January 20th, 2016

✿ Prices Dropped Sales! & Wants Plug! ✿

grail.jpg Hello Everyone!! IMG_9103.JPG

Hiya everyone! I went ahead and dropped the prices on just about everything in my sales, so please check it out!! :D

Click on the banner to see!~

I also still have this lot of toys available for PICK-UP ONLY (Right outside the Boston area).
~ Medium sized box + Big shoe box full of random Japanese Pokemon toys. They're all toys from Japan that i received in lots looking for zigzagoon items. There are a lot of them and i just don't have the time or energy to sell them separately. I'm only asking $20 for both boxes together. I actually ended up ending more toys to the pile yesterday(the photo is old so there are more toys than shown)
Photos: (Pikachu plush for size ref)

That winnie the pooh tin is full of pokemon cardboard pogs.
If these don't get taken they'll be put up on local craigslist!

I'm also willing to trade for anything on my wish list here: (click banner)

I swear these last items for my collection are going to kill me. ;n; Especially that dang clear kid! >:c

~ Thank you all for looking! <3

Quick Mod Post - Rule Reminder!

Hi Pkmncollectors!

This is just a quick little message from the moderation team!
We implemented this rule on January 4th, and realize that it will take some time to get used to.

Pictures Outside Cuts - We'd like to modify this rule a little bit with the increasing number of veerrryyy loonnnggg posts occurring. At this time we ask you keep the number of pictures outside your cut to 4 and under unless they are reasonably small pictures. As always use your best judgement, this is meant to help members with slower internet connections or bandwidth caps (yes they do exist).

Please try your best to keep updated with the sidebar. Whenever changes occur we try to put the date beside the article. :)
If you see someone breaking this rule above, remember to use the Report A Problem or feel free to let them know (politely of course).

Have a great day all!

collection re-jig and some weeding sales

As much as I love my collection I get bored of it looking the same all the time so I decided to shake things up a bit, I also needed to make more space for my expanding pikachu collection and I have a few more pikas incoming. so here is the new arrangement. I struggle finding good places for the lifesize plush and poor fennekin is a little squished D:
( i apoligise for the poor picture quality Im not sure what happened it looked fine before uploading)

my partner is more obsessed with this than I am. he keeps taking pictures to show people at work so now they think i am the pokemon queen! haha.

onto the sales
see sales rules below

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Kura pokedoll

Pokemon Time Chimchar Bookmark for Sale!

I got the Shinx Pokemon Time charm that I ordered in the mail yesterday but the bookmark that I got with it was Chimchar. It's cute but not one I am interested in keeping for my personal collection, so I thought i'd try and sell it.

In perfect condition,just taken out of package yesterday.
Asking $5 OBO plus shipping.

I can combine this with anything else in my regular flats sale post,viewable here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/18052722.html

US Shipping starts at $1.20 and International Shipping will be around $3.40. (This includes paypal fees.)
Pokemon - Lucario nod

New eBay Lot + SALES!

Hey everyone,
I've done some huge price slashing on all the plush that's taking up most space in my room, and remember you can still combine with the discounts I have on my sales rules!

I'm bit-by-bit working on putting things into large eBay lots, so there's potential for anything to be taken down from my sales listings in the near future. Please don't hold off on making orders if you want something! I'm willing to do holds/payment plans as long as you have the appropriate feedback!

On that note, I've got another eBay auction lot up here! Or click the pic to go~

Despite all this, I'll still have a few rounds of updates to do in the coming months, as well as still working on obscure/rare item auctions. XD It's going to be a pretty long path but I've got long-term goals to strive for :)

Sales plug!
Preview of new items:

Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )

Selling Pokebuttz!

Hello peoples!
Today, I bring you butts. And these butts are for sale!

Inspired by the Hip Pop goods, I have decided that I wanted to make other Pokemon's tooshies! To start small, I made a few charms that are about 2" long. I also chose the Eeveelus as my first set since... ya' know- I like that little evolving fox. And I think a lot of other people do too! <3

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Mareep Pokemon

ebay auctions are ending!

Hey guys! Just a quick reminder that my ebay auctions are starting to end 2 hours from now, although some have a couple of days left :) I'm reaching my ebay limit for the month, but I'm going to be listing a few more items either today or tomorrow to max that limit out, then I'll be just preparing for a big LJ sales system like I used to. <3

So ebay auctions ending VERY soon here!

Also a little bump for my sales, many of which are still available!

Or click here!
Pokemon - Choroneko - TCG

Small Sales To Help Me Raise Some Funds...:3

I am rather rusty when it comes to doing sales on here, so bare with me. I have a chance to visit Japan at the end of February, the trip is right around the corner and I need to raise a little extra money.


First the important stuff, like rules...

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I also have some goodies up on eBay:


Like this lovely cel:

If my images are not showing up, please let me know. The last time I posted there was an issue where they were not showing up due to security settings. That is it for now. If all goes well with these sales, then I hope to do a bigger sales post by the end of the week...;)

Wants + website updated (finally)

Hi hi :D
*Edit* Yveltai -> Giratina (username change)
After much reorganizing and cleaning out, I finally fixed up both my website and my wants list. I am especially happy with my website (the giratina section currently) since it's much more clean than before. I'm still working on fixing my side collections (Dialga, Palkia, and Arceus), but Giratina is all up to date! I can't believe I finally sat myself down and took pictures.
Click the banner or the link to be transported ;>

I'm also always looking for affiliates. Please comment with your banner and URL if you wanna do so :D
Onto the wants!
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Also got a few gets recently. Can you believe I only need 28 more figures to go? As well as five more plush. I can't believe I've come so far after only collecting Giratina for 10 months.
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I have a question about the old Seattle kiosk pokedolls. How different are the tags from the NYC PC ones?
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Lots of Gets, and Updated Sales!

Hi everyone! It's been a while! I hope you've all been doing well! :D

I've gotten a lot of stuff in the mail lately (and I still have a few things coming), and I wanted to show you all what I got!

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Also I updated my sales post! I added a few things, and lowered some prices! Click on the banner or here to be transported to my sales post!

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you all next time! I'm probably going to work on a collections post for SSS! :D

Very high priority want - RESHIRAM!

Hi all! Does anyone have a tagged JP Reshiram Pokedoll for sale? I have a Zekrom on the way (hit me up if you're the one who got the cheap Reshiram on eBay, person, I'll give you the profit you may be seeking haha!) and I don't want him to be lonely, plus, Reshiram is my favorite of the two. ^^ Thanks, just let me know and we can negotiate a price. Will be updating with some gets/sales in the near future. Happy hump day everyone!