February 8th, 2016

Anybody interested in TCG cards?

I have updated my TCG cards trades & sales post (phew!), so feel free to take a look:
I have got lots of German and English cards and also a few Korean ones.

The Pokéyun collection is scheduled to be released in Germany in Febuary (22.2., to be exact; at least it says so on my Mew code).
The artwork looks so cute and there are lots of Pokémon featured that I really like. I'm so excited :D
But it's such a shame that they don't sell the boosters individually.
I hope I can find the Mysterious Mew collection packs or the Red and Blue boxes where the Pokekyon boosters will be included.
Suicune Jump

pkmnsuicune MIA? - Finally some gets again!

Has anyone received their package from pkmnsuicune's "leaving pokemon collecting" sales? I tried contacting them as it's been two weeks since I've sent them the payment and I've not received anything yet, but have gotten everything else not bought from them that was paid for on that date or later. Including a package from Japan purchased a few days after. I've not heard anything back from them yet. I saw a few other people besides me post a reply to their purchase comments asking where their packages were and if they had been shipped yet, so thought I might ask. As this is the first time this has happened to me, what is the customary wait period before starting a PayPal thing to get my money back? I figured at 3 weeks if I heard nothing back from them. I'm a bit upset as I bought a LOT of Suicune items and even updated my wishlist to exclude those items. =(
Somewhat answered now.
We`re good!

Onto the better news! Er.. uh.. wait. I hope it's better news. Look at the condition of that box! (And no, I didn't open it.. it came exactly like this!)

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A most lucky of catches! (Accel World is blocking the addresses.)

I'm so excited/happy about this one. I saw it on Ebay, followed it.. and waited. I hoped no one else would catch it, and I was lucky.. no one did! I managed to get it for the starting bid of 14.99$! It's shipping cost was $17, more than I paid for the plush! But what is it you say? This wonderful catch I caught? This magnificent plush that I didn't think I would own because it normally runs close to 100$ or more?
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Finally, some Suicune gets again!!
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Last Call for Claims on Secret Base Mascots + 20th Anniversary in Japan

Hi everyone! I'm going to be closing my claims for the Secret Base Mascots soon, as I'd like to have my list finalized earlier rather than later. So if you were wanting some of these cuties, please let me know ASAP! :)


Also, I know that a lot of collectors going to be in Japan for the 20th anniversary, myself and moonlightpkmn included! :) Since it's pretty obvious we're all going to be at the Pokemon Center on that Saturday morning, I don't think there's really a need to form an "official" meetup time or place. But I'd love to know who all to lookout for! :)

It would be amazing to get as many collectors as we could together for a photo, too! <3 I think there are at least four other collectors who will be traveling in Tokyo at that time, but if there's anyone else that will be at Mega Tokyo on the 27th that would like to say hi and hasn't said anything yet, please let us know!

Additionally, if you're wanting to see photos from my trip, feel free to follow me on Twitter @littlescarfgirl. :) I'll be in Tokyo for 11 days starting next week, and you can be sure I'll be posting oodles of photos from our adventures! <3

Have a great day, everyone!


$1 Auction Reminder

Hey folks, just a reminder that my $1 auctions are ending TONIGHT at 9PM PST. Some of the items don't have bids yet, and none are more than $3 in bids. Please check it out :) Click the image below or copy the link to be transported.
Also note that I'm willing to haggle on the items I have for straight sale on the same page, and I might even accept art trades at the moment.


I'm also wondering if anyone here can get their hands on the red Lucario preorder figure for Pokken. I would love to own one but I know it might be difficult to obtain. If anyone here would be able to get it for me somehow, let me know what it would cost! I might not even mind buying the game with it if I have to, depending on the circumstances.

Quick Want- Goodra Kid!!!

Hey everyone!

I'm in need of a goodra kid- doesn't need to be mip,just in good shape, as I'm getting it repainted shiny.

There's one catch- it needs to ship within the next day or two at most, I need it here by next tuesday.

There is a MIP one on ebay that can be here Saturday, but It's $11 shipped.

I need to know by tonight, otherwise I'm getting the ebay one.

Thank you! :D

~ Ebon
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Really long shot split requests...

