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Auction reminder + Gets + Upcoming TOMY Moncolle news + sales!

Hey guys, reminder that this massive eBay lot is finishing up tomorrow and there's a bid on it!

Feel free to check my other eBay listings too~ Lots of BINs available!

Onto some...

Dakitsuki Pokemon Center Pikachu! I was a little leery on getting this guy considering he was about 2000 yen and I already have so much Pikachu but OMG he's so worth it. He's the minkiest/softest Pikachu I've ever seen (softer than HQ Eevee plushies wahht), a little bigger than I thought he'd be, and LOL his rotating head is the best thing ever. I got him solely for his clingy features but his rotating head amuses me even moreso. Animated: https://vine.co/v/eQFKvKVB97Z
So I think he's my favorite Pikachu plush so far. I literally spent a couple hours cuddling it while reading nostalgic fics last night. I'm so sorry, Oops Pikachus and Dearest Pikachus and Holiday Pikachus and Pikazard Pikachus... ahhhhhhhh

Anybody else decorating for the Halloween? :D

TOMY Moncolle!!
From the recent pokemon fan magazine, there were some images of upcoming TOMY Moncolle figures that are due for release at the end of October. I'm finding it unusual that my usual preorder places haven't listed these up yet when they've always been months early...?? Don't tell me these could mysteriously get unreleased in the end. D: Noibat!!!

Absol is among my side collection of "quadrupeds I think are cool", but I really like larger articulated figures, so I ended up with one of these... XD;; Still completely intact with its original packaging! A bit of a plus even though I honestly don't need the box/inserts/etc due to space issues. Not sure if anyone would be interested in just the boxing portions for this beauty? XD;; Like someone who has the figure by itself and would like the original packaging.

Next mini-project of mine will be a various rare item auction once I get the time, precious precious time. D: So maybe might add the Absol packaging to it?? Iunno lol.

Lastly, sales plug!
Preview of new items:

Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )
Heading out for a bit of an extended weekend (packing orders on Monday night instead of Sunday night) but will do my usual weekend routine :3
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