January 30th, 2016

❤ (WIP) Master List of Wants + Priority/Collection Preview! ❤

Greetings fellow Poke-theists, and welcome to my 'Master' List of wants! I figured it would be easier to post here instead of trying to
post multiple times with a half-baked list, so to speak. Also, since the Spring Swap is coming up, I figured it would be
best to go ahead and post up a sort of 'master list' of items I'm most definitely after for potential for
partners/sellers/my own reference. Items with an asterisk next to them and bolded are the ones I'm seeking
at the moment, and are high-priority. Please don't be offended if I turn down on offer; it's my way of staying
focus-oriented to keep everything reasonable. I'll start with a priority item I'm seeking at the moment, extra details, then favorite 'Mons, merchI'm likely to snap up, and other fun stuff. :B Also I complete more of these sections, I'll gradually attempt to make
this page somewhat more pleasant to look at. xD As a last note, this is a little image-heavy, so a majority of them are under cuts. As a positively last note, if there happens to be an image that's yours and you no longer want displayed, please let me know and I'll remove it ASAP. Enjoy!
.:Seeking Now!:.

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.:Extra Tidbits:.
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.:Favorite Pokemon:.
.:Misc. Characters/Pokemon I Also Pick-up:.
Flying, Dragon, and Water types; Reshiram, White Kyurem; N, Steven Stone
.:Smaller (SS) Wants:.
Items from the 'Misc. Items' section below can be included here as well; the division is mostly for priority-ish purposes for myself, and to make it somewhat easier for the SS partner. :)
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- PC Zygarde 10% plush
- PC Primal Groudon and Kyogre plush
- White-Kyurem Ex Full Art
- Charizard X TCG Pin + Figure
- Reshiram PC Pokedoll
- Reshiram bottlecap figure
- Mega Swampert PC plush
- N/Zekrom clearfile; N Banpresto figure (Darumaka, hat on)
- Steven Stone Promo clearfile; glasses case/cloth; rubber straps (2015)
- Pokemon Black 2 game (English)
- Tornadus (Therian) Zukan  w/base
.:Collection Preview:.
Here is a quick pic of my shelf so far. I plan on adding more detailed pictures as time goes on, just so I actually have something else to start a conversation about. Possibly, maybe. :B This is actually out-dated at the time, but more recent pics will follow...
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Stickerbook GA Reminder!

Hey guys! :) Just a quick heads up that our Stickerbook GA is ending in less than 24 hours! :) We expect to have quite a bit of compeition for this lot so please make sure you put in your absolute highest bid to ensure you win what you want! ^-^
aaaaapossible GA 1.jpg
Also we've had a few of our mystery books identified, such as Latias (which is under the Ralts thread! XD), Latios, Azurill and Ho-oh! :) Click on the link below to get taken to the auction! :)

Auction reminder!

Hi everybody! I just wanted to drop in with a quick auction reminder. These auctions are ending in about 9 hours and this will be the final reminder! Some items are at their starting bid, and others have no bids at all! Please come check out the auctions by clicking here or the banner. I hope you can find what you're looking for!

In other news, I'm working hard on my collection website and hope to have it launched this weekend! I'm also planning on FINALLY making a collection update post (it's been years!) so please stay tuned! I'm so excited to share my Wobbuffets with you all!
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Please help! Omanyte and Swablu Tomy figure fake or real?

Hey guys!

I am searching for people who know a lot about TOMY FIGURES and preferably who also have the OMANYTE and SWABLU Tomy figures!

I recently bought an Omanyte and a Swablu and I am not sure whether they are real or could be bootlegs :(

Here are two photos of them to begin with (more photos and detailed shots under the cut!!!)

The seller already asked on facebook if they were real and the people there confirmed they were real but didn't give reasons as to why. So now I am confused.

The main things that make me think they could be bootlegs:
-The Omanyte has seams on his shell where the figure seems to have been put together from two parts (see arrow on picture, more detailed picutures under the cut!!)
- The paint job on both of them is pretty bad (see Omanyte's eye and the blue on Swablu's wings and feet as well as Swablu's eyes)
- Swablu's blue color is not glossy like on the older Tomy figures, but matte. It kinda almost seems as if the gloss has been removed or something.

Please see more details under the cut!

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On the one hand, the booties I've seen online of other Tomy figures seem to look even shittier compared to mine, but on the other hand, mine don't exactly look like the official counterparts either :/

Were there maybe different releases of Omanyte, one with the seam and one without?

Any help, especially from people having these figures themselves and know theirs are real, would be greatly appreciated!

Giant Pokemon Time Budew Cushion Plush for sale ON HOLD random question time!

Yep, you saw that right, I have to some how sell this monstrous plush.

