.

I have a million random Christmas pictures to share and to still make.. XD but I'm too lazy to upload... ;;; I will make save that for a post Christmas gets post closer to New Year's.

On Twitter, I saw a bingo blank from an artist I followed and I thought why not make a bingo for Pokemon collecting! So feel free to play and retweet on Twitter or share on Tumblr.

I hoped the spaces are varied enough. Feel free to suggest better spaces. You can make your own with this blank.

So comment and see what you got! or tweet me back. Have fun and happy holidays! :D
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rotom form pokedoll auctions!

so there was interest through PM and a comment in mainly the wash doll, so I've decided to split the set up for auction.

dolls are MWT and like new!

sales permission from denkimouse in 2009
community auction rules apply
the final auction price does not include shipping! shipping is from canada
the auction will end on monday december 28th at 4pm vancouver time (click here for the countdown)

i also still have a mega charizard X plush available, japanese and MWT for a discounted $20 + shipping!

thanks friends, and happy holidays!

Badges and Slippers for Sale

Merry Christmas everyone :) Did you get anything good this year?

I'm looking to sell these badges, and I lowered the price on some Pikachu slippers.

Slippers are one size fits most and 10 dollars
Badges are 15 dollars each OBO!

Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on Feb 19, 2013
Please note that if you're committed and back out, you will receive negative feedback

Here's a link to my store~
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Wants: Shiny Kids and Shadow Lugia Pokedoll

Hello everyone!

Sorry to post wants again so soon again, but I have some Christmas funds available, and I'm once again looking for shiny bandai kids!
I'm not looking to spend an arm and a leg on a single figure, but I'd like to test the waters and see what's out there! :D
If you have any shiny kids for sale, please let me know!
I have at least 22 or so now last I checked, so I apologize if I already have ones you're offering!

I'm also on the lookout for a Shadow Lugia Pokedoll!
No tags required AT ALL, but I would prefer a tush tag if possible!
This is my one big attainable grail, so any help is appreciated! :D

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! :D
To keep this post less "Help me find mah babies!!!", here's my Pokemon from my parents! Including the Absol pokedoll that I accidentally found out they got me! :D

Thanks everybody!
~ Ebon

It's been awhile

Hello! It's been awhile, a year and a half I believe, since I have visited the community. With school consuming most of my time (and my wallet haha), I took a long hiatus from pokemon collecting. Recently though, I have found my way back. I have been floating around reading posts/catching myself up with merch news, and thought it's time to make a return!

To start I am setting new goals; I have a new set of wants. I know some are very hard to find, but I plan on being patient with myself and my wallet.

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I understand that the two Pokedolls I am after are rare, but I have decided that I am willing to sell/trade some of my own rare Pokedolls for them. However, I am not sure if I qualify for sales permission. Could someone help me on clarifying if I can obtain sales permission? While I do not buy often because of budgetting (I have less than 10 feedbacks) and have only recently come back to the community, is it still possible for me to obtain sales permssion or ask for trades?

I do not want to post about what I am willing to sell/trade without the permission to do so.

Thank you ^__^
Mantyke + tea

Pokemon Time rubber straps pre-order claims post!

Hello there guys!

I have just talked to my middleman whether he will be able to get these beauties for us, and he said he will do his best again to get us full sets! So I am opening these up for pre-order for those interested!

Please read the rules before you decide to claim!

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Thank you so much guys! :)