December 29th, 2015

Japan Days 1-3 Gets!

I haven't posted in a while because DUN DUN DUN I'm in Japan :D
I have wifi in my hotel but we've just been exhausted every night when we get back that I haven't had the time to make a post :'D
WARNING this will be picture heavy!

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thanks for looking and hope you're all having awesome holidays! <3
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Year-End Sales + Build-A-Bear Pikachu Get~

Hey everyone, new eBay lot is up and ends in a week!
Click the pic or here to go!

I ordered the Build-A-Bear full set Pikachu online and it came yesterday~
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Sales plug! Got another extended break out of the house from Wed-Sunday, but I'll still be around to take orders during this time!
Preview of new items:

Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )

Quick Sales!

Hey guys! Long time no post. I've been very busy with school and trying to work to keep myself financially stable. Unfortunately, I've been running into some troubles so I am making a post to hopefully make some quick sales! I just have a few plushies to sell, and I'm marking them all for a reasonable price.

Here are the goods!
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I'm sad to sell from my pikachu and raichu collection, but I really need money right now to help me finish up school. D'x It sucks being a college student...
So help me out guys, if you are interested in any of these plushies, let me know!
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20th Anniversary Excitement

With 2016 fast approaching and the 20th anniversary of pokemon looming in the near future I wanted to start a thread about what the community is looking forward to or hoping for? :)

Personally I'm hoping for some new pokedolls! I'd kill for a Zydoge and Noibat xP and some new 1:1 plushies would be nice to! I get the feeling we'll be seeing a lot of gen 1 pokemon so bring on the Charizard!

I'm also excited to see what game freak's plans are for Pokemon Z if that is the game that's going to be released next year. Basically I'm just excited to use Zygarde's different forms in game :> as well as what new megas will be announced. On the subject of games though has anyone heard anything about that Pikachu Detective game was was leaked just after X&Y came out? Or was that confirmed to be a hoax or scrapped?
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Pokémon EXPO GYM + gets!

Ever feel like you just want to hop on your bike and ride over to the next town and do some training at the Pokémon Gym? Well, that's exactly what I did last week!

Pokémon EXPO GYM is an interactive "edutainment" center (supposedly kids are supposed to learn about the importance of Using Their Words) in the newly-built Osaka ExpoCity. There are 4 theater attractions and 3 arcade attractions. The theater attractions also include a serial code for the pokémon featured in that attraction.

And of course, there is also limited merch!

[image heavy!]
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Overall, I think the Gym is fun, but quite overpriced (¥400 for the arcade attractions and ¥600 for the theater attractions). Of the seven attractions, there's only two that don't rely heavily on a working knowledge of Japanese, and one of those requires two people to play. I'll probably go once in a while, but not that often. Still, it's pretty cool to have it so close by. I think it's definitely worth a visit for any Pokémon fan in the area.

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Thanks for looking!
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Quick Want: Gorebyss Kid

Quick want: does anyone have a Gorebyss Kid figurine for sale? I dug through some recent tagged Kid sales but haven't spotted one, and I don't want to have to go to Y!J for just one small thing like this. Anyone have one they'd be willing to sell to Texas?