Sales Permission granted by areica96 on March 21, 2015
My Feedback http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/pepperzark/

Now let's get to it
-All Comm rules apply
-No banned members allowed
-I ship from VA, US
-Commitments have priority over quotes
-I can definitely hold this hulk for you if you are committed
-I cannot ship this monster outside of the US, sorry, you're better off just ordering one from Japan because shipping something small outside of the US is now about $10 and this thing is not only huge but also heavy

Here is the monster

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Everything pictured is included (unless you don't want the freebies) and I may also include some surprise freebies. I am also offering up to 3 sketches with any number of Pokemon for free to whoever buys this! I am not a pro artist or anything, but I do pride myself in what little talent I do have ^^ I cannot color them though since I left most of my art supplies back at home.

How much is all this do you ask? Well I spent about $95 total on this hulk and would like to make that back so that I can afford the Buizel cushion. I am estimating shipping to be about $20, but I can get a better estimate later.

Also, here is a general sale
Pearly TCG Mega Mewtwo X figure- $7 OBO SOLD

On a brighter note, I went to local Gamestops and got 2 of the new Mew plush. I could have gotten 2 more but I didn't think they had already become so valuable so I didn't buy them and when I went back to that Gamestop they were gone. I originally wasn't going to keep one but after buying it I think I changed my mind haha! I'll be selling the other one later (not really sure how to price it at the moment and I hate to be a "scalper" but after the Budew incident my boyfriend and I are in need of a bit of money.) Let me know if you'd want it though, maybe we can work something out. I might also be willing to include it with the Budew for market price.

Now that I've sold everything in this post, the post feels a bit empty so now onto something I've been wanting to ask! I have not been able to decide what Latias and Latios plush I've want. I've had the Pokedolls and don't really care too much for the Latias one and I ordered the PC ones and returned them because I felt that the purchase was impulsive which I now regret because I might have liked them and now they're sold out on the site. I preordered the tomy ones but then they went out of stock and became overpriced. So, I'd like to know what Lati plushes you all like the most and why? Show me some pictures of them too! :D Now we all know the giants are the best but I can't afford those XD
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Goodies and Auctions

I haven't been on here too much to buy stuff just sort of stalking around looking at pages every once in awhile xD.
Not too much stuff has been bought recently,a good chunk of my money might be being poured into tsumtsums >_>;
But I do still buy lots every once in awhile if I see something I want :P.
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Bidding ends Friday February 5th at 5:30 PM PST
*I Ship from California
*I accept Paypal only,I do take echecks but I will not ship until they go through.
*All Community Rules Apply
*I will leave negative feedback if you bid and don't pay.
*Please bid in increments of 1.00
*Feedback - http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/dezchu/
*Wishlist -http://dezchu.livejournal.com/1904.html
~Sales Permission Received from lineaalba August 31st 2010~
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gets! want! and possible trade?

Hi everyone! I have some new things which I want to share with you :)

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And finally, I have a huuuuuuuge want!!! It is the Pikachu Clown / Jester Charm where pikachu is dressed in his costume from the Lucario and Mystery of Mew Movie. I only managed to find this fuzzy picture of it, but if anyone has it and wants to sell I will happily buy it from you!!

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Small update!

Hi, I haven't been super active here lately although my collecting is still going strong with many grails acquired recently through good luck. But here's a quick update for now...


When I read the 20th anniversary Mew plush was popping up early, I ran out to an area with 2 Gamestops during my lunch break yesterday. The first store was sold out, but the second one had 1 left! I'm thinking of collecting more Mew now since it was one of my favorites as a kid.

PokemonTrader:// Japanese Card Emporium! GRAND REOPENING!



I have HUNDREDS of rare Japanese pokemon cards that are ready to make homes in your collections!
I have the elusive VS Series 2001 cards, hard to find vending series promos and some other various promos!
I am always willing to haggle & make a sale :) There is something for everyone there so please check it out by clicking the preview!

A gentle warning that it is image heavy!

Also I am willing to combine anything from above with my Pokekyun Claims.

I have something amazing on the way for my next collection update! Have a great day all!

art, Litwick

Just a quick want!

Im looking for the Banpresto Electivire plush. I used to have one in my old collection and i loved it so i hope to find another at a decent price. Not looking to spend more than 20$ or so. Depends condition and shipping.


I've been totally inactive lately due to being super busy so I'm sorry if I've ignored any of you guys on my posts I totally didn't mean to! anywayys are you guys super sick of seeing the 20th anniversary mew plushies? AWESOME cause I just got one and I'm posting pics haha (plus the new mew pokedoll!!)

More info on the plushies in the cuts below :)
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Click ^^ to see my whole collection :)

thanks for looking! Good luck to all of you looking for the 20th anniversiary merch! -Maya

My Introduction & Collection!

Hello, everyone! I'm Helena, but you can call me Kyubespurr (a mix of Kyubey b/c I love Puella Magi and Espurr). I just joined the community! I hope to meet a lot of new Pokemon friends here! My main collection is Espurr, and a little bit of Meowstic, but I also collect skiddo (although there's not really much merchandise of him).

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Thanks for reading this! I'm so excited to be part of the community!