January 11th, 2016

Collection Update 01/10/2016; Exciting Gets (For Me)

So I know it's only been a month since I joined this community and posted my intro post but I've managed to get quite a bit since then to increase the size of my collection. I still have quite a bit more on the way and some of it should actually be arriving tomorrow. I was going to wait until then to do my collection update so I could have it include something very specific but I had a super nice surprise waiting outside my door when I got home from grocery shopping tonight. ^-^ I'm suuuuper excited about quite a few of these gets and I'll be saving the best ones for the last ones. :D

I guess I'll start off by letting you guys know that I don't have anyone who gets me Pokemon stuff for Christmas or anything. All of this stuff was purchased by me for myself but that doesn't make it any less special to me. ;w; A large majority of these are thanks to users here and I hope I can remember to give credit and thanks to those who I got them from. :3 Anyway, let's move on to what anyone who's reading this really wants to see. xD

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Right here is when things start getting super exciting for me. This weekend alone was spectacular as far as gets go and everything below here all had a factor in why I decided to update now instead of later when I get a bunch of the other things I ordered. The last one specifically, for a very certain reason, but all of them had a hand in how exciting my weekend was for me. :3

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Alright, so I warn you before clicking that cut that it is LONG with LOTS of pictures. It's a pretty big collection update and I put a lot of explanation into things. I just can't help it, I get excited aobut this sort of thing and just keep typing. So I don't blame you if you didn't read it all. xP But to those who did, I thank you guys very much. <3 I've already got quite a few things on the way that I've got myself, but I'm hoping one of my friends or family gets my something for my birthday coming up on February 3rd. I don't think it will happen but I hope it does. xD Now, I'll just leave you guys with some adorable pictures of my plushes all together on the back of my couch. o3o If you didn't read it, these pictures will at least give you some idea how many plushes I have gotten when compared to my introduction post. xD

Yveltal's all like "HUGS FOR EVERYONE!! }:>"

Thanks again guys! I can't wait for all of the other items I've purchased to arrive! ^-^ I also hope I got the cuts right. ;w;

Upcoming Re-Introduction

I've been part of this community for quite some time, but I think it's best that I make a re-introduction for new members, and the fact my collection has majorly changed over the years, let me tell you. I'll be taking the day to catalogue everything in my collection, to prepare for it.

Until then, have these picture of most of the work I'll have to do today. ( click through for bigger pictures ) Taking note of every piece of my TCG collection, including those in the second picture which I hope to sell at a much later date. ( Not here. On Ebay. I don't have sales permission. Yet. )

Wish me luck. I'll be back with a re-introduction tomorrow!

SHOP UPDATE (Flareon, Meowth, Psyduck)

I just added three rare Hasbro trading cards to my shop, Unknown Dungeon.
Those are quite special as they feature old-school Tomy figures (and they're from way back 1999). :)

Kuttari bootlegs???

Ok, so today I got a package in the mail, an awake umbreon kuttari that I ordered for a friend's birthday. I don't know if it's a bootleg, but it's definitely worse quality than my own umbreon kuttari.

For starters, it has lots of loose threads. LOTS of loose threads. Very prominent ones. Plus a small hole in the head. The tush tag is on the side, rather than the bottom like all my other kuttaris, not sure if that's a normal...

And the oddest of all, it feels like it's got plastic packaging inside it! As if the pellets have been left inside a plastic package and sewn up!

I bought it from ebay, and looking closer have found that the seller also sells unofficial plush and bootlegs. So I have to ask, are there kuttari bootlegs out there???

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linameerun, zigzagoon

Want list updates!

Hello hello! :)

In one week Im doing new sales, but for now Im still searching for stuff :3 My main collections are Zigzagoon stuff (all kinds) and Pikachu cards! Now, I have done big updates for it :) I would appreciate it if you could help me finding them!

Click the banner below for my Pikachu card wants:

And click the banner below for my Zigzagoon wants:

If you want I can do a trade, or just pay :) ? Please let me know if you have someting for me! :D Thanks a lot for helping me!


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Some Cute Gets + A Question about Pikachu Mega Campaign

Hello everyone! I hope you're all having a great day/evening. I have some gets I wanted to share with you all. First let's start off with the plush gets, not a whole lot but they are all super adorable.


Yeah I don't activly collect Raichu or Arcanine (both from skdarkdragon) but I just couldn't resist getting their PC plush, they both turned out so great! The Azumarill Friends plush (from miss10) has been something I've been wanting for a while now and now all I need to get is the reverse plush and I would have all the offical (pre-butt campaign) plush. The dedenne plush (from kitzune) is just so cute and chubby, it has to be one of my favorite plushies of him <3

Let's get some close ups for the plush, shall we?

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Alrighty next up are flats, figures, + charms!
The small rumble(?) stickers + meowth postcard are from linameerun. The Mega Pikachu charms are from skdarkdragon. The swing charms are from a GA. The Porygon and Clefable mini models are from another GA.

I forgot to take a picture of these two when I was taking the other pictures and only realized this after I started writing up this post, so here's a picture of just them. These are from zenity.

As for my question, I was wondering if anyone knows how many things from the Mega Pikachu Campaign has Mega Lopunchu on it? Thanks in advance for any help :D