February 7th, 2016

Pre-order - XY&Z - Choco eggs figures + Candy figures

Hello there,

Today I come to you with two new pre-orders  - Furuta Choco eggs figures and candy figures from XY&Z.

*** Furuta Choco eggs figures release date is 2016/03/28, claims are made on first come first serve basis. I'm ready to order about 4 boxes of these or even more if needed 5-6 boxes :D ORDERED 8 BOXES 8-)

*** Candy figures release date is 2016/03/14, I will order one box of these so one of each figure is available.

So I'll probably have them in the middle/end of April and then I'll collect payments.

Shipping starts from $1.5 up to 3-4 figures I guess (up to 50 grams).

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Claims and prices for Furuta choco eggs figures:
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Claims and prices for candy figures:
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If you have any questions feel free to ask!
Thanks for looking!

025 Pikachu sets - Sales & Wants


Just here to sell the following 025 Pokemon limited sets for 30 each or Best offer

Set1 (set on the left)

Set2 x2 (set on the right)
Sold 1 one remaining
Rules & Guidelines

*Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 01.25.11
*My feedback is located here
*I ship from Chicago, US; I will ship anywhere, to include international, Shipping will be based on location an weighted by scale. This includes the price for shipping and materials, excludes PayPal fees.
*I accept Paypal only.
*I'm not responsible for any lost items in the mail. If you would like delivery confirmation, please inquire.


Need some help with some figures

Hi guys I just have a quick question about these two figures of Steven and Cynthia
Are they out yet? Where can I buy them? (i've checked ebay)
it's these two here

The only info I could get on these two are that they are from MEDICOM
I'm assuming they come from the same company as the Ingo and Emmet figures I have but I'm not too sure
and any info on these two would be truly helpful. Thank you!
Casual Shoto

Pokedoll charms sale

Hello! I am here again with some more stuff for sale :)

This time I am offering pokedoll charms! I wanted to collect them all, but realized that I was not willing to pay what some are worth ^^' so I am selling all the ones that I currently have.

$20 each (Meowstick familly and Sylveon is $25)
I will NOT split any of my charm set.

Sold: Meowstick familly and Sylveon, Kanto starters and Pikachu, Legendary set

(PS. They can be shipped as flats)


Rules and guidelines


Granted sale permission on December 9 2012 by entirelycliched

Link to my feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/miniterasu/

I ship from New-Brunswick Canada
I live in a smoke free home
I have a bird as a pet
I only accept paypal as a method of payment
No returns (except if I sent you the wrong item/s)
I am not responsible after the items leave my hands. I do my best to protect everything and I will keep all proof of shipping for about a month or 2 after the package was sent.
Asking for a quote is not conciderate a hold
I will hold an item up to a week (or more) if you commit to the item/s
I accept payment plans if you pay for the PP fees for each payments
No trades
Use the word pumpkin somewhere in your comment if you have read all the rules
All prices are in USD
I am a very fast shipper, usually ship within 3 days
Please do not back out of a sale, a negative feedback will be left if you do
No haggling for the charms please
PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT THE ITEM OR NOT AFTER I GAVE YOU A QUOTE. If you fail to reply to my quotes too often, you will be ban from my sale in the future.

Shipping info

I ship from New-Brunswick Canada and will ship worldwide
Please note that shipping outside of Canada and the United States can be very pricey
I use recycled shipping materials like box, enveloppe, bubble wrap, etc.
To all Canadians buyers, please give me your postal code when asking for a quote.

Shipping chart:

To Canada: $10 and up. Includes a tracking number; Flats: $2 and up
To the United States: $8 and up without tracking, $16 and up with a tracking number; Flats: $3 and up
Everywhere else: $10 and up without tracking; Flats: $4 and up

I highly recommend getting a tracking number for all order with a total of $50 or higher.

You can find my full sale here -> http://miniterasu.livejournal.com/3212.html

Collection Update/Sales

Well it seems that I can't post more then once a year...which is weird since I visit the community everyday...whoops...anyway I thought I would go ahead and post some pics of my collection now that its been so long since I last did so. And I was looking aback through my old post and WOW did my collection grow! check this out. The first two are pics from when I first joined the community...mostly things I had picked up in my youth...and if you click under the cut...well now I don't even have room for my collections!!

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Monthly Merch Round-Up December and January Edition!

Hello everyone!

The holidays got a little busy for me so I decided to hold off and combine the monthly merch post! I hope you all do not mind this rather long list and enjoy anyway :)!

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January marks the start of 2016 and another year of new Pokemon goods!

