February 6th, 2016

  • goomyy

Introductions & Pokemon Stackables

Hi! I'm Goomyy, and my sole reason for joining livejournal was this community. ^^; My collection at the moment is very small as I have only recently begun my hunt. The only plush I am truly proud to own are my Kawaii UFO Mewtwo and my land forme Shaymin Pokedoll, but that's not what I'll be talking about today.

Isn't it amazing?? More on the 14 upcoming 'Tsum'-like plush under the cut!

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The only thing that might turn me away would be the fabric. I'm extremely new to this, but I THINK Banpresto tends to shy away from velboa and minky fabrics, opting instead for the cheaper, coarser fabrics, and if that's the case for this line, it may not be worth it to me personally when the price tag will most likely add up to well over $100-$200 for all 14...I think?

But what do YOU think of the line? What other Pokemon 'Tsum Tsum' would you want to see in the future? And as a personal question, what kind of fabric does Banpresto generally use? What are the chances, if any, of them using a velboa or minky-type material?
Swee and Chika

Finally a collection update! And decide to start a new collection!

So I finally got around to doing a collection update! I had been planning from late 2014/early 2015 to do a gets post and then it all spiraled out of control and I never got around to it. And now I've gotten so many new editions that its really time for a collection update, oops haha.

But first! I just got the new minky Mew Pokedoll from pokemoncenter.com and wanted to compare it to my old 2005 velboa one for everyone!
Ahh they are so different! Not just the fabric, but the head shape has really changed. I love them both though, even though they are so different.

And this beauty is what has inspired me to start a new collection!

I finally found an Eeveelution I love significantly more than the rest. Slyveon! I've always been partial to Vaporeon and Espeon, but Sylveon is by far my favorite. I just love that pretty, creppy fairy <3 I think I'll colelct both norml and shiny Sylveons because they are both too cute and pretty!

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Hello Everybody!

I'm the new kid here. I am a male. I have been watching this community for a bit over a year now, and I have really wanted to join, but for some reason I haven't. But now I have, and I'm super excited about it! My favorite pokemon is Politoed, but I also like Lotad a lot. Sadly, I don't have any Politoed merch, but I do have a couple Lotad cards. My website is http://PolitoedsPond.weebly.com just in case anybody was interested. Right now I'm going after a Politoed Jakks plush, and I found one, but I'm only a young teen so it's hard to get money for me, and I only have about 2 dollars right now. I love pretty much anything Pokemon, and Nintendo in general, and I have a lot of plushies, figures, and cards. Anyway, I just wanted to make a little introduction for myself, and that's pretty much it. I'm not good at writing endings to anything (as you can probably tell), so I guess I'll just end this here. Happy collecting (or something)!
  • elekid

Seeking Kuta, offering Kuta

So today I bring you my Marill kutakuta up for trade!

It's the American release and is tush tag only. I'd really like to trade it for the Snubbull Kutakuta, condition really doesn't matter to me as long as it's not ripped or anything like that.

I'm no longer looking for kutas other than snubbull, since I already have an Elekid kutakuta MWT and that was the only other one I really wanted.

I am open to other offers though! Comment or PM are both fine.

Thanks for looking, and happy collecting!

Monthly Perler Sprite Sales

Hi guys! Here are some February perler sprite sales. Check them out in my store :) https://www.etsy.com/shop/PokePerlerPalace?ref=hdr_shop_menu

I also still have a bunch of regular sales here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/20611737.html


And here's a similar discussion question to what I posted in FFAF, what poke nendoroids do you really want to see, and really do not? For me, I'd like contest ORAS May and Steven the most. The ones I don't want are Lance, Iris, and Cilan.

Same Species Plush Update!

Today, I randomly felt the desire to share my plush collection grouped by species as opposed to by series like I normally do. Somehow, I think there is something really impressive in seeing all the same Pokemon together. :3

These are pictures of my collections thus far. I only chose to showcase the Pokemon that I have more than two plush of (meaning that poor Reshiram, Zekrom, and Arceus were left out).

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How big are your same species collections? Feel free to share pictures in the comments! :D

Oh! And I updated my sales today, so click on this link or the banner to check it out:

Thank you, and have a great day/evening! :D
Mysterious Mewtwo

Mewtwo Collection Update!

Happy Mew month, and happy birthday to Mewtwo!

To celebrate, I have taken some new photos of my Mewtwo collection!

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I also wanted to show off my Pokemon games collection!
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Also, a quick question: how has everyone's luck been with finding the 20th anniversary stuff at Gamestop/EB Games? None of the EB Games in my area seemed to have the Mew plush, just Pikachu! I decided to call again tonight and they seem to have the Mew plush in now, so I'm going to go tomorrow and hopefully get one! Is anyone else struggling?

