February 4th, 2016

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Hugh collection update!

Hello hello everyone!!

Hope everyone is doing fine tonight :) (its night time here)

I have done a very big collection update, which I am very proud of, and I wanted to share with you guys! Hope you like it!
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Anything which is not in my collection, but is from Zigzagoon, is ALWAYS welcome! :D

Thank you for watching, bye bye!! ^^


C&H Autumn
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Sales Update and Latest Gets!

Hi collectors!

I made some updates to my sales page, featuring a Tomy Giant Latias plush and Daisuki Club DX Arceus Pokedoll.
Please click the photos below to be transported to my sales page. I am going to sleep now, but will reply as soon as I can.


I also got a few things since end of last year, particularly...


another Porygon2 PlushPlush and 2002 JPN Corsola Pokedoll! I finally have both of these MWT! You have no idea how happy this makes the perfectionist in me :D

Well, that's all for now! To everyone wondering what happened with the rest of my DX Pokedolls that were meant to be auctioned off, I haven't gotten around to it yet because I want to get out as much stuff that I currently have for sale as I possibly can first. Until then, I am holding most of the DXs.
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ALL CLAIMED - Pokemon Partners group buy

Hello guys!

I came across these cuties on Y!J, I really want Pancham so I thought that I'll make a group buy for them!

EDIT: All claimed! <3

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Each plush is going to be only about $9.5* Maybe less, but surely not more.
*That's the buy it now price, I'll try to win them in auction for less, I'll give you total after auction ends!

They're all new, mint with hang tags.

There'll be 3 payments:
1st payment - cost of the item + middleman fees - you'll have to send payment within 24 hours from the moment I give you total
2nd payment - cost of the domestic shipping + international shipping (about $3-$4) - you'll have to send payment within 24 hours from the moment I give you total
3rd payment - shipping from me to you (about $3-$3.5) - you'll have to send payment within 48 hours from the moment I give you total

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I really hope we'll be able to buy them! *-* If you have any questions feel free to ask, thanks for looking!
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Breakpoint booster box opening livestream + wants

Hi, Everyone! ^^

Today I will be Livestreaming a booster box of English Breakpoint booster packs. ^^ I already opened one "test pack" to make sure my booster box was free of Generations uncommons. lol. My box was a little beat up but I think (hope) the cards will be okay. The only damage in the test pack was a bend on the corner of the TCGO code.

I also got three of the 3-pack promo blisters and four single packs which I opened last night. Here's the promos, holos, and Break card I got from those. Didn't find the single pack promos so I'll be looking for those.

Livestream Link As usual, my dogs will probably make an appearance at some point. My livestreams are silent, so don't worry about your sound. I will be typing in the chatroom as "maitaidelight" or "risha."

I will edit this text once the Livestream starts. Which should be around 12:45pm Eastern Time. (about 10 minutes minutes after original post) Livestream is over! Thanks for those that watched. :D

I am looking for a bunch of cards from this set. I'm especially hoping to pull the two Espeon cards and I wouldn't mind as many Gyarados as possible. lol. I think the only EX card I don't want is Darkrai.

So far, I pulled for other people:
sorjei - Psyduck
spritzzie - Aromatisse
m14mouse - Seedot line (not sure if you wanted any others from this set?)

Still need -
sorjei - Golduck. Did you want Mawile too?
squeakaree - Rattata, Raticate, and Promo card with Chespin
spritzzie - Spritzee

If anyone else is looking for specific cards from this set, please let me know. ^^ You don't have to purchase but I will let you know if I pull what you're looking for so you can decide.

I also have 49 Breakpoint, 2 Breakthrough, and 1 Roaring Skies TCGO Codes for sale if anyone is interested. ^^


Holos -

Duplicates and Garbodor are availble. Update 2/5 - one Suicune sold. Other is on hold. Also now have an extra Dragalge.


Duplicate Luxray available.

EXs and FAs -

Planning on keeping all of these. OMG! Secret Rare Gyarados! EEE!!! Update 2/5 - now have an extra Togekiss EX (and no longer need Emboar EX).

sorjei - I have Psyduck, Golduck (not BREAK), and Mawile for you. Any others you'd like?
squeakaree - I have Rattata and Raticate (not BREAK) for you. Still need to find the promo card.
spritzzie - I have Spritzee and Aromatisse for you. No RHs.
m14mouse - I have the Seedot line and an RH Shiftry for you. Are you looking for any others from this set?

Here's the cards I still need from Breakpoint -
Ones with *'s are most important

(I am also still looking for cards from other sets if anyone wants to see those lists...let me know. ^^)

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And...I think I owe message replies to pokemontrader. I was going to do that before the Livestream, but we're expecting rain soon so I wanted to get the Livestream done asap. In Florida, you never know when rain will become a thunderstorm. ^^;


This will most likely be my last wants post until Spring Secret Swap is over. I"M SO EXCITED! EEE!!!!

Still need Rayquaza from here.

