January 1st, 2016

January Commissions- FILLED

I will open spots again once I complete this rounds plushes ^^

Hello again! And Happy New Year!!

I'm out of school and holidays have passed and settled, So that means commissions are now open! :D I'd love to use this commisison round to save towards an embroidery machine, I think that would add such a nice touch to my custom plush!

I will be taking 3 commission slots this round and if they fill up I will open them again once I finish
the current batch ^^ Like last time there will be a 2 plush limit per slot. I can remake a lot of the plush I've already made, but some were commissioned as OOAK so please keep that in mind. I can also make other style plush than just pokedolls, though that is what I specialize in :)

Any additional rules and policies will be in the cut below!

I'm looking forward to starting new projects in the new year! :D

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Here are some examples of plush I make~

IMG_20150720_132032338.jpg IMG_20150718_200951596.jpg IMG_20150604_171120608.jpg
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I'll answer any quote requests or general questions below! :)


1. joy_dust 6" togetic pokedoll
2. doryphish333 6" laying entei plush
3.kuryakins 6" slurpuff pokedoll
4.jadekitty777 6" dragalge pokedoll

Thank you for looking!

Ps. Has anyone heard from tdotakichan ? I have been trying to contact them to send out their plush but haven't receieved a response in a while :(
Gary and Eevee

Happy New Year! Lowered Prices!

I added a few items and lowered my prices on almost everything! Please help me clear this out!
Click on the images for sales or here

Also I got super cute Christmas presents from my sister this year who's living in Japan. She got me the Flareon beanie, Christmas Eevee and the Sewing Vulpix. Cutness Overload! :D

♡ Crochet Plush Commissions ♡

Hello all you loveable collectors! ^_^ It's Lumi~

Since I have caught up with my school work and have some extra time, I decided to get back to my favorite hobby, crocheing. :3 But instead of making random Pokémon that can be harder to sell, (I can't fit any more in here!) I thought I'd ask people if they want something specific. ☆

I'm only taking crochet commissions atm because my sewing machine isn't cooperating. :/

✦ ✧ ✦ ✧ ✦ ✧ ✦ ✧ ✦ ✧ ✦ ✧ ✦ ✧

Rules under the cut~☆

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I CAN ACCEPT TRADES/PARTIAL TRADES! :D Please, do not take it personally if I decline, for this is that the particular items you could offer were not what I was looking for at the moment.
I am looking for almost anything of the following Pokemon:

Plushies, figures, straps, charms, keychains, zukans, flats, TCG... Anything with these cuties on them! :3

Pricing will vary a lot depending on the Pokémons design, colors, materials and size of the stuffie. Please ask me before quoting! But here are the usual costs:

-Mini: $10-$18 + Shipping
(☆NOTE☆ From now on, super detailed minis such as megas can be up to $25-$30 due to the difficulty of making great details to such a small plush.)

-Small: $26-$50 + Shipping

-Medium: $40-$81 + Shipping

-Large: $70-$110 + Shipping

-Jumbo $125 and up + Shipping

Here is a simple form I would like you to fill in order for me to be able to estimate pricing. Feel free to ask ANY questions also, I will gladly answer! :)

Please fill out this form in the comments below:

-What Pokémon would you be interested in?

-Size of the plush doll you'd like? (Mini, Small, Medium, Large, Jumbo)

-What kind of yarn would you prefer?

-What kind of stuffing? Polyfill? Polyfill and a beanbag? (Where you'd like these bags to be located?)

-Desired pose? Standing, sitting, laying down on side, back, tummy... or perhaps sleeping? :)

-Facial details and expressions? As close to the original as possible? Chibi? Or maybe you'd like button eyes or a winky face? Please specify here! ANYTHING you'd like! (I use felt for facial details like eyes.)

-Anything else you'd like to specify? ( We can also talk more details via PM! ^_^)

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

It takes me about 1-3 days to make a crochet plush. I will start right away and I will be making plushies daily!!! For example, slot 10 plush would be ready february first the LATEST! Please be patient. I promise to send you updates! :)

Here is how this works. I will accept 50% of the cost of your commission before I start working on it. Once it's done and you have seen pictures of it I will accept the remaining 50% + shipping.

1. Mini and Small Mega Audino for mizunosakura !!!DONE!!! ☆
2. 3 Minis for clair2522~

Thank you so much for reading~ ♡

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small gets + sales!

Hello everyone! I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas/holiday/New Year! c:

I just wanted to share a couple of adorable new plushies I got in the mail recently & offer up a few items that I now have multiples of mainly because I've bought several lots recently and duplicates are inevitable ;v;

Take a look if you'd like!