...but you never know unless you try, right?

Right, so I'm looking for split partners for two upcoming figure sets.

1. The GEM Ash figure

You get: Ash and Pikachu
I get: Charmander

Note: I own a bunch of Digimon GEM series figures, and these have the children and Digimon attach to each other with molded peg systems, so there's likely either going to be a peg or a hole in Ash's knee there.

2. The Red & Green Nendoroid set

You get: Red, Green and all their parts and accessories
I get: Mew
Alternatively, this can be done as a three-way split.

Willing to put down $20 for Charmander and $30 for Mew, but open for negotiations. The figures will get shipped to you initially because you'll keep the bigger parts, and because I can pretty much guarantee that shipping is more expensive in my country (Norway).

Also, hi! I've been a member here since the beginning. I haven't posted in ages, but I do think I have a good reputation and have never backed out on a sale, so you can trust me. :Dd

(Extra bonus looking for: the Charmander that came with the original Red Nendoroid! Probably an even longer shot, but just putting it out there...)
fall fuji pika

Happy Lunar New Year! Some New Year pics and gets

Hi everyone!

It's Chinese/Lunar New Year! It's also known as Spring Festival~ This year it's the Year of the Fire Monkey. So Pansear is happy to celebrate. :D

This year is pretty special with the Pokemon anniversary and for me since I was born in the Year of the Monkey! Happy Year of the Monkey and hope we all get some money for Pokemon goods!

I got my red envelopes from my parents last night and also this big package today!

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Lots more to share but I didn't have time to take more pics.

I hope to finally make my big post of last years gets soon and have lots of cool photos to share that I've taken recently especially with the Super Bowl right in my area and neat market and bookstore finds/gets! Plus some more New Year and Valentine's Day pictures to share <3

Have a great week! Happy New Year and have a wonderful year to my fellow Year of the Monkey collectors!
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Some side collection gets + what is this item?

It's about time I did another gets post! :D I've been getting lots of awesome things for my new side collections, and a few bits for my main collections as well! :) So here we go! (Warning picture heavy! XD)!
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And that's all for now! ^-^ I have one quick question does anyone know what this is?

I think it's stickers but have no idea! O_o Thanks! :D

Con get and quick want before SSS!

Hello again everyone :) I went to a con over the weekend and got what I think to be a very cool get. Now, we all know cons usually have a booth that caries bootlegs, but this one had a vendor who carried legit merchandise! He mostly had ban presto plushes, especially MPC, but he had something that I just couldn't resist.

The Takara Tomy Terrakion plush <3 He is my most favorite of the Musketeer trio (if you include Keldeo though, I love Keldeo more haha) so when I saw him I knew I just had to have him and when I was going through my plushes at home I noticed how well he matched Tyrunt and Litleo so I decided to take a picture :)

Now, onto something I would like to get that I think might be a bit too pricey for my SSS XD

I would like to get both of the Lati PC plushes. I don't care if they're JP or US and they don't need their hang tags (just don't expect me to pay the same amount if they are TTO) I'm looking to spend around $50 for the two. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

If you bought something from me, I will be shipping tomorrow. Sorry for the long wait. I will also be selling some more things soon but I will likely list them on eBay for convince haha If you see anything that is already listed that you'd like or if you check back in the next few days and see something, just shoot me a PM and I will sell it to you over the comm for a discounted price :)
Sales Permission granted by areica96 on March 21, 2015
My Feedback http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/pepperzark/
Plush, Latios, custom, pokemon

Cheer me up by Showing Me Your Grails/Recent gets/ fav items!

I'm having a terrible day with my local post. Recently had a parcel get sent back to the sender since delivery was never attempted. No slip, no note, no email, no call, nothing. And today an $80 parcel containing a grail of mine was "attempted to be delivered" according to my tracking and is being sent to a post office for pickup. I was home all day and there was no knock or ring and yea anyway I'm playing phone tag with the post office to figure out where my parcel is @_@

So aside from my personal woes I'd like to see pictures of your grails, fave item in your collection, recent gets, or tell me stories about your post perils x'D Post away! Having some positive or relatable things to see and read would be lovely right now.
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Quick Tomy US Figures GA

I will be claiming the pikachu set for 12.00+ :)
Every figure except for the Eeveelutions start at 2.50,Eeveelutions start at 5.00.
Bidding ends February 11th at 8 am PST time.

