January 12th, 2016

Keldeo Zukan - Quick Want

Hi everybody ! Happy to a New Year of collecting to everyone :) Finally got a chance to clean up my zukan collection and I realized that I couldn't find this Keldeo clear zukan figure (one of the two from the promo set of Pokemon Fan Magazine in 2012) so I really hope the community can help me out with this. Please let me know if you have or know anybody is having this figure available for sale, I'd be very interested!
Keldeo Zukan.jpg
Btw, I got this picture from the Internet, so if anybody who owns it would like me to take it down or give credit to, please let me know :) Have a good one and wait for it, my updated collection ;D ;D ;D

Quick question

So I was contemplating getting one of the jumbo pikachus from the PC around income tax return time, and was wondering if anyone here owns the 28.5 inch, or 39 inch pikachu? Is it reallyworth the $150-$250? Is it soft?? Gah I need to knooow!

Also I'm on the hunt for the It's Demo Mew necklace if anyone knows where I can find one! I'd also like the adorable demo mirror as well

<3 Pokey

20th Anniversary Merch Hype!

Hey guys :D

So I was browsing the web this morning and came across this wonderful page on the Official Pokemon site! They've revealed a ton of products that are 20th anniversary themed *A*

Some of the more noteable merch are the New 3DS bundles, which include predownloaded Red and Blue versions and faceplates of Charizard and Blastoise:

I need that Charizard plate *drools*

And my favorite of all: the NEW RED NENDOROID! It's the "Champion" version and include charizard, Blastoise and Venusaur figures :O I may just buy him for the 'Zard ^^'

And that's not all! There's tons of new figures and plush as wella s TCG listed on the site!

You can see more of it here: http://www.pokemon20.com/en-us/products.html

Have a great day everyone c:

Offers Have Ended But The Items Not Sold Are Still Available + Sales

There are still tons of items with no offers. I may consider lower than starting offers. Free feel to drop your offers!!!

Please also check out my Sales. Prices have been reduced!!! I will be updating my sales with new items later this week, so keep an eye out!!!

Click on any of the images below to be transported to the original post:

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Thanks for looking everyone!

Happily united

Hi there! I wonder if some of you also have a figure that's missing a piece? I did - my Absol had no blade on its head :( It broke off at some point years ago and one day, it was gone ... But now I found it again - at the bottom of a Lego box in the basement XD I'm so glad that the figure is finally whole again! So I'd like to share some pictures with you guys. Hope you enjoy! ^^
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The most awesome trade package EVER!!! *w*

Hello people! :D

A few days ago, I got THE MOST AWESOME PACKAGE EVER!!!! :D
I waited so long for it, and finally it is time! \\(^O^)//

This package does not only contain my AWESOME trade with starpurrloin (thank you soooooooooo much YOU'RE THE BEST <333) but a bunch of other stuff my friend latias_latios_7 middlemanned for me!

I know to some this might still not be much, but to me it is the most humongous Pokemon collecting related package I ever got!

Let's see the awesomeness inside!!!

TWO whole Pokecenter bags? :O And what is that blue thing on top??

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Once again, thank you so much starpurrloin for this awesome trade, my buddy!! :D

And thank you latias_latios_7 for middlemanning the package and all the other stuff for me!

You two are literally the BEST <33

Seeking Mini World Playsets -- AND PARTS Please help!

Hey all!

These may look familiar to you or maybe not. But I am seeking Mini world Playsets, ones based after the movies and mini movies as well as the regular small fold up ones.

Really looking for any parts I need and incomplete or complete sets. I have figures I am trying to pair with their homes!!

Also Reference this LJ Post -- looking for TONS of stuff -- http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/6007230.html?thread=163081150

Thank you all for the help!!