February 2nd, 2016

Last Wants Before SSS!!!

Hello friends! :D

I'm here with my last wants before the SSS!
I have a little stockpile, and I'm after some MAJOR wants!

Natu Pokedoll!
I don't know how lucky I'll be here, but I have it within my budget, I believe.

Shiny Latias kid!
My Latios is lonely!!! D':

Also looking for the following-
- Altaria Pokedoll (probably not in my budget)
- Buizel Pokedoll
- Snover Pokedoll

Please let me know if you have these for sale, priority goes to Natu and Latias!

Once again, my collection site is-

I'm looking for associates, so let ke know if you're interested! :)

Thanks! ^-^

  • kyreon

Custom Absol and extra Pokebuttz for sale, Pokedoll wants

Hiya everyone!
I have a couple of Pokebuttz left that I'd like to find homes for, and I also have a custom Mega Absol plush I made for sale.
Absol is in a Pokedoll style and made completely of minky. She has weights in her back feet so she always stays standing. :)

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And now for some quick Pokedoll wants. I'd be willing to do trades/partial trades for anything in my sales for these. :)

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Finally.. a group picture!!

Hello everyone! I just thought I would show you all a group picture I got of all of my Charizard merch.. so far I have only uploaded them separated as plushies and figures..

Iv never done this before actually, it was really cool to see everything in a pile! I even took a selfie in the pile, I was drowning in Zards!! Pictures under the cut <3

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