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February has lots to offer, especially with the 20th anniversary being at the end of the month! I will try to cover everything that has been announced so far! Those in the US may want to check out www.Pokemon20.com for a full list of US goods! As stated below though, not everything has an exact date just yet!

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Thanks for reading!

As always feel free to discuss, ask/answer questions, and show off merch! I tried to get everything major, but I am certain that there are things I've missed. If there's anything you'd like added, feel free to comment with a link to information and/or your own photos!

I'll be back next month on time and with some of my own photos from my Japan trip :3
Best Grumpig


Hello there everyone! I just got my holy grail (FINALLY!!) so it's time to sell some stuff! I need to remake my sales post so I wanted to ship some stuff before I take new pictures, too.

My Pichu PlushPlush didn't get sold either, so it's now part of my regular sales :)
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I'm also open for commissions like these at 25USD each (+10USD per extra character). They're A5-sized marker original pieces, and you'd get the original piece shipped to you:

Finally a collection update! + gets!

Hey guys,
as promised - here is a collection update! Finally :D Ok, it haven´t changed THAT much xD But I rearranged my room and my collection shelf and decorated it on another way than before! I like it a lot more how it looks yet, esp. my big main collections! I also got some new very exciting stuff!!

Btw, I have posted my updated collection and a new wants-list on my journal for my secret someone! ^_^ I´m so excited for this!

To see my gets and my collection, click the cuts! :D

Also, I wanna share my X chara with my team! xD How does your chara look in the game and what is your team? Do you have a pic of it? Just post it in the comments! :D

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Thanks all for looking!^^
Green and Gold

Pokemon R&B&Y promotion personal pick-ups! Unlimited on shirts and charms!

Hello there guys!
First, this pick up was approved by the moderators of this community that I can do pick ups on this promotion. I will be in Japan from 26th February until March 6th, which will be the time when this gorgeous promotion comes out!

Apart from doing pick-ups on the usual stuff like the pillows and such, I am doing unlimited pick-ups on the acrylic charms and shirts, since these are randomly packed.

Dot sprite - shirts
Dot sprite - charms
Please read before you decide to claim anything!!

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That's it for now guys! May the 20th anniversary of Pokemon be special for you! <3

New get :D

So it's been like ages since I have really gotten anything off my wants list... Actually a year and 3 months to be exact. I made a splurge for this reason (I'm typically a cheapo and will be very patient until I find a price I'm willing to pay.) What did I get?


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Miss. Swanna

get and trades!

Hello all! Sooo I thought my Swanna MPC would be my last get from my wants post before the swap. But!majora1990 offered a wonderful trade opprotunity with me for the Gourgeist PC plush! So, yaaaayy!!!

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Well, other than that! I'd like to open up trades for any non-flat suicune item! I've been debating starting a side collection of him so we'll see! My sales are closed for the time, so I won't be selling anything, FYI! And I'm going on a trip this weekend, so I'll send packages out Thursday; and if I can't then, it'll have to be the Monday I return :)

Link for items can be found here:
And a link to my feedback can be found here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/pumpkaboo_patch/
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Mew + an Espeon Sales! XD

Hey guys! Just got some Mew stuff (and an Espeon) for sale here. XD

I received sales permission from entirelycliched on April 2, 2012. Feedback

Sales Rules:
-All pkmncollectors rules apply.
-I ship from Florida, USA and ship anywhere. Shipping to international places cost more than shipping within the US.
-I are not responsible for damaged and/or lost packages once they are shipped.
-Whoever is committed to the item(s) first has priority over it.
-Prices do not include shipping, unless specified.
-Feel free to ask for more pics, if necessary!
-If you have any questions, please let me know! ^__^

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And that's it! Thanks for viewing! <3

Giant Get / Collection Update Part 3 of 3 + Auction News

Hey collectors!

If you were around early in 2014, you may remember the WE ARE Team Rocket promotion from Banpresto. In this promotion, they released toys that were focused only on Team Rocket from the anime series. You can read more about it from an old comm post here. At the centre of this promotion was an item that only 30 people could get their hands on.

This was the promotional poster for the campaign that had instructions on how to enter the raffle draw:

Now two years later, look who's finally made their way down under...

He is just so huge and so amazing!!!!!! I still can't believe I have one of only 30 of these ever made!!!!

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And that's it for this amazing get! I think I've found a new love for this big blue punching bag.
Thanks for looking!

Auction News:
DX Jirachi and DX Bonsly Pokedolls will be up this coming Wednesday! Look forward to that! :D

To go to my sales/auctions page, simply click the banner below:

On sale: Giant Latias, Salamence Pokedoll, DX Arceus Pokedoll, Shiny Oshawott plush, plus heaps more!!!