January 3rd, 2016

Gets and more!

Hey there! I wanted to share with you guys two new gets that I'm really excited about! One came from the Pokemon Center website and the other from Japan! They are the Angry Pikazard and the Pikachu Intern or salaryman. They are both so cute! Check out pics of them below as well as a video review I did of them both! Thanks!

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Fifth Year Anniversary Collection Update

Hello Everyone!

My Name is James Rosales but I go by xxiiijamesiiixx on the community I want to wish everyone a Happy New year but on 12/20/2015 marked my fifth anniversary with the community! I finally had the time to update my pokemon website Pokemon DataBase Please click on the image below to be taken to the site. As you know I am a HUGE Tomy figure collector and if a pokemon has no tomy figure I use a place holder hopefully one day Tomy will make the missing figures. I am also a wailord collector and my side collection is growing :). Now please Enjoy the pictures below.

Past Collection updates to show my progress with the community!

Introduction 12/20/2010
Update 06/29/2011
Update 09/21/2013
Update 12/23/2014

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Wants List

I am also looking for the gold figures from the Gold Break Campaign

show me your kuttaris! + sales & auction reminder

Hi everyone! I recently completed my own version of the kuttari pyramid/tower.

Kuttari buddies!!!!! All your ears block each other but you're still friends!!

For those that collect kuttari, show me your kuttaris!!! Interested to see what kuttaris everyone collects, and how do you display/position them.

Do you own Kuttaris?

I would if I had the $$!
Kutakutas are better!

Also, dropping a reminder for my sales: (my grail has disappeared off y!j but no one bid on it so hopefully it gets relisted eventually ;;)

And my auction that's ending in 2 days! prices are still pretty low so go check it out :3

Have a nice day!~ 
Kyle - Hotel Dusk Room 215

Mega Lucario Chu Extras + Others Sales

Good morning everyone! Almost everyone should have their Mega Pikachu totals now. I'm very sorry for the delay, holidays have had me all over the place visiting family and attending events. There were a couple of hiccups with this order, but I should have left comments for everyone who was affected. I think we can get things sorted out fairly easily.

One of the hiccups, however, was the fact that I accidentally ordered 4 extra Lucario Chus! XD; These puppies are sold out now, so this is the perfect chance to pick one up if you had been considering it. They are $30 each before shipping. :)

(*) Feedback here, sales permission granted in 2009 by lineaalba.

Edit: I've put the Lucario Chus on eBay. Feel free to group buy, it's definitely a money-saver if a couple people want to go in on it. :)

Give these puppies a home! <3

I also have 2 extra Mega Charizard X acrylic charms ($12 each) and several extra Mega Pikachu charm sets! ($10 each, Mega Charizard, Mega Latios, Mega Ampharos/Sableye, Mega Mewtwo/Rayquazza, and Mega Scisor/Pinsir!) They each come with both Pikachu charms, a little design charm, and the keyring!

I also have a few extra clearfiles, and items from past promos under the cut.

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The new mouse in town!

Updated Sales

So, I reopened early.  :)


I have updated my sales with clear kid figures, stampers and $1 dollar vs. cards!

I will be updating my TCG section next month with new cards.  So, my current card sale still stands:  Buy one common/uncommon card, get one common/uncommon free!



Next time (In a few days since I forgot to take pics of my new scuply babies), it will be my anniversay post!  YAY! 

Collection Update and Sales

Hope everyone here had a good New Years! My New Year's resolution last year was to update my collection page at least once a month with either new or old items in my collection, and I think I actually followed through with it. :) So I plan to keep up this resolution.

Here is one of my new gets.

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Introduction Post + Searchings!

Hi everyone, I am so happy to have been accepted in here! I grew up with Pokemon when I was maybe 9 to about when I was 12, and I'm now 28, lol. I just recently unearthed my items and my love for Pokemon rekindled!
I now collect plushies the most, and sometimes figures. My favorite Pokemon are Mew, Gengar, and the Eeveelutions. <3 My treasured items are the full sets I have, I try really hard to complete them or buy them already complete. Here are my favorites!
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I actually have more than this, please see my JL for all of them if you'd like!

I joined to find the rare ones I can't seem to find, or are too expensive for me online. I also just LOVE plushies so I'm looking for super cute within my budget. I did purchase quite a few super used or bad condition so I'm also looking for good condition replacements for many of them.

These are the items I absolutely must have, and I need help in cost and finding. The very last giant eevee is one that is a dream grail and I certainly can't afford it now unless it's like... cheaper. xD
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I also make dolls, I keep one for myself so I have a cute collection, lol. Here are the eeveelu I've made!
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I'm on FB as Dee Berk so I already recognize a few collectors here!
Thanks for reading, have a great day everyone! :3

Wants: Shiny Kids and Weavile Pokedoll

Hello again everyone!

Sorry to keep blowing up with wants, but I'm throwing out some lines when I can.

