January 25th, 2016

Your Single Pokemon Collections!


I'm still very new here but I'd love to see everyones collections of their single most favorite pokemon.

I myself am looking to start a ponyta (hard to find, I know) and Vaporeon.

I currently have a full set of 2009 eeveelution Canvas plushes but that's it right now. I got them 5 years ago roughly.

Upcoming Pikachu Moncolle Value pack? W/ Dittochu and Female Pikachu

Hey eveyone! So... I was just browsing around the Japanese Takara Tomy website and stumbled to find this image.

So, it appears to be what looks like a large value pack of Pikachu's in a box or Gachapon machine thing. :P (If anyone can confirm what this actually says then it would make more sense.)

And it's not just any regular Pikachus but a female tail Pikachu and Dittochu re-release!
Personally I would've greatly appreciated a Cosplay Pikachu set than this, but I guess this is alright.

So what do you guys think? For me, I actually have a slight interest in getting the female Pikachu figure and if there's anyone who actually saw this before maybe we could do a group buy? I dunno, maybe sometime but anyways, hope you have a good day folks. Peace :)


Does anybody here have this kind of custom Onix zukan?

I know this was once listed on ebay, but I stupidly passed it out :(

And also, I still need Rattata-line and Ponyta-line zukan to complete my dex.

Please let me know ^^
Thanks for looking!
pokemon: mamo!

Sunyshore's Grand Re-Opening!

Hi guys! Long time no post!! (In my final years of college...!!)

I'm here to show off Sunyshore's brand new storefront!!

→→ http://sunyshore.com/store/ ←←

We've completely overhauled the system, so if you had an account on the old store, you will need to make a new one on this one. But we like this store a lot better, so we hope you don't mind the inconvenience. :)

Just some examples of what we have up:
We currently have Little Tales stuff up for pick up:


...and a WHOLE bunch of old goodies in our In Hand/Clearance section!! There are some serious treasures in here!


But we have a lot more as well, so please come take a look at your leisure!! :D

Thank you!! We hope you like the store!!

Gets and sales!

Hello everybody! Today I am here to show off some Zoroarks and a very special plush <3 I'm also here to sell things because school started and I'm broke heheh

First up, some Zoroarks! The Trozei sticker is from pkmnsuicune and the Pokemon Gym Expo tin is from chocolate_chip! I'll be sure to leave the both of you some feedback :)

This is normally where I'd leave my wants list because I'm always in need of more Zoroarks and I really want to splurge and get everything Buizel from the Pokemon Time campaign, but sadly I will have to hold off until after SSS T.T It's killing my soul but saving my wallet...for now...

I also got another get, a very special one <3

A Mightyena from vulpes_canis!
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Now, onto some sales!
Sales Permission granted by areica96 on March 21, 2015
My Feedback http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/pepperzark/
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Some Tyrunt Wants

I've been wanting to start collecting the tyrunt line for a bit but never got much further than the tomy plush that keeps me company on my desk.

Now as my birthday is coming up the 27th I kind of want to treat myself to a tyrunt plush (or more haha)

I'm mostly looking to get them in great condition with the paper tags if possible but I'll look at anything offered.
Shipping would be to Belgium so if I could get a bundle deal I'd prefer that ofc to save on shipping costs.

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