And of course, here is a plug for my sales post!

Thanks for reading!


Pokemon TCG XY BREAKPoint Booster Box Opening

I saw someone else post something similar a couple days ago, so if this is not okay, please let me know!

I just wanted to let people here know that I will be streaming opening a BREAKPoint booster box (along with an Aurorus EX Box) at around 9:30 PM CST (so in about 5 mins or so)! I will be talking during the stream, so there will be sound! The stream will be at https://www.twitch.tv/tiamatruler if anyone is interested! ^-^ The booster box is pretty much my second birthday present to myself since my birthday was on the 3rd, it just didn't arrive until now since the technical release date of the set was the same day as my birthday. xD

These are the pulls I got from the booster box and the EX Box!

The normal holos/foils! The only duplicate I got in these was Garbodor, but I'm obviously missing some, I know Suicune for sure. owo The Reverse Valley is just a reverse holo/foil uncommon but I think it looks amazing! I was curious how those trainer cards would look when reverse foil since they pretty much have a full card of art, turns out they just make the whole card foil except for a few parts of the borders!

Well, I didn't pull the secret rare Gyarados like I was hoping, but at least I got a decent variety of EXs and that Full Art Skyla is apparantly valued at $24.99 on Troll and Toad right now according to one of my viewers! And at least I got at least one of the Gyarados cards. xD
bubble gums birds

Rare plush lot up for sale on ebay!

Hello community!
Long time, no post. I am ye olde member, jsut here to let you guys know I've got a lot of rare plush up for sale on ebay right now!

Hopefully some of you would be interested in a group buy? Postage is expensive, as I am in Australia, but after currency exchange it should be quite reasonable! Click picture or here to be transported. Thanks and happy collecting everyone :)

Happy Mewtwo Day! + $1 Auctions!

Well, I suppose Mewtwo's birthday is over in most timezones, but it's still the 6th on the west coast - so I wanted to share a couple Mewtwo items I happened to get in the past month. :)

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I hate to be posting the same sales over and over again cause I know it's annoying. SO, I've decided to do some quick $1 auctions! Please take a look at what I have under the cut. Some of my "big ticket" items also have slightly lower prices. I'm open to trades and payment plans!
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I know spring swap is around the corner, but I still want to post my wants again for some of the rarer items on the list. I'm feeling spendy right now so please do let me know if you have any of the more expensive/hard-to-find things on here.

And yes, I'm interested in the Lucario pokedoll pillow. There was one that sold for $100 on Y!J in November, but I believe it was a BIN. Has anyone bought/sold one recently? How much do they typically go for? WOW. I just bought one that came up on ebay for $77!! wtf!!

Lastly, does anyone wanna add me as a friend on miiverse? :3c
Thanks for looking!


Hi guys, I'm here with a few reminders!!
First of all the pokemon coins are going to finish on almost two days and most of them are without bids! There are starters, eeveelus, bird trio... and all of them super cheap so don't miss this chance :O Click HERE or on the photo to see the auction
I still have Garchomp and Lucario pokemon time bookmark for trade! Lucario I'd only change it for Shinx or MAYBE Togekiss and Starly but I could trade Garchomp for others too!
And finally, Society6 sales are going to finish tomorrow so you can still get FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING + 20% Off Throw Blankets and Pillows
If you'd like to see new designs I'm open to suggestions and commissions, let me know ^^ If you want a digital art like those one, send me a PM

  • lureche

Treecko Gold Star and M-Rayquaza EX TCG Cards Up For Trade!

Hi guys! So sorry for posting again so soon...

I do return though with something slightly more exciting than me "Uhm-ing" and "Ahh-ing" about buying zukans in their retail boxes however...

I bring you the exciting prospect of a trade!
"But you've already done this before, Lureche! You dolt!" I hear you protest.

Yes yes...I've offered one of these items before. Only now, I've upped my offer! I'm getting desperate, humor me! <3

I've not a lot at all in monetary value to offer anyone, and as pretty as these items are, they just don't fit into any of my collections at all =( I'm therefor resorting to trading these gorgeous cards for some of my grail status items if anyone at all has them to offer and is in the market for one or both cards!

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Being offered a trade for any of these items will potentially make my year! The year's just started...I know. =P It'll mean that much! PLEASE get in touch with me if you're even just on the fence about trading with me, we can have a chat and discuss things further is you so feel like it! =3

Thanks so much for listening to my desperate pleas! xD

Happy collecting, guys! <3