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Tons of gets, an AMAZING custom and wants list!

Hello fellow collectors!! It's been some time and I must say my collection has grown quite a bit. This post is also long overdue so full disclaimer that this will have a ton of images (under cuts of course).

First things first, my fast growing fire dog collection:

Where do I even start?! I have soooo many people to thank!!!

I now have an army of Growly kids, all of which are uniquely different and are from a wide range of places! There's also custom shiny one that's hiding, thanks to hantsukihaunter + the clear arcanine FCS figure!. And the bottle cap figures were made by the lovely wishuponjirachi! Also I got my first taste of having metal figures all thanks to laurenbachmann and I'm trying to not get addicted haha. The Arcanine Chibi stamp is thanks to schenzi and the growlithe stamper, tiny growly figure, growly kids, arcanine attack kid, and the arcanine stamper topper are all thanks to splash!

WHEW. I think I got everyone!? Anything I didn't mention was bought through good ole eBay!

And my secondary collection da Slows:

One might say this my slowly growing collection..eh? eh?? Not nearly as impressive as the fire pups, but it's in progress. The Kuttari are SO cute and I'm so happy I imported them since the tags are sooo much cuter than the us tags (at least judging by the first wave) . The slowpoke pokedoll is my first legit pokedoll too!

Other Pokes:

I realized I haven't shown my amiibo collection! Just gotta wait for mewtwo...

New Char Kuttari! They are so adorable! Thanks to skdarkdragon! I hoping they release ones for Bulba and Squirtle so I can complete the trio. Also a bunch of I <3 Pikachus from espeon_lover and some random figures from eBay. Got the Dragonite free with a eBay purchase, not sure what its from tho?

Pikachu piggy bank from Target!

These guys are on my desk at work. I actually work with a lot of Pokemon fans and it's contagious. Let's just say I'm not the only one with figures and I may have started the trend haha.

These two are also at work. They both do exactly what they are designed to do lol.


This one was an already made custom that fox7xd had for sale.

It's sooo cute and it has a little magnet it in which is perfect since the brackets that hold up my shelf are metal!







I am so UNBELIEVABLY HAPPY about this custom. I don't even have the words. I cannot thank shuuichi_chan enough!!! I've always wanted a plush of Arcanine ever since I was little and now the dream has been fulfilled to the extreme! Definitely my new permanent cuddle body!!

Whew...That was a long one  ^_^' . I think I'll eventually need to take a month off of collecting....in December, since it's already too late for October and November, whoops (Growlithe butts + sleepy figures tho!).  Also, I have a wants list now which you can find here: linky link any help if finding these items would be extremely appreciated!

Until next time! Happy collecting~  
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