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Collection Photos: A Farewell to TCG Cards

In 2012/2013, I stopped collecting Pokémon cards. The last expansion set I collected from was Dark Explorers. It was that winter, with grad school looming and student loans coming due, I decided that to keep on buying these cards indefinitely into the future as newer sets were released and obviated their predecessor sets would just be a way to leak money. It was a difficult decision, and a sad one - and one I sometimes still mourn when really cool new cards come out - but ultimately it was the right decision and a relief to have made.

Under the cut below will be pictures of my binder, stuffed to bursting with all of the rare cards I still have after, oh, about 15 years of collecting and playing the TCG. And these are not all of the cards, either. This binder contains only those cards I'm planning on getting rid of. In individual sleeves, there are yet other cards I'm either keeping or am still undecided about. And I do plan to keep my eye out for any new individual cards that look nice enough to collect for their own sake, ha! ^_^

So expect to see a sales post soon, I guess! If anyone who sells TCG can describe to me how they ship them, that would be awesome. =3

(Yes, that is a complete, mint-condition, binder set of Southern Islands Collection. I'm not yet committed to selling the SI Collection, though.)
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