January 17th, 2016

ISO: Garchomp + Shinx Pokemon Time Straps

Hey again, I'm looking for a couple of the new Sinnoh Poketime straps, and want to see if I can secure them before SSS starts. I'd prefer not to pay more than $11 each, but I'm open to hearing other offers. I'm also willing to trade my Eevee Time blind packaged glitter tins + rubber strap for either these two, or for blind packaged Sinnoh straps.

The Poketime rubber straps have got to be my favorite merch. :'D I won Lucario and Buizel for decent prices on Y!J recently, and these two are my other high wants from the set.
I also caved and ordered the Buizel cushion a day before they shipped and sold out on Amazon JP. I'm glad I did, I'm so excited to get him.

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And some questions to make this more interesting:
What's your all-time favorite promo (recurring or not)?
Have you bought any of the new Poketime items? What's your favorite thing from the promo?

Pokedolls At Target!

Hey PKMNCollectors, long time no post!

To me it feels like there hasn't been a lot of merch released in the past few months so I've steadily slowed down on buying plushes and lurking here. I had pretty much stopped collecting Pokémon-related stuff, but that all change today when I when to target and saw that they had pokédolls! :D I hadn't seen Pokémon Center plushes at my Target in over a year so I assumed that they had stopped stocking them.

I happened to walk past the card isle today and out of the corner of my eye I saw a grey and red plush sitting on the self. At first I thought it was an old Jakks Zorua, but when I saw the tag I realized it was a Pokédoll! I was so excited because I haven't bought anything Pokémon related (besides the games) in stores in nearly a decade!

So here he is! He's super cute, I've wanted a Zorua Pokédoll for years and I'm really glad I have one now! :D

They also had a Hoopa PokéCen Plush. I'm curious to know what kind of Poké plushes you guys have seen at your Target.
  • punkoz

Small Intro/collection!

Hiya folks!

I'm Punkie and I've just recently joined the community. Been a Pokemon fan since the very first games! I'm also an artist and animation student who's working hard and building up my portfolio in hopes that I'll land a job in the industry (fingers crossed! I may end up having to move to LA all the way from Florida haha).

Moving onto the other point of this post: THE COLLECTION. Here it is in all it's small glory-

I collect Lucario! I also want to start a Sceptile collection since it's my other all time favorite pokemon. I'd super appreciate anyone pointing me in the direction of more stuff of either of those (if you got sales I'm interested!).

I've also got a small list of big wants that I've been searching for for a while that I'll shove under a cut
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And ah, that's about it! I hope everything is in order for this first post of mine
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Pokedoll sale

My sales permission was granted on December 1st,2013 by entirelycliched

My feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/ferix8/
I ship from Canada and price starts at $7 to the U.S.
No holds. First to commit gets the item
No haggle/trades at this time.
Prices are in USD and do not include shipping fee/paypal fee
I am not responsible for damaged/lost pokedolls once I ship them out. Insurance/tracking is extra
Let me know if you have any questions.

[Close up pics]

2010 Ho-oh pokedoll MWT American - $18
2004 Vaporeon pokedoll TTO - $32

2004 Latios pokedoll TTO velboa JPN - $18
2009 Turtwig pokedoll TTO - $ 12

2011 Throh pokedoll TTO - $12
Glameow pokedoll (minky) no tags - $10

2011 Panpour pokedoll MWT JPN - $25 (creased tag)
2011 Pansage pokedoll MWT - $12

2011 Audino pokedoll TTO (not sure if bootie) - $8
2009 Riolu pokedoll TTO - $20

2008 Pikachu pokedoll - $10
Mew pokedoll (no tags) authentic - $12
2009 Suicune pokedoll TTO - $18

Sales update!

Hi everybody! Wow am I so glad that LJ outage in the central U.S. is over with, talk about going crazy having to stay away from you guys .__. Now that everything is up and runninag again, I come bearing an updated sales post! Here's a few highlights:

Please keep in mind that everything in my sales is OBO! I'm working on getting my grail and I'm very willing to haggle right now :3 Please click on the image preview or here to be transported!

linameerun, zigzagoon

Hugh sale update, lots of figures and want list update!

Goodevening! (Here in Europe)

Well, it took me a while to take pictures and name it all, but it's done! :D I have updated my sales list with lots and lots of new figures!
Check it out by clicking on the banner below:

Or click here >>> http://linameerun.livejournal.com/2136.html <<<

Please, also watch my want list it's updated, because I might trade something for it! :D
You can find my Want List here:
>>> http://linameerun.livejournal.com/1060.html <<<

And of course my GRAILS:

Thanks for watching!
Im now having dinner so I will reply later! :) And please remember, first come first serve!