I'm here with a list of shiny bandai kids I'm after!
Here are the ones I'm currently looking to buy/trade for-

-Bulbasaur, Ivysaur
-Charmander, Charmeleon, Charizard
-Squirtle, Wartortle, Blastoise
-Gyarados (looking for shiny tomy too)
-Mudkip, Marshtomp
-Latias (will give my soul)
-Turtwig, Torterra
-Garchomp (tomy)

I'm also looking for a weavile pokedoll!
Would prefer the US version, but will buy any at a good price!
Does not need tags, though they'd be preferred!

Whew! That's a long list! XD
If you have others for sale, feel free to message, I may have forgotten about some!
Thanks everyone!

~ Ebon

Introduction post and information sharing

Hi! I am Yuwaku, and I just joined pkmcollectors. Been lurking on Facebook under Yuwaku Fuun over last month and I think the community is wonderful and thought it would be a fun place to join and follow.

I collect a variety of items, but as far as pokemon go, I LOVE eevee (as I have seen many other members here do) and any other related fox like pokemon. I started lurking here to get eevee items I have wanted for a while but hadn't gotten due to price or money status at the time, and since I am having to go through a room move and have to redo everything, decided to get the things I have wanted and display them. ^_^

I wont have to many pictures of my collection as of yet as I am going through a big living space organization (and this is why I am getting so many new things to display) but I am rather proud of how it is coming along. I am currently making an eevee wall of plushes, and I am waiting on deliveries from other members to complete it!

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Now that I have shown some of the newest stuff, I have some other things to ask the community. Do any of the members have more info on Fab Starpoint? I know they came out with an eevee backpack recently, and I also found something that blew my mind at the local FYE... a ceramic eevee bank!

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I have looked on the internet and I cant even find a picture of this little bueaty or anyone selling it. It seems to be largely unknown. It seems that Fab starpoint has licensing permission, so I was wondering if any other members had any info on them?

I also found some eevee shirts from We Love Fine I just had to have. Yay FYE!
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Next, I want to let members know of a find of a different nature. Bootleggers are getting bolder, and I sadly found a shop just FULL of bootlegs. Seems they have started to put their own tags on their stuff, and are called OLYFACTORY. They are the producer of the "12 inch" plushes you see everywhere on ebay.

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If the information I posted about the bootlegs is against the rules (I meant it as an informative post) I will gladly remove that section. Otherwise, I hope to get to know all of you guys! Happy New Year!

Plush commission slots

Hi everybody! Hope you all had a great holiday! I've decided to open some commission slots for certain styles of plush~
I'll only be taking commissions for tsum and kuttari style plush for the moment, since this will be my first time doing slots for plush and it will be less stressful doing just these :3
I'm looking forward to starting the new year sewing more often!

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Here's a link to my regular sales as well~
my pumpkin

Holiday Gets :)

Hello lovelies!
I just wanted to share with everyone the things I got over the course of this holiday season! Nothing big, but I've been super excited about it because I got new Ducklett items! Yay!

So yep, nothing big. But that Ducklett mini pokedoll you see marks the last of the Ducklett plush I needed! Now I just need Swanna's plush and I'll be set aside from all the charms, buttons, and miscallaneous items I want for my collection :) Thank you, miss10!
Random Snorlax is a gift from my boyfriend's little brother for Christmas! It's Tomy brand and I am so happy that they're starting to use minky fabric more! He's super soft, but does tend to fall over on account of his round behind! ;D
So that's it, I hope everyone is doing fabulously! And, to make this post less boring, what's an item you got in for your main collection recently that you're super excited about? Besides my mini Ducklett, I absolutely love that I have the Ducklett with you badge now! So cute!
art, Litwick

Looking for!

Looking for a full set of 4 deoxys pokedolls. The minky ones. And would prefer for a private ebay lot to be made if possible. (I have rewards to use, and almost got a 2005 one but want the set, but most online are fake).
  • mcmc11

new years sales

hi everyone, I've decided to clear out a lot of my collection this year so I have a lot of new items for sale. everything is OBO so please don't be afraid to ask!!

-Sales permission granted by areica96 on 10/20/15
-my feedback http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/mcmc11/
-I ship from US, prices are in USD and do not include shipping unless stated
-I'm not shipping internationally at the moment, sorry
-Paypal only
-Payment is due within 48 hours or negative feedback will be given
-I won't sell to banned pkmncollectors members
-Please be clear if you are asking for a quote or are committed, backing out of a sale will result in negative feedback
-I'm not responsible for any issues after package has been shipped out
-Haggling is fine, but I'm not interested in trades
-All other community rules apply

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Intro + collection vid

Heey guys! i got accepted here a long time ago, but forgot to make an introduction post...
well, you can call me Elene, im 20 years old and i have collected since i was 5 x)
i think i have norways biggest pokemon collection? but im not sure so if there is someone here from norway, poke me! ;D
i made a video instead of posting a shit-ton of pictures!

okai so... i have no idea how to place this video under a cut so if its annoying that i didnt do it please comment how to do it ^^
thanks ♥

Sunday Art Corner - January 3rd through January 31st

Welcome to the Sunday Art Corner, a monthly post where you can share your creations with the community! Here you are permitted to post anything you have created, plushies, sculpts, cosplay, artwork (traditional and digital), writings, etc. Something creative? Post it here! We understand the want to talk to the community about your artwork so this post is going to remain on the sidebar all month for members to use and chat about.

