January 18th, 2016

possible target pickup? and some small sales and wants

Hello guys, I'm here today to see if anyone is willing to pick up a US Zoroark Pokedoll for me from their local Target? I've checked both the Target near my home area as well as near my college apartment and neither have it :(

I'm also here in hopes of selling some things so that I can afford the Pokemon time Buizel plush! I will be listing some more things as I go through what I have.

Sales Permission granted by areica96 on March 21, 2015
My Feedback http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/pepperzark/
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JP Secret Base Lapras doll with detached hang tag-$30
JP Zoroark Pokedoll with detached hang tag-$39

I also have some lots listed on eBay and will be adding more within the next few days http://www.ebay.com/sch/psychopathwolfys_emporium/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=

Last but not least, does anyone have this?

Someone sniped one from me on eBay and I'm not too keen on spending the ridiculous amounts the others are listed for. Let me know, and thanks for looking guys.

To make this post less boring, how do you guys decide what to make a side collection? I'm very tempted to have a side collection a Buizel but I'm just not sure, mostly for monetary reasons. I've been trying to get myself to sell my Buizel Pokedoll because I could really use the money but it's so hard because it's just so darn cute and I love otters!!!
art, Litwick


Finally got my Litwick pokedoll, the whole reason i came back to this site. And a Diancie pokedoll from target! The first time i saw her the one had loose embroidery like a little kid got a hold of it. This one is nice and perfect. They also had darkrai but i like my old version better.
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Absol main collection update, finally!

Hey guys! :D
Finally I got all the things for my collection update ^o^ I've won many auctions in the past and some were really expensive. You should know that Absol stuff can be very expensive and I had high competition on some items. I'm still not finished with my main collection, because I still need many items from 2003. But here we go!


+ many more items!

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And thanks for reading! <3 My collection site isn't up to date but I will update my website in the next coming days ^^

my wants
collection site
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Quick Sale - Goodnight friends cheap set + towels pre-order reminder

Hello there!

Today I have quick sale for you - the newest set of goodnight friends figures.
All figures are brand new and will be shipped in their gasha balls. Inserts are included.

Full set is only $20.50 shipped worldwide (including PP fees!)
I will ship them in a cardboard box.

(if you want you can add tracking, then the total will be $22 shipped)

SOLD! ^o^

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Also I have quick reminder about towel pre-orders, you'll find the original post here: CLICK

Each towel is $6 + shipping.

Thanks for looking!

Pokemon Master Trainer question + Ash's Arena Challenge group buy?

Hi everyone! I know this is probably a long shot, but it's worth checking. I'm looking for some information regarding the Gold and Silver version of the Pokemon Master Trainer board game. From what I've been able to find, that game included pog pieces of different Pokemon as well as some human characters. I'm trying to determine if Will and Karen got some of these pieces~ I'll put the rest behind a cut.

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I'm also wondering if anyone would be interested in a group buy for the following playset:

It's known as "Ash's Arena Challenge" and is made by Tomy. They are in stock at my local Walmart for $40, but I am only interested in Wobbuffet. Would anyone be interested in claiming Ash, Pikachu, or the base? I was thinking $20 for those three pieces, but I'm willing to split that and I'm definitely open to haggling. I just really want that Wobbu ;-; (Or if anyone is selling Wobbu individually, that would be amazing!)

Snivy ❀ stargazing
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An overdue collection update + a quick want

Hi guys! It's been quite a long time since I last posted, and I'm coming up on the 1 year anniversary of my first post, so I thought I'd give a little collection update and show off some of my more recent gets. It's not a whole lot, as I don't have a ton of space in my room and I collect other things too, but I'm pretty happy about the few Pokemon-related things I've accumulated the last couple months. c:

And as a mini re-intro since it's been a while: I'm Seto, a 24 year-old graphic designer from the US. I mainly collect Snivy, but I also have a smaller Jigglypuff main collection as well as Blaziken and Mew side collections. I have some other Pokemon merch scattered around my room (I really like kid figures) but those ones are the ones I have bookshelf space for.

So here's a quick preview of my Snivy section...

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Before I sign off, I have just a quick want as well!

I'm currently replaying Gen V with the opposite games I originally played through, and as I'm finishing up Black, I'm hoping to grab Black 2 soon. I thought since I'm doing a collection update I'd also look here for a copy before checking out local game stores. If you're selling your copy, I'd be so happy to take it off your hands! Used condition is fine, as long as it works.


Thanks again for reading! ♥ Hope you all had a nice weekend.


Hey there! It's been awhile since I posted a wants list!! Long story short, I've been taking a lot of crap from work and decided it's time I treat myself! Under the cut are some things I'm interested in :)

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Sales! Artworks, Customs, TCGs!

Hello everyone! Hope you are all fine :3

After I´m jobless since about a month now and bought me sooo much Pokemonstuff and christmas gifts, I´m getting short of money! xD So that´s why I have a few things for Sale - old TCG cards, my original pokemon art and some customized things. Please take a look under the cut! :D (I swear, next time I will do a collection update, also for my tcg collection and a gets-post; I got so much nice things from the comm <3)

Shipping to everywhere!
Feel free to haggle!
Shipping max. 4$ to everywhere no matter how much you buy!
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Thanks so much all for looking! Have a great day or night! ^_^

BTW, who played Pokemon X/Y, too? I completed my Pokemon X and I love it soooo much, I think they´re my favourite pokemon games now! (not sure if they surpass alpha sapphire T_T :D)