January 26th, 2016

Noivern time

Back from Japan with some extras sales and collection weeding :)

Hi everyone! I hope you guys are all staying warm. I'm on the east coast and we just got smacked with a blizzard this past weekend. It looks like winter decided to compress itself to one weekend because its supposed to go back up to the 50s next week. My city had the highest accumulation of snow in my county -_- in any case it was a bit of a shock after going to Japan and then 80 degree weather in Thailand and then back to this.

Sooo I went to Japan during my trip and of course I had to stop by the Pokemon center :3 annnd also when I got home from my trip I had 3 huge packages waiting for me xD I took a pic of all my gets in one pic so please excuse the non pokemon things :)


I also took the oppurtunity to do some reevaluating and did some collection weeding. I'm getting old and I don't have the space or money to keep collecting as I have been ;_; So in this round of weeding is a couple Eevee and Sylveon plush, Sylveon figures and customs, Poke time plush and some Pikachus :s I also have a HQ I <3 Eevee laying plush I may be willing to part with if someone really wants it.

Also if anyone collects Axew or Oshawott let me know if you're looking for anything! I'm keeping my collection of them right now as they don't take up too much space but I'm not particulary strongly attached to anything if you need something :)


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Please click on any of the above to be redirected to my sales!

Edit: Also forgot to mention, if you collect TCG I have heavily discounted all my cards! Please help me clear these out xD
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Help with a want?

Im trying to get a whole of a full set of rotom pokedolls. theres some cheap sets on Yahoo Japan, but am not familiar with buying from there and how much the extra middle man service would be. o0ne set is at 1000 yen and the other two missing are about 8500 (yikes) but im just curious if anyone would be willing to part with theirs for a decent price.

Kura pokedoll

Question about Printing Shipping Labels on Paypal for international orders?

I was considering selling my rainbow collection/1:1 laying Pikachu that I got back in 2010 and I would like to be able to ship it internationally so that I have more of a chance of selling it. It says on paypal that you can print labels online for international orders (and that it comes with some sort of customs form.)

Does it work the same way as printing a US shipping label works? I am new to online labels since I just got a postal scale this month. Just wanted to ask about this sort of thing before I post that item for auction.

I can delete this after I get an answer I just really have no idea. @_@

Stickerbook GA! - Won!

We won the GA guys! :D And for less than our max bid so discounts all around! :) I'll get to work on the spreadsheet. Please standby for payment 1! :)

Hi guys! :D Today peppermmints and I are hosting this awesome stickerbook GA! :) It contains lots of Pokemon from Gen 2 and 3. Here's what we've got! :)
aaaaapossible GA 1.jpg
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Here is the countdown timer.
Please do not bid until this line is crossed out! :) Happy bidding! :D

unexpected batty get + sales

I was super psyched for the new Tomy Noibat plush, and was pretty impatient for March to roll around, when it was supposed to be released.

So you can imagine my surprise when I found this guy on ToyWiz.

They only had four in stock at the time, and I immediately snatched one up. I've had issues with ToyWiz in the past, so I was almost expecting them to say it was a pre-order or send me the wrong plush. But they didn't!

Little Noibat is just so cute, much better than I was expecting, actually. He's made of velboa with some felty bits on his wings. If you like Noibat, I highly recommend you buy this plush!

Granted, after I bought mine, ToyWiz increased their prices for a lot and they are now out of stock on their website...

On a different note, I've added something to my sales and lowered my prices on the others. Check them out below!

I was granted sales permission to my previous account, jodie_kathleen, on 19 September 2014 by entirelycliched.
Feedback for my previous account can be found here, and is also linked to on my feedback for my current account.

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Thanks, everyone!

20th Anniversary Pikachu and Mew out NOW!

A few users on 4chan's /vp/ board are reporting that their local Gamestop stores have put out the 20th Anniversary Mew and Pikachu plush early!

