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DP Zukan set Group Buy

Hi guys! :) I found a reasonably priced set of the DP Zukan set that features the shiny legendary dogs, and since I only want Suicune I thought I'd do a GB for it! :)

I was granted sales permission on August 7, 2015 by areica96
My feedback can be found here

All PKMNcollector community rules apply
I will not sell to banned members!
If you commit to a claim and back out then I will leave you negative feedback!


I accept Paypal only.
Prices are in USD.
There will be 2 payments
Payment 1: cost of item + shipping to me + PP fees
Payment 2: shipping from me to you + shipping supplies + PP fees
Payments will be due within 24 hours after I have asked for them

Commitments get priority over quotes
I will be claiming shiny Suicune
Each zukan will cost $10.20 to claim before fees
I will only buy the set if at least four of the five zukan are claimed

I ship from UK and will ship internationally.
I will ship item after payment is cleared.
I ship with Royal Mail. Second class for within UK and standard international for international. If you want any upgrades you must let me know!
You must tell me if you want insurance added.
Most items will be shipped in a box or a bubblemailer.
Once I ship the item it is no longer my responsibility. I will provide proof of shipment (receipts) in case your item gets lost.
I try to ship at least once a week (although this is not always possible). I will let you know once your item is shipped, or if I experience any delays.

Shiny Suicune - clicky797
Shiny Entei - spiritbomb92
Shiny Raikou - hollyasevenx

Zorua and Zoroark -
Celebi, Piplup and Pikachu -
Tags: celebi, entei, group buy, pikachu, piplup, raikou, zoroark, zorua, zukan
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