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First post (Intro) - Story, collection and small want


First and foremost, more than anything, if I did anything wrong, I'm really sorry. I did read through the rules and try to look at how people post their introductory post in the past, and will try my best not to do anything wrong here, but obviously, since this is my first time, I could possibly mess up...>_<"

OK, now to my lame introduction, hi everyone. I go by the name Ju-da-su. I'm actually from Thailand (which I bet no one else here is my fellow country man), and am in my senior year at the university. I've always love pokemon ever since I was in elementary school, with Pokemon Red being the first game I've ever played, but actually just got into TCG collection scene, specifically collecting Japanese cards only. I have great preference for fire pokemons, with some of my favorites including Entei, Ho-oh, Reshiram, Growlithe, Arcanine, Ninetails, Houndoom, Flareon, Charizard and Quilava to name a few. I like collecting "unique" cards, most of which are actually considered to be very rare and grails for some people. I do still feel a little nervous about joining this community mainly because I see that most people are more interested in collecting plushies (which I can't because of lack of room space T_T ), but please do treat me well regardless. >_<"

So, just as a tiny back story on how I get into TCG collection. Apologies before hand since this might get a little long. Firstly, I would say, please don't be surprised if you don't see peple in Thailand collecting cards as much. The Pokemon TCG isn't as popular in my country as most others. I too got on because of a whim of luck from from a booster box. I actually start out as an in-game event pokemon collectors; of those pokemons that you get to downloaded either by wifi, local connections or serial codes in your game. Most of you might already know this, but last Novemeber, new event pokemons, Shaymin, Keldeo and Victini, were given out in Japan as serial codes obtained through buying various pokemon merchandises, including Tidal Wave and Gaia Volcano booster packs. These are called Pokemon Scrap promotion. I actually got hooked onto that, and bought myself a Tidal Wave booster box, first ever pokemon card booster box I've ever bought in my entire life, as that is actually the best way to actually get the whole Pokemon Scrap event set. I've actually known about pokemon TCG before, but before that, I thought all that matters to me is that I'm able to see the awesome arts on it. When it comes to the real things though, it's pretty different. Back to the box, I naturally open up the booster box, and this comes out in one of the packs.

(Well, not both obviously, since Groudon actually is in Gaia Volcano, not Tidal Storm. I was lucky and pulled out a Groudon in my Gaia Volcano booster box which I bought later on for another set of Pokemon Scraps as well, but the impact wasn't as great as the first)

And that was the first ever time I've ever touched real pokemon cards. I initially thought it was just a flat print with maybe holofoil pattern, but when I got the feel the real thing, it is actually awesome. The shine and glow of it is really beautiful to look at. That's actually how I generally get into the collecting scene. :)

These are the other EX cards I got in the booster boxes. I also went to buy Ex Battle Boost booster box to try my luck in getting the golden Reshiram, but I couldn't. :(

As time pass, I actually start to shift up my interest to more and more rare stuffs, really quickly actually. I went from FA cards to gold stars and even to some of the elusive promo cards with no more than 1000 copies ever printed. I'll show you them gradually then.

As I said above, I love Entei. He's always up there as my top three favorite ever. Naturally, I cannot resist trying my hand on his gold star card. I was able to get it and it even comes with the Latios. Both look just awesome really. :)

Charizard Gold Star and Crystal. Crystal type caught me by surprise, since I initially thought the holo pattern are only on the bar things around the card and in the picture. Turn out, the whole thing has holo pattern and it looks gorgeous really. :p

Moving from gold star to promo and this one is also still in its seal. Too bad I couldn't get my hand on the Flareon though...>_<"


Shiny legendaries lottery set. Ones with 5000 copies available only, but still not the end of my collection just yet. >_<"

Love these trio and love these three cards. Moving up the rank for shiny legendaries lottery promo cards are the three shiny legendary dog cards. These might not seem all that rare in English because they're secret rare in Call of Legends pack, but in Japanese, only 1000 copies of each of these were ever printed.

Likewise, I also got Ho-oh and Lugia in my collection. Ho-oh is one of my favorite pokemons because it's just beautiful, and so is this card. I even got two of these pair. Similiar to the legendary dogs, in English, these were secret rare cards in Call of Legends set, but in Japanese, only 1000 of these were even given out and as promo cards for winning the lottery as well. Regardless, that's my complete shiny legendaries lottery promo set. :)

Moving onto another lottery promo, this one is actually a Rayquaza EX FA promo that is never printed on the state side, and also one of the two promo cards given out in BW era. Like with the shiny legendaries, only 1000 of this Rayquaza were ever printed and distributed as well. This one is in screw down simply because the seller who I got this card from shipped it in screw down and I think it looks amazing in it so I just leave it as is (I normally keep my cards in Card Saver I) I'm actually still actively trying to find its pair, Giratina EX FA promo, to complete this set, but still no luck. :(

And lastly, moving on to the rarest card in my collection atm, and the card that when I actually got the real thing, I have to say, I was a little disappointed because it isn't holo (I thought it is, but...:( ) but meh. This one is the true gem, so no biggies. >_<"

Tamamushi University Magikarp card, complete with certificate, result sheet, two unused pencils and notebook. I just like having extra stuff, like certificate and such, to make my collection looks even more completed. This card is actually referred to by most as University Magikarp. It's thought that there are no more than 100 of these in existence. I had my eyes set on it because of the story behind it. Magikarp is one of the weakest and most useless pokemons of all. However, through great effort and determination, it can evolve into a powerful Gyarados. It teaches us that if we're determined and put great effort, even though we were weak and fragile, we can potentially overcome the obstacle and grow strong. It's actually very befitting to be given out only once you've passed the harsh university exam, which according to the result sheet, has over 10 thousands people participating. I do feel good about this card :) (even though it's not holo...>_<")

And those are my collections. Now, because my collection has yet to complete, I am also looking for the following card in NM or better condition only.

My Rayquaza EX needs its pair, so if anyone has this and is willing to let go of it, please tell me. I'm potentially interested also in bulk gold stars or FA cards (1st Edition Japanese only), so if anyone also has those that they're willing to part way with, please tell me. Thank you very much to those who read through everything and hope I can have a pleasant stay here! :)
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