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September Gets

Hey guys! I thought I'd like to make another post of all the figures I got this month and thank everyone who I bought stuff from on here :D

Pics under the cut!

Starting off with a few keychains...

More Palkia and Dialga keychains! (And another Mewtwo strap courtesy of hantsukihaunter)

Charizard Bandai Keychain! (Looks pretty cool)
Also, a moderately-sized Lugia keychain that I got from stalkingsuicune. Looks cool too :)

Now on to some figures...

Dialga! Love the biggest one of the five on the right in the back row. It's a poseable Banpresto figure of some sort. That's all I know. Thanks again to hantsukihaunter for this beauty! The other one in the back row and the rightmost one in the front row were from samisales, my first ever purchase on this site!! (Got them later to space out package arrivals at my school post office)

Some cute mini figures! The Suicune and Palkia on the right were from schenzi.


Part 1

Mewtwo from samisales, Skarmory from absol!

Part 2

Received these from suzanneespeon. I love the Scizors, especially! It's one of the few Bug types that I think look cool!

Part 3

Thanks to nosidamsucram for the Lugia figure. The Zekrom figure is a regular-size TOMY Overdrive figure that I got from orangegarchomp that looks awesome! It's basically a mini of the Hyper Size edition but with a slightly different pose. I love it!! Even more so because I didn't know this figure existed until now and because it doesn't seem to pop up too frequently. I put it directly in my line of sight where I can stare up at it when I take quick breaks from doing work.

Part 4

The Wood Gecko family line! Loving Sceptile's dynamic pose in particular. I think it's an alternate TOMY of some sort that you can only find in the bundle that has the entire Treecko line plus the Mega Stone. Don't quote me on that one, though. It's just a speculation since all the other Sceptile TOMYs I've seen were with the ordinary pose. But yeah, it looks pretty awesome so I've given it a central spot on my desk :)

More Wood Geckos! Grovyle Hasbro on the left that I got from leashedragon and the Jakks figure on the right.

Some XY Get Collection figures that I also got from orangegarchomp! I love them all, especially Zekrom and Lugia because their poses look cool. It's almost as if they're saying: "What do you want from me?" or something. Idk lol...just my horrible imagination in action :P

Some more Zukans!! :D

Cobalion from samisales and Zekrom from poliwhirl. The Groudon Zukan wasn't easy to find (I don't think it's easy to find, either) and I like its pose!

A Lucario figure that I got from hantsukihaunter and a moderately-sized Groudon Pokedex figure that I got from yaoi_queen. It looks pretty cool!

A 5.5" Palkia Banpresto figure that's pretty well-articulated. Its tail is a bit discolored but that's ok! I still love big Palkia figures ^^

Zekrom Jakks and Lugia Hyper Size TOMY

Ahh...My new DX figures! Here's my latest addition to my collection to date, the Banpresto DX Keldeo! Thank you, syminka!! I love it! :D

And here's Suicune! I've been wanting to get this figure for a while but I wanted one that wasn't ridiculously expensive. Love the details on this one. It looks so realistic!

And last but not least...

The giant Groudon and Kyogre figures at TRU!! Everyone else who's posted about these figures are right. These things are pretty massive for Pokemon figures, especially Groudon!

Here's Kyogre. Its fins are actually movable, which is pretty neat. It's now taken over the title of "First figure I see every time I walk into my room"...hehe

And my biggest get of the month...in more ways than one! I think this thing is about 8" tall. I think this is probably my most favorite of all the figures I got my hands on this month. Of course I put it in a very conspicuous spot where I can see it pretty much every second. I hold it from time to time just because of its size and because...it's Groudon! (Have I mentioned how much I love Groudon yet?)

Thanks for reading and happy October! Anyone else looking forward to Halloween?

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