*I ship from California and take paypal only,no echecks or mail money

*I will need payment within 2 days of the auction ending.
*All Community Rules Apply, Once you have made a bid you can't back out
*No sniping! If a bid is placed within the last 5 minutes the auction will extend another 5 minutes until an entire 5 minutes passes without any bids being placed.
* You must reply to the highest bidder for your bid to count!
* Do not delete bids!
* Negative feedback will be left for anyone who does not pay for their items.
*There will be two payments  c: the initial cost +shipping and shipping to you.

~Sales Permission Received from lineaalba August 31st 2010~Collapse )

Big Bulba Quick Sale!

Hi everyone, I'm trying to rehome my BIG Toyfactory Bulbasaur plush.

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* I was granteed Sales Permission December 2012 by entirelycliched my feedback can be found here
* Big Bulba comes from a smoke free pet free enviroment
* Big Bulba is an official Toy Factory Plush (Big Buba comes the tag as I recieved slightly bent but still attached)
* Big Bulba is roughly 18 inches tall and 24 inches long
*  Big Bulba was originally stuffed with styrofoam (I have since restuffed the body/face/legs etc with polyfill so she is very squishy and cuddly) (The bulb is still filled with styrofoam to keep the weight down)
* Because she has been restuffed her shape is more defined, but shipping is costly
* Big Bulba will be $175 plus fees for her shipped in the US
(No idea how much it would cost this big Bulba internationally)
* I can destuff her body (aside the bulb) and ship her for $120 plus fees in the US

Please let me know if you have any questions/would like to see additional photos, thanks everyone!
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Auction Reminder and Updated wants list!

Friendly reminder that my auction for my MIP Movie 5 Train Set ends in a little less than 3 days, so get those bids in! Price is just a little past the starting bid right now. Click on the picture to be transported to the auction!

Also my wants list has been updated! The ones with red stars on them are the grailest of grails; the Pikachu and Wonderball may not even exist anymore since the Pikachu was only a prototype and the Wonderball is a food item from over a decade ago...but I can always try!

Thanks again as always y'all!

Bit of a Get Today!

Whoa, two posts in a week? I'm just as surprised, really. xD
Anyways thanks to a great member here, I was able to get this dashing guy who arrived in a mysterious yellow envelope:

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The PC Mega Sceptile plush never quite did re-stock on the US website, so I poked around here a little instead and was pleased to find a nice seller.
After this, that leaves a total of three remaining Dragon-type Mega plush to get which is something I might work on next month after I'm able to take a breather after upgrading my 3DS. Maybe late spring/early summer, I'll be able to take that long-awaited group photo! ;D

That's all for now, have a blessed day!
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Pokemon Note Cards

I had meant to order the Valentine's Love My Pokemon Notecards from pokemon center this morning and forgot, and of course they're sold out now. If anyone has a set and is willing to sell one set of the 6 different cards I'd love to buy it (or I'd take the full set of 12 if anyone bought it and is having second thoughts). Ideally I'd be looking for someone who can ship out asap. Link to sold out product is here: http://www.pokemoncenter.com/Love-Pok%C3%A9mon-Cards-Seals-Envelopes/dp/B015QEE1AY


First-month gets, and updated wants list!


(Hopefully) Some people might remember me from my intro last month. I'm glad to say I have been in and witnessed many positive interactions between members, this is overall a super pleasant environment! I visit every day and try to read everyone's posts, I love seeing what everyone has to offer or when they're displaying their collection.

I really only joined LJ to join this community, but LJ seems to be a very cool tool, to, well, view communities, and make a blog of somewhat! I don't think I'm necessarily trying to make a blog right now, but I hope you enjoy this small update nonetheless! It's also super exciting to see Ambipom pokedolls pop up on Y!JP every now and then, but I'm not biting yet. Still no signs of spinda or aipom!

Anyways, I've received a few packages over the month and would like to share them!

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Thank you for checking out my 'collection' so far. I have updated my wants list if anyone is curious!

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