February 12th, 2016

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ebay seller + question!

Hey guys,

I came across an ebay seller and I was just wondering if you guys could give me a few opiniions on whetther you think they are safe to buy from.

They are located in Japan, and from what it looks like to me, they are selling legit stuff.

Here is their ebay site:

I would be glad about additional opinions <3

Also, I still have another question:
Are Banpresto plush which have the blue "shopro" sticker on their tags generally legit or can it be that they are fake even with that sticker and the correct tag?
I discovered something but don't wanna link it here, if you are familar with Banpresto plush, please let me know so I could message you and ask you in more detail about it, that would be super helpful!
art, Litwick

Surprise get!

I ended up calling around looking for a 20th anniversary mew with no luck. My local store said if they found one theyd let me know and have it shipped in to them. Phone call today and they found me one! Shes so precious. I actually like the shiny. Thought id hate it. I wanna collect all of them since im mainly a legendary collector. And finally one of my packages i thought were lost! Zygarde Core PC plush. I ordered this guy, 10% form, and a legit deoxys pokedoll from the same seller and he was the first to arrive. Thought they were lost forever. So cute!

Another surprise!
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C&amp;H Autumn
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DX Pokedoll Offers

Hi everyone!

I'm sorry that I'm quite late with this, but I have now put up my DX Jirachi and DX Bonsly Pokedolls for offers! They end either next Friday, February 19th or earlier if an offer has been accepted.

IMG_2172 (Custom).JPG
Please click the photo to be transported to my sales & auctions post.

Note: I will be returning to using the Economy Air Mail shipping method, but this is only when multiple people are making purchases of less than $100.

Small gets + Sales!

Hey guys! So I realized recently that I forgot to get a Pikachu Amiibo. I had put it off for so long because they were so common I thought I could get one at any time. I finnally decided to pick one up and they were all gone lol. I couldn't find one Pikachu Amiibo in any stores in my area. They had Lucario, Dr mario, Wario lol, but no pikachu. I ended up getting one on amazon.

And here they are all mounted on my wall. The boxes make a nice little shelf for their plushes.


I updated my sales page, took new pics, lowered some prices. Check it out!
Shipping status: all current purchases have been shipped!

Bootie Zard VS Official Zard AND QUESTION!!

Hello everyone! I recently got the official 2012 Charizard plush from a seller here on LJ! I was really excited about it since I have had the bootleg version for about 2 or so years now. A friend gave it to me at a small convention as a present.

Here is a picture of the two of them!!

The official one is on the right, bootie on the left. As you can tell there are lots of differences! Ill go through them under the cut! I also have a question about some other Charizard merch I have if anyone could give me info thats under the cut as well...

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Quick Collection Weeding Sales

I have had these things on display but have decided that I want to sell them. I really want this stuff out of here quickly if possible. D: I can combine this with anything from either of my regular sales posts:
(Plush,Figures,Misc Items)- http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/13646573.html
(Non TCG Flats)- http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/18052722.html

US Shipping Starts at around $3 (except for the Minicot if shipped by itself), International Shipping I will need your location to quote. I have sales permission from retired moderator Lineealba.

Pikachu Tomy Set (Clear and Matte Version, Standing on all fours version.)- $6

Pikachu Minicot Figure- $4.25

Gizamimi Pichu Chou Get Figure- $4

Clear Victini Kid (Pokemon Fan Exclusive)- $4

A few gets~☆

Hi all! Have you been doing SSS shopping? :D I'm practically done and it was so awesome! >u<

Well, this is not SSS shopping xD These are a few things I got about a week ago and decided to make a post because I'm really happy with my finds~ ; u ;

Before I get started, thank you so much everyone who purchased from my emergency-must-sell-stuff post! You helped a lot and my doggie is doing well now! :'3 *bows* Thank you~ I have PMd you, so please check your 'suspicious messages' folder too just in case! All items have been shipped! ☆

So, I got one larger thing a couple of weeks ago and a few small ones about a weeks ago. I am happy with what I found and would like to share~ ; u ; *hides*

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I can't wait to share the wall art once it's finished. :3 I'm also working on my awesome Purugly collection display~ >:3 I want, no, NEED it to be perfect. ☆

Now that things are going well in my life, I can get crafty again! :3 (And drown in my own customs, help!) My next projects are a lifesize minky Sylveon (And eventually a Purugly once I get more comfy with making lifesize plushies~♡) and a quilt patch Flareon and Leafeon! All this after I finish my custom orders, of course. :)

Thank you for reading~ (/^3^)/~♡

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Hi (:

I just realized I haven't posted here before nor introduced myself. But hey guys, I'm Juan and I simply love collecting anything pokemon! I mostly collect the older gen pokemon but love all pokemon tbh lol. Here's a pic of my

collection :3

Lots of new stuff for sale, including some life size plush!

