Tekirai (tekiraboshi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

search terms for pokemon lab on y!j?

hi everyone! I've been struggling a bit to get the terms right to try and find the pokemon lab keychains with the glassware on them - or anything from this event in general - on y!j. :c I've tried just 'pokemon lab' and also '企画展 ポケモン研究所' but I'm not having much luck with those. would anyone happen to know what else I could try?

I know there are some of these keychains on ebay, but they're either from the US and cost too much in total because of shipping to the UK, or they're from japan in a set of two and I wouldn't be charged customs if it was just one, plus I only want one. I think they're also both the overlapping ones with two flasks, when I think I may just about prefer the ones with only one on them. I don't think I'm massively fussy, though! either way I think I'd just prefer to buy one straight from japan for as little as possible.

I've been reading somewhere that they also have a colour change effect? does anyone have any information on that? *^* thank you!
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