February 19th, 2016

Auction question!

Hello, all!! This is..I think my first time posting like this since I joined! XD

I was wondering..did anyone here win this auction?
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On a side note, I'll be moving soon!!! My new room has a huge built in shelving unit..which means I can finally set up my collections!! I'm excited!! ^^

Show them off!

Hiya everybody! I need some cheering up so show me your leafeons. I've had a terrible time getting some Leafeon grails. But they are for another day i guess :_( .
Here are mine so far.
(Sorry for the bad pictures my phone isn't that good)

thank so much for reading!

PokemonTrader:// Secret Spring Swap Gets 2016! (First One!)

Hey Pkmncollectors!

Don't worry if you haven't received your gifts yet. My gifter was super quick and efficient at getting me this parcel. They even said so in the note. I'm still working away on my gift and I'm like... WOAH this is already here?!? You have until April 2nd to send, so lots of time to prepare yet!

Karp-Kun is going to help me open this box today...

But, what's in this box? Click below the cut to find out!

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fab, fabliau, fleischauer

Squirtle or Charmander?

I so very want to get a life size Kanto starter! I so very unfortunately had to rule out Bulbasaur due to his expense:/ So it is between Squirtle and Charmander! I LOVE all three of them very much and it is very hard to choose. Please comment below with which one you think I should get and why! The reason doesn't need to be very complicated, a reason like I think you should get Charmander because it would be a higher quality plush because of his design would suffice. (not that I think so, it's just an example(. Thanks guys!
female chu

First Monthly Pair Pikachu! Pokemon Fan ~Ditto Transform, Easter goods, Pichu Kuttari not dead!

GradChu came out today so we get to see the new monthly!

Picture credit to Sunyshore's Twitter.

The start of the new Monthly Pair Pikachu series will release on March 19th with the April pair. They are wearing cute school uniforms as they go back to school fitting to start of the new series!

Super cute especially the winking female <3

So when I found out about the news of a new monthly Pikachu series last month, I jotted down my predictions... I was wrong for April.. Was hoping for Cherry Blossom Viewing Chus.

Anyways here are my predictions.

May: Children's Day
June: Summer Wedding
July: Tanabata (Star Festival)
August: Summer Vacation out on the beach or wearing summer yukata for Obon Festival
September: Pastry /Cafe or Autumn Festival
October: Wizard/Witch for Halloween
November: Dressed up for Fall
December: Christmas couple, dressed in Santa costumes
January: Winter Vacstion in snow gear
February: Valentine's Day holding chocolate hearts
March: Hinamatsuri/Doll's Day

Comment with your predictions for the rest of the set from May to March!

How do you like the Monthly Pair Pikachu?

Edit the latest issue of Pokemon Fan magazine was released.. with pictures of upcoming new stuff that hasn't been announced like the giant Snorlax and these Ditto tranform mascots and Pokemon Easter goods! link credit
to karubiimunomono on Twitter

150 cm tall Snorlax! so huge!! It's only a few inches shorter than me. You can get it from the Bandai premium shop only, Reservations start Feb 26th. Plus new gacha

Pokemon Easter goods look so cute!! They come out March 19th And I want all the Ditto mascots! These cuties come out March 26th.

And drumroll please.... We are finally going to get Pichu Kuttari in Wave 4!! check out zombiemiki's Twitter for more pics!

Omg, it only took 8 months for Pichu!

What is this Pikachu?

While getting my room slowly ready for my collection (I haven't gotten around to cleaning my room yet), I came across one of my first buys as a collector about two or three years ago, and now that I am in a group of people who share the same interests as me, and most likely know a LOT more than I do about old Japanese merch, I thought I would finally ask about it.
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Anyways, hope everyone has an amazing weekend!
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Small Sales and Tin Auctions

I am waiting on a huge box with more stuff to sell but these tins take up too much space. Hopefully someone wants them?! I also have a small Halloween pouch for auction along with more stuff, including my extra Gengar lottery prizes.

I still ship internationally; read the rules regarding shipping prices along with some changes to the quotes.

I was granted sales permission on 6/11/14 by allinia.
My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/kidgengar/

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Don't comment until this is crossed out!
Edit: I'm going to nap and will reply to people later on. If you ask for a quote, I will give you 12 hours to reply to it after I get back to you regardless of price.

looking to buy

Hi everyone!
I'm here today on a mission. After finishing Super Mystery Dungeon I am on a mission to find a lovely little riolu pokedoll to join my collection :)

I'm really wanting the Japanese version of this gall(either blue or red tag) with the tag attached (I don't mind if the tag itself is damaged,warped, or bent, I just want it attached to the plush). Not sure how much they go for with their tags, but please let me know Thanks!

- Vulpes

Stickerbook GA Extras Claims!

Hi guys! :) So everyone who took part in the Stickerbook GA hosted by myself and peppermmints will be pleased to know that the stickerbooks have arrived safely! :D And the seller included lots of extras! There are multiples of some of the books we thought there were only one of, plus we were finally able to see what Pokemon were hiding inside the books! :) So time to claim the extras! :D
Claims will be open to participants only for the first 24 hours, but feel free to comment anyway if you're interested in something and didn't participate! :) If none of the participants claim it then it's yours! :) So here are some pictures of the extras we have for claim:

And also plenty more! :D Here is a complete list of the extras:
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Also we were able to find out what the top sheets actually were! XD They're sheet of four little information booklets. An individual book looks like the picture below when open:

They're super cute so a massive well done to anyone who decided to bid on them! ;) Also a heads up to the GA participants that payment 2 and 3 posts will be up in a few days! :)

Anyone?? Bueller? Vaporeons!

Does anyone have a metal vaporeon? Recently on yahoo japan it has gone for 100 dollars. I do not care about the price 100 or less. I do not care the condition. I just really want a metal vaporeon as i have missed it twice on yahoo japan. Also if anyone has vaporeon stuff that are not plushes i would not mind seeing pictures of them to see if i dont have it in my collection :3!!!!! Major gracias for anyone that comments!!
Here is a picture that is my collection and is for attention!