Hi, everyone! I moved a couple weeks ago, and since my new bedroom is pretty much half the size of my old one, I need to weed out things from my collection. And since space is the main issue, I decided to weed out a good 5 life size plush, among other things.

I apologize in advance for the horrendous picture quality. I had to throw away my white box for the move. :( Maybe next time I post something, I'll have made a new one. :D

Small preview, of course. Click any picture to be transported to my permanent sales post:

Or copy this link into your browser:

Swee and Chika

Quick custom sale

I just wanted to make a quick sales post. I am selling a custom Whimsicott plush from Rens Twins.Made of a minky like material and some fuzzy stuff (I'm not sure what to call it). I would like to sell it for $20 shipped in the US. Preview pic here with more and sales permission below.

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Lureche's Big Post of EVERYTHIIIIIIING!!!!

Hai guiz! How's those collections coming along? =3

*deeep breath* Alright, appologies in advance for this one...it's going to be quite the bulky post that consists of pretty much EVERYTHING. Gets, trades, commission openings...yeah. Feel free to skip over this post if you're one of those TL;DR types xD I'm sure you'd all rather I slot it all into this one big post than spam with a load of smaller ones though ^_^

So lets not drag this on for any longer than we need to! xD First things first, the fun part! I've dragged my newest additions out of storage for a bit of fresh air and a photoshoot! =D It's the gets! Aaaall from since last September...yup. Uh oh!

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Are you still here? You made it through that gets post okay? Good! Cos I have a trade reminder for you all now! ^_^

I'm still offering my M Rayquaza EX (105/108) and Gold Star Team Rocket returns Treecko (109/109) TCG cards for the items stated on my original trade post! I may also accept a straight sale if no offers are made!

You can find my original trade post and all the relevant information HERE!

Aaaaaand finally, I have news regarding my custom sculpture commissions! I have just one more left to work on now, which means I am able to open up a few more slots for when I have finished that sculpture!

That's not all though, after much consideration (and after having so much fun with it prior!), I have decided that... I WILL NOW READILY ACCEPT TRADES OF ITEMS FROM MY WANTS LIST!! Show me what you've got, and we can agree on a trade and a price that I will deduct from your labor fee total! Grail status items get priority! *Note I cannot deduct any fees from the deposit cost or the shipping cost, sorry!*

If you were on the fence about getting a sculpture commissioned by me in the past due to pricing being an issue, maybe this will help! ^_^ You can find my wants list HERE!

Interested in commissioning your favorite Pokémon as a sculpture? CLICK HERE!

Thanks so much as always comm for putting up with me! That was a bit of a whirlwind post, I'll be the first to admit! xD Hopefully it wasn't -all- boring for you though! ^_^

Happy collecting!!

Pokken Tournament preorder card available at Target

I'm not sure if there's many out there who collect preorder swag/cards for Pokemon games coming out, but I certainly do! Walking around in my local Target today, I stumbled upon a few pegs of brand spanking new Pokken Tournament preorder cards!

The card grants you a $5 giftcard on pick up, but the real beauty is the card itself, featuring Pikachu and Lucario. It's really neat, I think this is one of the first times they've had a full artwork image on the whole preorder card. They're only a buck to pickup too, so you don't have to feel too bad if you want a bunch.

I'm gonna guess stores will be enticing customers to preorder with them for this game, so we might see some more store featuring other things for preordering as well. With the mainline games (and a few spinoffs) we've gotten everything from stylus sets, t-shirts, posters, sticker sheets, etc. I've actually assembled a little album of stuff I've gotten in the past although i haven't updated it in a while lol.

Anyone else pick one of these up yet? Hopes for what stores will give away?
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Gets post, including grails!

It's been a while since I've made a gets post! But I figured, since I'm sick,* why not? I was recently able to get a bunch of items I really wanted, including grails! Gonna have to slow down a bit for now to save.^^;; My main collection is Vaporeon (favorite since 1999), though I have smaller collections of other 'mons I like!

*I know some members I'd bought from sent items to my office recently, but being sick, I haven't been able to go in to see if they're there. I'm not ignoring giving you feedback, I swear!

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As for wants, I'm looking for the 2007 velboa Vaporeon Pokedoll, the non-clear Vaporeon Full Color Stadium figure, and the sitting clear Vaporeon Full Color Stadium figure. Also, if anyone has the FRLG clear Vaporeon kid in better condition than mine, I'm looking for that, too! Finally, I'm missing Eevee's base for the 2014 Eevee Zukan.