December 28th, 2015

Noivern time

Update sales!

I did some collection weeding and added some Slyveon and Eevee items to my sales post. I also have a Mt Fuji Pikachu, and Japanese Ditto and Clefairy secret base plush up for sale if anyone was interested~


I will be leaving this Saturday for Japan (HELLO POKEMON CENTER) so if you buy something from me before the 1st or on the 1st (if its not too late in the day), it will definately be posted before I leave! I am not looking to do any trades/partial trades at the moment, but please feel free to haggle if you buy multiple things or think something is overpriced!

I'm not super attached to my Sylveon collection anymore (but I still like some of my plush!) so if you're interested in any of the plush I have feel free to throw me an offer! I have the  Happy party time mascot plush, MPC, sitting trick pose, custom FollyLolly beanie, Japanese Petite, and Amie plush. I also have the Sylveon w/Eevee pokedoll lotto plush that I'm attached to but if you're looking for it feel free to drop an offer but don't be offended if I decline.

ALSO. If anyone has suggestions on where to go in Tokyo lemme know! :) I will already be hitting up Sunshine City in Ikebukuro for the Mega Pokecen and that general area but if anyone has specific suggestions on cool places to visit I'm all ears!

Kylo Chu (Build-A-Bear) Get!

Got a the Build-A-Bear Pikachu as a birthday present and customized it in honor of SW~

I'm actually surprised how well it came out. When the initial pictures of it surfaced, I honestly wasn't digging it, especially since I own the big Pikazard plush. However, it definitely looks much better in person and it's nice and soft so it's worth the money spent on it.

Berry Vulpix

Happy New Year!

Hello Everyone!!

Long time no post. :( Laziness, forgetfulness, and my mom's surgery recovery have kept me away. I really just came by to say hi, wish everyone a Happy New Year and to share my new pokemon item I got for Christmas from my brother:

This bank came from Target. I am not sure if it still available or not. It is all ceramic.

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year!