February 15th, 2016

Updated wants list!

Just posting to say that I have once again updated my wants list! I've earned a bit more money to burn, so I'll see how this goes! For now, I'm just focusing on getting a good group of pokedolls going, I'm in the process of getting a feel for the size of these dudes, then I plan on trying my hand at a few personal customs~

Here's my wants list! Thanks!


SSS Sale post :)

Since I believe everybody got their SSS partner, I am just gonna share this here hehe http://miniterasu.livejournal.com/3212.html

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I have lots of plushies! some figures and some clearfiles :)

Annnnndddddd, not to brag or anything, but I am already done with my SSS shopping and everything hehehehe I will go ship it today on my break c: I am so proud of myself! It was lots of fun! Can't wait for next year :D

small sales and possible pickups?

Hello everyone, I'm here with some quick sales and possible pickup request(s)? We'll se how that goes haha but first up, the sales!
Sales Permission granted by areica96 on March 21, 2015
My Feedback http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/pepperzark/
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Axew Pokedoll mint with detached hang tag- $15
Keldeo Normal Pokedoll TTO- $15
Keldeo Resolute Pokedoll mint with detached hang tag- $18
Lapras and Cyndaquil Secret Base dolls mint with detached hang tags- $25
Jakks Riolu figure, Talonflame Tomy, Rumble U Lucario- $5 ea.
Full Art Arceus, Dialga, and Giovani- $3 ea.
Pokemon Time Budew MWT (tag has slight damage from transit)-$95 (HAHA you thought I got rid of this, right? Well you thought wrong! Turns out it isn't going to work out.) I will also include 3 sketches of your choice with the purchase of this hulk.

Now onto a possible pickup request(s)? Is there anyone who is doing pickups for the "life-size" Kanto starters? I'm looking to possibly get Charmander :) I'm also looking to get the All Star Charmander plush since I missed out on it and hlj.com has it on backorder right now :/ I've also decided to expand my Greninja collection! Is there anyone still doing pickups for the banpresto Ash Greninja or am I too late for that? Let me know!

Also, with the start of SSS, SHOW ME YOUR SALES! big or small, I want them all!

Katsucon 2016 Gets!

Hi guys :D I just got home from my first Katsucon! There was quite a bit of Pokemerch, so I picked up a good amount of things. And so far, no buyers remorse lol

Cute, right? <3 There were so many talented artists there! I got an Ethan/Lyra (is that her name?) Johto print, a Oddish line mini print, a wooden Espeon necklace, a Masquerain laminated card, and a free bookmark as far as flats go. With pins, I added to my Espeon collection and picked up a Mega Sceptile. Plus I got a cute pin with the girl from Firered/Leafgreen. And as far as keychains go I focused on Pokemon that I collect... otherwise I probably would have bought a dozen of them.

I unfortunately didn't run into any N merch (aside from figures that I already have), but oh well. There wasn't much ORAS stuff either, I guess the hype died down a bit :c

I was going to buy some more flats in artist alley, but unfortunately there was a fire and they had to evacuate the whole hotel and convention center. I went back the next day but the booth I was interested in wasn't there anymore ;A;

Link to store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/PokePerlerPalace?ref=hdr_shop_menu

Custom Sculpture Commission Slot Opening Reminder!

Hi guys! Just a quick reminder that I still have commission slot openings available for the next round of Custom Sculptures that I have scheduled! ^_^

This is your chance to have your favorite Pokémon brought to life in a dynamic and deeply personal sculpture! Do you collect a Pokémon cursed by having very little merch or is your favorite so popular, you feel the need to have that one piece that sets your collection apart from everyone else's? Regardless of your reasons, I'd love the opportunity to work along side you and create something awesome!

I have ONE slot left, but if demand is high, I will happily open more if needs be! ^_^

You can find all the information required such as rules, pricing and examples of my prior work by clicking my brand new shiny banner! =D

*NEW* I WILL NOW READILY ACCEPT TRADES FOR ITEMS FROM MY WANTS LIST!! Show me what you've got, and we can agree on a trade and a price that I will deduct from your labor fee total! Grail status items get priority! *Note I cannot deduct any fees from the deposit cost or the shipping cost, sorry!* You can find my wants list HERE!