We do have a few rules we would like you to keep in mind.

Absolutely no advertising of any kind is permitted on this post. You will get one warning and then you will be banned from posting here. We are taking this very seriously. This post is meant for discussion and critique, not to gain sales. Art trades are acceptable.

This includes asking for commissions. Please PM the artist if you are interested in discussion commissions.

Please keep everything Safe for Work. This means any fanfiction needs to be PG or under. We're not here to share your raunchy fanfiction (there are other places for that sort of thing).

Please be respectful of every one posting. We have a wide variety of age groups and talent ranges. If you are here to critique, remember to keep your points valid. "Oh this looks bad" is not a good way to critique and you will be warned and banned from posting for things like this.

If you are looking for critique, please add "Open for Critique" somewhere in your post. Some just wish to show off their artwork while others want feedback on how or what to improve. If someone does not specify then please do not critique.

As always we are trying our best to improve this, if you have any suggestions, questions or concerns please feel free to contact the moderators via Report a Problem

Please keep images 750x750 and under. Since this post is going to be very long and large, try and keep images small for those with bandwidth caps or mobile users! Any posts with extremely large pictures will be deleted until those pictures are resized.

In this post only, any type of art is accepted, not just Pokemon related. We're currently testing the ratio of pokemon to non-pokemon art posted and will change the rules depending on this ratio.
  • niraito

It's been a while! Packs and cards for sale!

It's been a while since I posted here, uni has made it nearly impossible to keep up with all the merch that's being released. I also seem to be losing my interest in collecting a little. How do you guys fight the urge to quit collecting at all?

I've decided to quit collecting the Japanese Pokémon TCG after my boyfriend introduced me to Magic: The Gathering. The English Pokémon TCG had some major quality issues, which I why I switched to Japanese cards. But now I can actually play a card game I feel the urge to quit collecting Pokémon. I will finish the XY series, which is probably going to end this year.

I've got some extra XY8 packs up for sale, 5 of each.

$3 a piece, buy 5 or more and get free shipping. (3 red, 2 blue left)

I also got a Japanese Espeon EX from XY9 for sale

$9 shipped anywhere

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PokeCen/PokeDolls Spotted at Target!

Been a while since I've seen then at Target, and none of my Walmarts have them (not sure where they even have their card sections now, either!) and TRU overprices them. Mine had the new large Hoopa Unbound, Mewtwo PokeCen, and older PokeDolls Zorua, Zoroark, and Darkrai. I was shocked! I have the Zoras and wanted Mewtwo, but sadly the price was $30 :( I'd rather just bulk buy on the website to get it at $23. So sad... :( Didn't check the dolls, but I'm sure they were more than $13.

So yeah, go check your Targets and see! Might be lucky, but be aware of the higher pricing. My guess is that since TPCI is going through a retail outlet, the stores need to price them higher to make profit.

Quick sales! Charms and Eevee Time shirts

Hi again, everyone! I didn't mean to post again so soon (and I'm so sorry that I am), but I completely forgot about a couple of things I wanted to add to my sales update yesterday! I've added these and some other goodies to my sales page here, but I wanted to go ahead and offer them here as well!

I was granted sales permission on 10/20/15 by areica96.
My feedback is located here.
All community rules apply.
Please read all of my rules at my main sales page!


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Thank you all again! Happy collecting!

Collection introduction and a quick want: Large Toy Factory Chatot

After much time I was finally able to photograph the majority of my collection. I'm heavy on the plush collecting, with a goal of having one accurate plush of each Pokemon from my in-game teams. Might also do this with kid figures just to have them all, as many of the plush I'll need will have to be customs of are high grails XD
Besides my plush team goal, I also collect Eeveelutions - which were my main collection before their merch totally blew up, and am a completionist collector of Pumpkaboo and Gorgiest :)
I also collect a few human characters (May, Dawn, Iris, all playable female characters, and Brendan) any trainer items (Pokedexes, Pokenav, Ranger devices, Pokeblock cases, Ribbons, ect) in any way, except for Pokeballs as there are just too many XD

So without further ado, here's my current collection before my gets on he comm here: Collapse )

Also hoping to find the closest made to lifesized Chatot plush by Toy Factory. Best picture I could find with the larger plush, if this photo is yours I will gladly remove it if needed be :)

WTB: Hi there! Looking for Poké Dolls I am missing.

Hello, I am a looooong time lurker. I am finally in a position to buy some Poké Dolls to complete my collection, at least until they finally start making them again. I'm hoping someone here is looking to sell some.

Anyways, here is a list I am looking for, English or Japanese. I am looking for all tags intact and near mint to mint!:

- Meloetta Aria
- Oversized Black Kyurem
- Oversized White Kyurem Got it! Thank you!
- Rotom Wash / Washing Machine
- Rotom Heat / Oven
- Rotom Frost / Refrigerator
- Raichu Got it!
- Virizion Got it!
- Terrakion Got it!

Thank you very much for looking, these are seriously hard to find online.