January 15th, 2016

A Re-Intro and a Mini Kids Re-opening

Hey everybody!

I'm Jaydee, and I've been a part of the community for a few years now. I mainly collect Pokedolls and Pokemon Kids figures, as well as many custom plushies made by members of the community :)
My favourite pokemon is a bit cliche, but it's Pikachu; I've loved the little guy ever since my parents brought me home a PlushPlush when I was 5!
I've been collecting Pokemon merch for around 5 years now, and i can't imagine ever giving up this fun hobby! I used to sell Pokemon Kids figures here on the comm up until Mid last year, but I've always had it in mind to come back and open up an awesome store for everybody to be able to buy Kids figures really cheap!

I've been absent for a bit from the community. Everything has been a little bit hectic, and to avoid getting too personal, let's just say that the last year or so has been crazy!

My computer broke down with all my information regarding the kids figures I was setting up on the website which I have partially complete, just need the time to be able to relist inventory, and a lot of boring business stuff. :(

Regardless, I've really wanted to get back into the swing of things a little bit slowly, so I thought that I would offer KIDS FIGURE GRAB BAGS to the community :)

I know that a lot of people that have contacted me about re-opening my store are really excited about the prospect of starting or continuing their Pokemon Kids collection, so I figure that this allows me to sell kids figures at a bit of a cheaper price, as well as get back into the swing of things, and hopefully generate enough money for a new desktop :)

EDIT: (Forgot my sales permission :$)
Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on November 6, 2014
My Feedback : http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/jaydee93/
- All community rules apply.
- I will not sell to banned members
- I ship from Canada :)
- All prices are in USD
- I accept Paypal only

Here are the breakdown of the grab bags:

10 Figures - 15$
20 Figures - 25$
30 Figures - 40$
40 Figures - 50$

All of these prices are flat, and include both shipping and paypal fees! If this works out, I might offer different kids of grab bags, until I am able to fully open up shop :)

Thank you for all your support guys! To all of the memebers that have sent me PMs asking about how I've been and the Store's Opening, I have you all in my mind. I'll try to do the best that I can to provide Kids figures to the community as I used to <3

Always Pokemon,

Jaydee93 <3
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Is anyone here collecting Hoopa merch? I keep getting drawn to this curious Pokemon - the bound version, that is :)

For some reason, Hoopa brings to mind Minoan style art. It also reminds me of the carousel at Knoebels where you can grab rings from a dispenser arm as you ride around. There's a special brass ring that is really the goal to get during your ride. How do you all feel about Hoopa's design and character?
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Weekly Sales Reminder Post

I won't be able to ship my items out before the postage rate increase most likely so I have raised my shipping by $0.04 cents until I figure out what the exact price change is. (I was told the difference will be 12% for First Class Mail? I am not sure what that adds up to.)This brings my base-rate for shipping to $2.60. Items shipped domestically with stamps will not be effected by this.

Part 1:


Part 2:


Have a nice weekened everyone!
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a little pokedoll GA--everything starts at $10!

UPDATE:  GA has been won!  Thank you for your patience as I calculate the totals!

Hi all!  It's been a while since I last posted (winter break has been full of holiday schenanigans), but I'm back in the swing of things and I'm bringing a small Pokedoll GA with me!

I, Chaobu, will be the sole runner for this GA.
I received sales permission on 10/20/15 by arecia96.
My feedback can be found here.

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The GA will end January 18th at 8:00pm CST.  The countdown timer can be found here.

All threads are up!  Feel free to begin bidding.  Thank you!

Collection post

Hi guys! I'm a relatively new member, I've been here for about half a year. I don’t know if I said any of this yet or not, so here are some quick things about me: I’m 23, was born in Japan and am half-Japanese (hafu), and I’m an artist. Primarily painter, tho I also do sculptural work on the side. I paint murals for a living! I work/live in Philadelphia, but I'm from/live in Minnesota, so my collection is kind of split - I'm sure some other college students can sympathize! I just got back from a holiday break in MN, and brought a few key parts of my childhood collection with me. So I figured now would be a good time to post pictures of my [Philly] collection!

Oh, and just a warning: There’s going to be a picture of me as a kid under the cut. I read in the rules that that can be upsetting to some people, so if that’s you, just be warned.

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fall fuji pika

Last Minute Sales and Snack Pick Ups!


Sorry for another post so soon... I really wanted to get this out earlier but all these life distractions. :/ There's just too many random things in boxes to be cleared out so this isn't all I have. Anyways, I have some sales that I hope some of you be interested. The last day for me to print the shipping labels before this USPS postage hike is tomorrow! I can definitely be able to mail it out Saturday (*fingers crossed no printing problems) Also, after price hike I of course I can ship and may cover a little of the shipping if it's too much!

~ Sales permission granted on August 1st, 2015 by areica96.
~Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/ninetails

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I also have leftovers sales on my journal that I have to update.

Edit: 1/16 2:28AM PST~ I forgot to add wafer stickers pics!

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I am going to the Japanese market this evening and tomorrow morning so I would like to offer some last minute pickups for two new snacks. These of course are available anytime depending on the stock as it comes and goes. Both the soda candy and gummies are $3 each.

