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Most Anxiety-Filled Get Yet

Hello community~ How is everyone? ^^ Here's a belated get I got Wednesday that I forgot to post, so I'm going to do it now~ I love this little guy, but he did cause a bit of stress for me hehe ^^;

So, being an artist myself, I was immediately excited for the new monthly "painterchu" that came out not too long ago. I ordered one from the lovely shastina4ever~ (thank you by the way~!) and the process then went very smoothly. So as I excitedly awaited for my little painting buddy to come, I noticed he was taking longer than usual to arrive to me. When I had checked the tracking number after a long time, (I should have checked earlier, as I now know) I noticed that I had selected my old address, instead of the one I had moved to. It said it had been delivered 3 days prior, so I was very worried about where he could have gone. Luckily, I personally know the person who now lives at my former home, so I had gone over to the house, in a desperate hope to see if they had him. Lo and behold, they had kept the package as they were trying to figure out what to do with it XD. In the end, I got him safe and sound. ^^

So here he is, in all of his glory~

Here he is~ I love him to bits, and he was definitely worth the wait. (Ignore the corndog cardboard over his tag, I wanted to keep that on there so his tag wouldn't get bent XD) I love his little outfit, and I'm genuinely happy to have him :3 I've named him Pikasso. Haha...Get it? XD

And he's already making himself comfortable~ He's even helped me on some of my drawings already!

Good idea! Give Latias a smile! :)

Well, that's it for now! Thank you so much for reading~ Have a great day!

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