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~Not Dead! Happy New Year Ebay Sales Clear-Out!~

Hello, everyone! Happy first day of the new year!

I'm NOT dead!

2015 has been a whirlwind for me and has left me pushing my Pokemon collecting on the back burner for the past few months. I haven't been as active as I'd like and had little to no time to reply or check out collections but when I get a chance I do lurk every now and then.  It's been very hectic with work at the studio, making a special, working on my own pilot, personal things with the family and getting ready to move into our new roommate free home. I want to start the new year right and do a MAJOR over haul on what I own. Pokemon seems to be the ultimate space taker. I've been hoarding duplicates, promotions, impulse buys and TONS of other stuff. I'd sell everything indivisually, then in lots then every few months. Its just too time consuming for me at this point and I'm tired of looking at huge box piles in my room. I've decided to go through most of my Pokemon misc. items and put them in reasonable lots at REALLY cheap prices. At this point, I just need it out of my house and knowing all of it will go to good homes makes it even better.

Don't worry, I'm NOT leaving the community or selling my MAIN collections, I'm still collecting the Sloths and Shrooms, my sides and of course Sylveon and Hawlucha. It's just I have way too much misc. items. My Sylveon collection is also growing and it doesn't seem like it will slow down any time soon. I need more room for it.

I've put up over 10 lots on EBAY. All at $10-$20 starting bids. Including: Plush, Pokedolls, Promos, Flats, retsuden stamps, pogs, kuji prizes, Misc. Figures. Lots of great stuff! I also have non Pokemon items the community might be interested including Disney, How to Train your dragon, Rilakkuma and My little pony. Feel free to ask me questions about anything but know I WONT be splitting any of the lots since I'm dying to let this stuff go. Once this first load is out of my house I will be going through more of my plush, then misc. and then flats. Please be sure to give everything a look! There's a lot of rare and sought after items here and I can use the money for my new layout at home. I can't wait to show everyone!

(Click the Photo to be Transported to the Pokemon Lots)

I also have these two retsuden stamps up for auction!

Flygon is brand new and comes with his original packaging. Milotic shows some signs of aging but otherwise great condition.
Both start at $5.
Auction will end: Tuesday, January 6th, @ 4pm PST time.

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I've still been collecting in my down time and I've accumulated quite a bit of new things to showcase including some holy grails and customs! Christmas and my Birthday really helped with those. Haha. Once things settle down I'll post about it here and update my collection website. I'm really excited to get back in the wing of posting and seeing all your great collections again. Thanks for all the support!

Happy collecting, everyone!


C&H Autumn
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New Years Sales

Happy New Year collectors!

Hope you've all made your New Years resolutions already, particularly with what you want to get for your collection :D

Come check out my sales on my journal for all things Pokedolls and other random stuff! Just click the banner below to be transported!

Also, if anyone (or anyone you know of) has been looking for the giant Tomy Latios/Latias plush, let me know.

Does anyone want this? (Free item)

So, I have a Japanese fuzzy Tomy plush box, but none of the plushies that come with it. I'm moving really soon, and the fewer things I have in my house the better. I don't want to throw it away, so does anyone want this? Just pay shipping (and paypal fees), and it's yours.

Click on the picutres to make them full-sized:

Since this is technically a sale, here's my info:
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I won't be home til late Sunday night, so I can't measure this box. However, I can give you quotes because I weighed it before I left!
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Christmas/New Year's Wants

Hello all :)

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and I wish you a happy new year!

Since I got some money for Christmas, I wanna look for some small things :) (not too much since I have to care for my mice and buy lots of new stuff for them! :3)

So I was looking for

Clefairy US Secret Base Pokedoll (I like it better than the Japanese one because it is smaller)

Swablu US or Japanese Secret Base Pokedoll

Altaria Petit Plush

Fletchling Pokedoll

I am only looking for 1 or 2 of these at a time at the moment.
Shipping is to Germany (I prefer not too expensive shipping).
If you have them or have seen them in a sales post somewhere please let me know/point me to them! ^^

Japan Days 4-6 Gets!

Hello everyone :D Happy new year!!! We celebrated with a fireworks show that took place close to Yokohama c: I hope everyone had a great start to the year~

It's time to chronicle more gets~ Also! I'm going to set up a 'claims' sales post! It'll have stuff I've got here in Japan and you can comment and claim it so then, when I get home, you can send payment and I can ship it c:

Onto the gets!

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That's all for now! Happy new year <33