Many thanks guys! Happy collecting! ^_^
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°☆ Intro Post!! ☆°

Hello! I've actually been around the community for over a month now, but just now got around to an intro post, haha! Some of you all might have seen me around buying Jirachis ;D
My wife and I have an emotional/almost spiritual attachment to Jirachis, so we've been amassing a collection this past year! We give all the Jirachi plushes names, they're our children honestly
We're artists and plan to be webcomic/media project makers, currently we run pokemon ask blogs for our OCs!!

°☆ Wants ☆°

+ The oversized Jirachi Pokédoll, currently working on the DX
We've got some grails right now!
Our top wants are all the foot tall Jirachis!
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We're also creating a very in-depth collection site, after we get the "basics" of the collection done we'll have it setup, so expect that in a few months!

Questions for the community!
►Anyone know any existing Jirachi collections?
Anyone selling/trading Jirachis, who I've managed to not buy from yet? XD
►Tips on how you display your collection, resources for this? How do you preserve/display your flats, display your keychains and figs that don’t stand on their own, etc.?
►A noob question: How does tagging work? How do I tag someone, if tagged will it show up in my messages, etc.?
Please show me your collections!! I want some inspiration!

I hope everyone has a nice day!! ☆

More gets + collection update info

So I got another package of Pokemon goodies that I ordered from Japan and...here they are!

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Also, I initially intended to post a collection update her, but decided to make a collection update on my personal journal instead. However, that's under construction right now. I'll probably at least post some pictures soon for my SSS so they have a better idea of what to get me. There's just no way that I'm going to go through over 60 more pictures on a post that's already a bit image-heavy!

Anyway, yeah...thanks for reading and hope you all have a good day!
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Quick Question

Hi everyone!
I'm back here with another quick question.
I wonder if anyone knows about what kind of figures are the Onix and Steelix as seen in the pics below:

I think they're customs of zukan, but I couldn't find any info about them in the internet. I'm thinking of adding them in my collection, undoubtly.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!
Thanks for looking! :D

Anyway, the pics above are captured from a youtube video. Here's the link:
I think you should check it out, especially if you are a zukan lover. It contains all generations of zukan and that's what makes it an amazing video! ^^

Card sales and reduced prices!

Finally got my card sales together! Ranging through every generation with a little bit of everything available, though mostly from recent sets. For people building decks especially I have a huge range of trainer cards since I don't collect them - prices are all very fair with Commons/Energies/Trainers at $0.10, Uncommons at $0.25, and Rares at $0.50. Please take a look and click the link below!

Shinami's Card Shoppe

For the rest of my sales, some prices have been reduced! I'm moving next month so haggling is always welcome.

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Salamence cake :3

A wild sweet Salamence cake appeared! How cute! :D

It was a gift from my boyfriend because I received my driving license in January. He told me I would get a cake if I passed the driving test and I got to choose the motive. That's why there is a Salamence. I couldn't be happier with the outcome. <3 There are even these gold and silver sparkle things!

I think my bf had some fun doing it, too, since he was able to draw that car XD Even if he won't admit it, hehe.
The text could be translated into "Free travel in the way of a dragon". Except that the original rhymes. ^^
The cake tastes of citrons. Nomnomnom.

R&B&Y Promotion question

EDIT: Thanks for the info guys, I got all the answers I needed!!

Does anyone know of anyone doing pick-ups or preorders for the hats? I'm specifically looking to get the one on the right with all the sprites on it.

Toy fair anyone ??

has anyone been to the toy fair and have some photos of the new pokemon toy line ? the figures ?? its really a shame that till now there is not even one photo anywhere about pokemon,

if anyone have or even going there please post photos in the comments

What is This? (New Merch)

I found a listing for these figures while browsing Y!J today and hadn't seen them before. This red Lucario figure is being released as a preorder bonus for Pokken (and a regular Lucario in the same pose is a Kuji prize). These two are different though, and I can't find any info on them.
Judging by the crane king logo, perhaps they're Banpresto UFO prizes..? I thought UFO stuff was almost always plush, but idk.

They are indeed upcoming claw machine prizes from Banpresto and will be released on March 24th. Thanks Herar & Kitzune!

While trying to track down info on these two, I also came across Series 2 of the ball plush on Pokeshopper. If someone has already posted about this, I can take it down, but I don't remember seeing anything. (Also don't remember anyone caring about the ball plush in the first place, buuut...)
These plush are 7cm (2.75 inches) in height and will cost around 800 yen. They will be released on March 1st.

I actually ended up buying a preorder for the pokken red Lucario figure on Y!J. I'm sure it'll be fine but for some reason I'm a little worried about the order going through and everything. Too bad it'll be over a month before I get him..!