Front of soda candy box

Back of box

When you buy all four boxes, you can cut the back pictures out and they form a picture!


Thanks for looking!
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ReOpened Sales

Greetings! I've been rather quiet lately but I wanted to announce my sales posts are open again! I rushed to get everything together before the shipping increase. Read the rules carefully! They have changed for both posts.

All the old items have been cleared out (except for two I think). So please take a look! In regards to the Karuta Cards, I caved and bought all three DP sets available so no fifth or sixth gen mons will make an appearance. Really 99% of the cards are of DP pokemon with the only outside gen mons being Sudowoodo, Pichu, and Pikachu.

Edit: I've made my run to the PO. Any orders after this point will pay the increased rates.

Sales BannerKaruta Card Banner
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Gets !

Hi all !

It's been awhile, I've been quite busy because of the exams but now I've finally found a moment to share my "winter gets" :3

(also do not mind the messy room, bed and plushies, I really need to tidy up everything)

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Large Ceramic Chikorita Bank (*RARE*) - Starts at $45!
More info:
It is over 8" tall X 4" wide X 8.5" long. There is a small chip on one of its nobs (broken by the previous owner =.=) and have some surface wear due to age. It doesn't have the bottom plug.

Chikorita JPN TOMY Vinyl Figure (MINT) - Starts at $30!

As individuals:
Shiny Torchic Kid - Starts at $35!
Shiny Mudkip Kid - Starts at $35!
Shiny Treecko Kid - Start at $35!


As set:
Shiny Torchic, Mudkip and Treecko Kids Lot - Starts at $120!
*Please read the Special Rules for this blow*

*They wobble and can balance even if you tip them over!*
Torchic Bowling Pin Figure - Starts at $12!
Treecko Bowling Pin Figure - Starts at $12!
Mew Bowling Pin Figure - Starts at $15!
Skitty Bowling Pin Figure - Starts at $12!

Minun Bowling Pin Figure - Starts at $10!
Plusle Bowling Pin Figure - Starts at $10!
Pikachu Bowling Pin Figure - Starts at $8!
Munchlax Bowling Pin Figure - Starts at $12!

Deooxys on Pokeball Bowing Pin Figure - Starts at $6!
Smiling on Pokeball Plusle Bowling Pin Figure - Starts at $10!
Plusle on Pokeball Bowling Pin Figure - Starts at $10!
Pikachu on Pokeball Bowling Pin Figure - Starts at $8!

*How it looks like as a sample. Raichu and Vaporeon plushies are not included!*
Orange Pokeball Small Pet House - Starts at $40!

More info:
Custom pet house (made by me) is roughly 9" wide X 6" tall. The opening is 4" tall X 5" wide. It has a very sturdy structure and covered with very soft orange and white cuddly fleece. The details are made with felt and the black lining continues on the inside of the dome. The bottom is made with two kind of cardboard and covered over with orange cuddly fleece on the inside and outside.

Auction Rules:
*All Pkmncollectors rules apply.
*No snipping in the last 5 minutes. If a bid is placed during the last 5 minutes of the auction, another 5 minutes is added to the ending time. After 5 minutes have lapsed from the last member's bid with no other members counter bidding, that member have win the auction!
*If you have bid in the wrong thread, PLEASE LET ME KNOW RIGHT AWAY!!!
*Special Rule for Shiny Kids Auction: Which ever total dollar amount of either: a) single kid listings or b) set kids listing is HIGHER will win the auction. For example, if all 3 single listings for the shiny kids bidding total $35 each x 3 = $105 but the bidding total for set kids is $120. The higher total amount wins the auction! In this example, the winner is the member who bid on the set kids auction.
*Please bid in increments of $1.
*Auction ends on Monday, August 22nd at 10:00pm EST:http://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20160822T22&p0=250&msg=Aki%27s+Auctions&font=sanserif&csz=1
*If you have read all these rules, please include the word "Green" in your bid!

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Sales and catching up!

I'm still workin on replying to messages and whatnot since I returned from Japan so please bear with me @u@;;;
My semester has also started this week so if that wasn't enough LJ decided to be wonky in my part of the country :'D
I will get to messages and comments as soon as I can <3

In the meantime, I have a Japan Sales Post :D

Please take a look I have TONSSS of stuff I'd like to send out before the price increase if possible (I forget when that goes up though)


Link: http://diamondphantom.livejournal.com/2261.html

Or click the pictures :D

thanks everyone! <3

I'm also looking for the Mew PC plush and the new Mew UFO (besides the one released the 7th) if anyone could point me to someone who is selling them or you're willing to trade please let me know <33
Chillarmy, Pokemon 6
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Collection Update!

Been a bit, mostly because I was saving up for ANOTHER shelf to house my ever growing collection of Pokemon things (and my Vocaloids b/c they are taking over as well) so I could get everything a little less squished.

Now I can happily say I'm pretty pleased with my current layout.

The Chillarmy Army as we call it around here. I think the only one I'm really trying to get now is the elusive patchwork one.

This one had a gap that was bothering me. Luckily I found the PC standing Espurr at Target tonight and was able to get my cute corner finished up! It'll probably have more rearranging when I manage to track down some of the missing pieces, but it's nice and symmetrical for now.

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