sadisticbrit (sadisticbrit) wrote in pkmncollectors,

TCG Collection reveal!

I've don't think I've ever mentioned my TCG collection! I'm not really a strict collector, many are from my childhood but I do occasionally buy a pack from the new series out of nostalgia (and for tins)

There are too many to photograph xwx So if you're interested in seeing what cards I have of a specific pokemon then please say and I'll take pictures!

I managed to pull a Jirachi full art card from one of my tins \OwO/ I'm not particularly fond of Jirachi but it's so shiny and textured I just love it!

Wants list has been updated Ow<)/ And I'm looking hard for the remaining Tomys on the list! (Especially Voltorb and Electrode now! Time to get those two out of the way, I know they'll be the most tricky)

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