Still need Rayquaza, Altaria, and Slowbro from here.

Still need Sableye and Slowbro from here.

And any singles of the Poncho Pika sleeves (or any TCG single sleeves really. lol).

I'm still looking for Houndoom EX, FA, and Spirit Link cards in Italian, Spanish, German, and possibly French. French and German are kind of on hold since I'm getting booster packs for those. Also, I need Houndoom FA and Mega Houndoom EX and FA in Korean.

Also looking for this card from XY9 -

And, I'm looking for an English 2015 McDonald's Pikachu card if anyone has one to trade. I'll need to check which duplicate McD cards I have left if anyone is interested in trading.

And, older wants, I'm still looking for a Japanese Reviving Legends L3 Reverse/Mirror Holo Houndoom card, Topps Foil Houndour and Houndour sticker cards, and any of the Eeveelution cards from the French McDonald's set that released with Dark Explorers cards.


I've been working on my collection site on Weebly lately. It still has a long way to go before I share it though. lol. But I'm excited! ^^

For now, you can follow me on Tumblr for scans of my card collection. I'm WAY behind on my 366 project but at least it got me sharing my collection. Risha's House of Cards

And I also ramble a lot about collection stuff on Twitter - Link


~ Risha

(no subject)

I know people sell things from Japan on here all the time & I know it's all Pokemon related- but does anyone know if it's just limited to pokemon or if there is another group (like this one) for people who sell other items from japan that are anime related as well?

A New Arrival Today! ;D

Heya! I hope everyone's been having a fab week and all so far.
This package actually arrived unexpectedly today since I had it shipped via SAL method, so it's one of those you order and almost forget about until it just shows up. x) Click the cuts for pics and commentary.

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Also this is kind of a noobish qustion about LJ but, how do you find the link to past journals you've created? I feel like I'm seriously overlooking something. ._.

Thanks for looking, and have a wonderful rest of the day! ^^
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Offers + Auctions Reminder

This is a reminder that my offers will be ending in a little over 24 hours. The eBay auctions will end in a little under 24 hours.
As an update the two Pokemon with You pins are no longer available as I accepted an offer for those.
Click here or the picture to go to the post.

Pika-zard up, up and away!

This is probably the rarest and most valuable item in my collection. It was a Christmas gift last year from my boyfriend and I absolutely love it. There were a limited number of them made for the opening of the new Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo. It's also a music box that plays the Pokemon Center song from the video games.

This a link to a youtube video someone did so you can hear the music.

Updated Sales!!! Some prices are lowered!!! + Shipping Discount!!! Plush Repair Service~

Hi everyone! I have updated my sales with some new items and lowered some prices. I do accept haggling. With the increase shipping rates, I am offering discount on shipping to help buyers out :) I am also expecting new items to add to my sales later next week! If you want to your package to be held until the new items arrives to combine shipped, I can do that!

Here's a preview of some of the items in my sales:

You can click on the preview picture or my banner to be transported to my original Sales Post!!!

I am also offering my Plush Repair Service to members that need their plushies to be fixed and reshaped. I have fixed many plushies from my own collection.

Here is an example:
This poor plush have been resold many times. I understand why people didn't really like her because her eyes are too close together. So I decided to fix it. I do have to say there were a lot of issues with this plush due to the colour and the thickness of the thread used by the maker (e.g. using a dark thick navy thread to sew white and pink minky); and the thread was not knotted properly so many pieces was falling apart. I took almost all the pieces apart and resew it back. I am happy with how it looks! She just needed some adjustments :)
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Here are some rules:
*Shipping the item to me to fix and shipping it back to you is covered by the buyer/commissioner.
*Prices start at $10 and will go up depending on the difficulty and the amount of work that needs to be done.
*All Pkmncollectors rules applies! If you have agreed to my services, it is a commitment.

If you are interested in my services, please comment below! :)

Thank you for looking!

PokeTime bookmarks for trade + Society6 sales

Hi guys, I'm here with the first PokeTime package gets! :D (I'll still need to get a few more hehehe). A bunch of shinx babies <3 All of then under the cut
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I wasn't really lucky with my bookmarks so I have these for trade. I'm not sure about trading Lucario but you can ask anyway. I'd love to get: Shinx, Togekiss, Starly, Buizel or even Piplup. I'm also looking for poketime tins and rubber straps!! (I just don't want to play with the blind package since I'm not lucky at all!)

And finally, I have updated my stores with a few patterns I have been doing like Charmander line, Poochyena line or Vulpix line (so cute <3) and there are sales on Society6 so you can get FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING + 20% Off Throw Blankets and Pillows
Or you can check my RedBubble or Etsy
If you'd like to see new designs I'm open to suggestions and commissions, let me know ^^ If you want a digital art like those one, send me a PM

Wants Post

Hey all. So I've saved up some money and figured it's a good time to spend it on some of my wants :) I recently decided to start collecting Gengar items as well as Mudkip, Marshtomp, and Swampert items. I'll be looking at everything of them, so if you have something for sale or know of where to get something I'd appreciate it!

