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Gets Post/Wants Post

I know I haven't posted a get post in forever. I just kept putting it off and it just never got made. I though want to change that and post much more gets for my collection. This post is gonna kick start everything back up however to not overwhelm myself I decided to just post about gets from about 2 weeks ago until now.

Walmart Gets!
A little bit ago I went to a Walmart to just check out what Pokemon stuff they had (if anyone was wondering I went to the one in Wilson, NC). To my amazement they had a whole bunch of Pokemon plushies! I picked out my favorites (Dedenne however is from the Walmart in Smithfield. He is still a Walmart get but just not from the same Walmart as the others).

Twitter Get!
I got this adorable Blastoise plush from skdarkdragon on Twitter!

Community Gets!
Now as I said before I'm just cutting down to the more recent gets but I did gets lots of cute and awesome stuff from here! now if I forgot to leave anyone feedback just tell me and I'll get right on it.

Here are some awesome bottle caps (with my cuties Porygon and Venomoth) and a couple of metal shooter pogs (Meowth and Magnemite) that I received from diamondphantom (I'm gonna leave feedback for them after I write up this post)

And finally my super adorable Lopunny and Mega Lopunny Pokedolls made by bubble_rhapsody
I loved how both of them came out, they are just perfect. Thank you again bubble_rhapsody! (I'm gonna leave you feedback for them after I write this post up)

As a bonus here is another cutie made by bubble_rhapsody. I know I said I'm just sticking to recent gets and I got him in August but he is just too cute not to share! Here is my custom Venomoth Pokedoll:

Now onto my Want:
I'm looking for the Pokemon Cafe Meowth coaster. I lost an auction for one not that long ago and well I haven't found one since. Any help would be appreciated!

Now I'm just gonna end it here with a link to a prevoius post about a mysterious Meowth plush. I would really love it if someone would help me identify it <3
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