Mew is a Gamestop exclusive and retails for $16.99. I would presume Pikachu would also be the same, although other stores may have it cheaper or more expensive (I know Walmart likes to knock theirs down, and Walgreens may knock the price up a bit)

The user mentioned that Pikachu seemed to be poorly designed with the ears being the worst of it. They also mentioned the material is a bit rough compared to other plush but the sheen is interesting. They're a bit heavier than most plushies too.

So, if you're out, check out your local Gamestop store and see if they got their stuff in!

Leaked Tomy goods!

So, I was just browsing YesAsia and guess what?

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Yeah boy, they're doin' it again! :D

And it's not just rehashes of exsisting characters, we've got MEGA BEEDRILL AND MEGA SHARPEDO alongside Shiny Mega Gardevoir, Shiny Mega Gengar and Volcanion! :DDDD As well as Mega Tyranitar for individual release but still, YES finally we have actual cool things from MonColle!

And... there's not really a whole lot to talk about but still, this is really exciting news to me and collectors alike! So, what do you think guys? Do you like how Tomy is now doing Shiny Mega's or are they just for filler or whatever? :P

Edit: Forgot, There's also Shiny Mega Gengar upcoming stand-alone release. :P (I feel so sorry for those who bought $300 for that figure)

So this just happened...

So my all loving boyfriend ordered a Pokemon Time Buizel plush for me for our 4 year anniversary which is on February 29th! Cool, right!? Well, my present came in the mail today and I decided that I just had to show it off.


That... doesn't look like a Buizel to me...

I'm not quite sure how this mix up happened? Maybe Buizel got angry. You wouldn't like Buizel when he's angry. He gains chubby weight and turns green. Hulk Buizel = Budew. Solid Math. My boyfriend sent the seller a message in hopes of working something out but I'm not sure how that's gonna go so... Is there anyone who might want a Hulk Buizel AKA Budew?

On a lighter note, the person also sent a new XY TCG pack for free and we pulled a Raticate Break. I love Raticate <3

I know I made a post last night so I'm sorry for cluttering the comm. I just... I needed to post this. I would make this post more meaningful but I already posted sales and any of my other gets either went to my house so are not on me or haven't arrived yet.
Falvie Entei

Almost There! And Some Wants

I worked long and hard on my site today! Updated Wailords and Litleo's sections, Added Lucario's and Hasbro Plush, and redid my Enderman section. I've also updated my Entei flats and some Magikarps! All I have left to do: redo/add Eeveelutions, redo Dialga, finish Pikachu, add Charizard, and then redo the Hoenn Kids and add my Tomy collection. SO CLOSE!

I've added my Entei and Wailord Wants to the site as well.

Anyway, I'm loving my Magikarp collection! I would very much like to expand it! (I want gyrados' too :3)

Photo drawn by me: http://doryphish333.deviantart.com/

I have most of the rarer things, but I defintely want the Karp Pikachu poncho plush, Regular Gyrados Poncho Plush, and Regular Gyrados Poncho Mascot Plush. I only want figures and plush, please NO FLATS!

Anyway, thanks for looking! Eventually I'll pull other collections out of storage and do a full collection update I hope. My tomys, kids, Dialga Figures, and Skitty's are all still packed away :C Also, anything not labeled with a caption means I don't know what it is. If you do, please let me know!

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Huge Japanese TCG sale!

I'm having some trouble paying rent for this month so I took some time (ok, LOTS OF TIME) to sort all my spare TCG and put them up for sale. I based the prices on Ebay prices, but since I'm kinda in need of money I can offer discounts or free shipping if you order more or order expensive cards. I'm ok with haggling! I just need to get rid of these.

Have you ever had to sell a part of your collection to pay for rent or something like a broken car? Please tell me so I know I'm not the only one xD

end of january sales!

Hi! Here's a sales post for you guys!
Includes lots of Eevees, Raichu Pokedoll, Marill Pokedoll, and the big, fuzzy Banpresto Raichu! ; v ; I hate to part with it, but it's a great deal if you love Raichu!

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