Disclaimer: All of the pictures below are not mine. I found them off Google, and will, of course, remove them if the owner of the pictures doesn't want me to use them!

I appreciate ANY help with finding these wants of mine :)

[Pokémon Video Games]
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Always feel free to link me to your (or someone's you know) custom Pokédolls art! I love seeing how creative people can get with making their own Pokédolls and I'd really love a few customs. Donphan, Qwilfish, Shiny Pachirisu, Frosslass, Mega Audino, Farfetch'd, Azumarill, Mega Manectric, Purple Kecleon, and Makuhita are some of my favorite Pokémon I'd love to see (and own) in Pokédoll form. (warning: I'm picky about them looking similar to existing Pokédolls)

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[Pokémon TCG]
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[Pokémon TFG]
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[Miscellaneous (Figures, Toys, Plush, etc.)]
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Anyone has this case?

Hello there!
I'm thinking on buy this case, but I haven't found any photo of it adjusted in the 3ds

Can someone provide me some photos and talk a bit about it? it's soft like silicone or hard plastic? How does it adjust?
I'm in doubt between this one and one that looks like the special eevee 3ds xl << and I don't know what to do!!

Help please ;w;? I have the 3DS Zelda Special Edition (golden and black)
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Elekid Collection Update + Rare Train Set Auction!

Hi there everybody!! I've finally gathered up all my Elekid merchandise floating around my collection space to see how much I have amassed so far!

Right now I'm just collecting the plush & figures. It all started with the Elekid DX Tomy I got from astron many years ago, and once I got my Fuzzy Hasbro plush I realized how much I love Elekid, along with Snubbull, considering they were the first Gen 2 pokemon I ever saw from the 1st movie short, and I have so many good childhood memories of Pokemon from that time period! I used to collect Snubbull more, but since the merchandise is a bit harder to find I've put it on the back burner for now.

One of my main wants is the Elekid Pillow Plush, if anyone has one for sale please contact me! Every time one comes up for sale on eBay they're usually cheap but I always miss them.

I also have my first auction here starting today, for a rare mini Train Set based off the 5th movie MIP! I ended up getting two of these, so I figured I'd give everyone here the opportunity to buy this one.

- I was granted sales permission on December 17, 2015 by areica96.

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Feel free to bid once the appropriate thread is up. Thanks for looking, have a great weekend everyone!

a grail-like get!

Hello!!! I hope it's okay that I'm posting again, my previous post is off the first page. I'm here to show off my most recent get!

It came in this big box! (along with other stuff). I wouldn't say it was originally a grail of mine, but I ended up liking it much more than I expected.

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What 20th anniversary-limited merchandise do you want to see this year?

What 20th anniversary-limited merchandise do you want?

New Game!
New Pokedolls!
Limited edition plush!
More giant plush!
Limited edition consoles!
Others: leave a comment below!

Also, a small sales plug. I've added 2 new things and slashed prices!

A little reminder for my christmas items auctions as well!~
Have a nice day everyone! ^o^)/
fall fuji pika

Starting the 20th Anniversary Month ~ Pokemon Center JP Online 2/16, Red & Green Nendos

Last month, there was a poster revealing that there would be a JP Pokemon Center website opening this month. Today we got details and when it will open in Japan! Check out the Famitsu article for more images too!

The site will be exclusive to Japanese residents starting on February 16th and they have some special campaigns. You can read info on kitzune's blog. I wonder if middleman sites or any Japanese friends can help us overseas. ^^;; There is a special clearfile limited to the first 3000 people who register with the Famitsu link to make your account. *Note you need a Japanese address and telephone number*

And more wallet draining... The Kanto Gym Badges set is 18,000 yen + tax and will be on the online store for pre-order from February 16th 10 am to March 18th 11:59 pm Japan time. It will be released in mid June~

Also more exciting news ~ now this is the Red Nendoroid I want.

For this Red and Green set, the pre-order period starts on February 27th and ends March 31st with the release date on July 9th. You can pre-order at the Pokemon Centers, Pokemon Amazon Store for 7,500 yen + tax. I need to save up! I will have the three Nendoroids (first one/FRLG version, Champion version, and this one) or at least I hope... Anyone else also going to have three as well?

Also, there's a new Dot Sprite promotion, exclusively on Red / Green sprites and the goods will be available February 27th. The die-cut cushions are huge and the acrylic keychains and the shirts will be blind packaged...

Nakagawa Shoko's picture that she posted on Twitter ^^

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And lastly tomorrow, the third installment of the Little Tales series comes out! Here's are some more detailed pictures on the Daisuki Club blog. You can see pictures of the fountain pen, suitcase, tunic, and much more. Picture of cardigan here!

What are you excited for? Are the 20th anniversary goods what you've been hoping for?

*I posted the news with as much info I could. got to sleep now since I have work early tomorrow!