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Collection post!

I've been on this community for a month, and I've spent some $$$ to get my collection back to its former glory! I don't have all my stuff pictured, but I wanted to show you what i have on display!
It's mostly jolteon, with some other pokedolls and such :)

Jolteons shelf!! I'd like to name all of my plushies, but the only one named right now is Monty! (the big guy) he's a bootleg jolteon but the first just I ever got with my own money ;o; he's special
I also cant help myself whenever i see a jolteon pokedoll for sale ;; I have 3 velboa and 1 minky pokedoll. The minky one took forever to find, and i paid an outrageous price just to get it (thanks pokevault lol) im so glad hes mine now though!
my other plush are a jolteon friends plush and the DX jolteon. the DX and minky jolteon are tied as my favorite, theyre so so soft <3

now the misc stuff! the green capsule to the left has my minimodels and other small figures inside (a minicot, zukan, eraser figures, metallic figures..) There's a thankyou note that I kept from a seller after buying the jolteon friends plush, zukan, and red eraser figure from them :) so sweet!

I have the dogtags MIP, a postcard, the jolteon burgerking gameboy with the jolteon figure-thing that goes in the back, and the jolteon candy tin! Behind my line of figures are 2 jolteon coins and a die that pictures jolteon on one side.

Here we have a closer look at my figures! The pokedoll figure is my newest addition, I love it so much, so chubby and cute =w=

non-jolteon stuff! You could say the set of gold cards was my grail when I was little xD I wanted them so badly for years and one christmas, i got them XD They all have their certificates and have never been opened or touched!
I have some cards stacked up, and below is my completed base set in that binder. theyll be moved to a new binder soon! One thats old and radical just like them!
(excuse my turret papercraft and Lotr mug, whoops xD ) Behind them is my eevee cosmetic bag! It holds all my eeveelution tomys that are not jolteon. I got it when i got my first jolteon pokedoll. I have some random plush scattered about, including: Keldeo pokedoll, Sylveon pokedoll, Leafeon pokedoll, Eevee pokedoll, arcanine petit plush, Leafeon DX, Charmander backpack, and an old Eevee play-by-play!

I hope you enjoyed looking at my display! thankyou!

Thanks for checking my stuff out! Hopefully I'll get tons more in the future. 
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