February 20th, 2016

In search of a few cards!

Hi there!  Normally I post about plushies and the like, but today I'm posting about TCG!
I'm looking for a couple of cards to complete my BW Radiant Collection set that I began collecting a couple of years ago but never got around to finishing.
If you have any of the folowing seven cards for sale, please let me know!

I'd prefer to buy more than one card per person, but I'm up for pretty much anything.

On a side note, I drew an extra Reshiram FA from this collection a while back, so I'd be happy to trade it for a couple of the cards above!

JapanLA Pokémon 20th anniversary party, anyone else going? ☆

Let me make this sweet and short since my posts have been quite long lately. ^^"

Lets face it, everyone would love to be in Japan when the big day comes in a week~ u.u But for those of us who cannot for one reason or another, there are other things to attend as well. :3

I would like to know if anyone else was going to JapanLA on the 27th? They have some nice things plannes like a pop up shop, DJ, a photobooth, special totebag with purchase more than $30 AND A NEW LINE OF POKÉMON STUFF! ÒuÓ It won't be Japan, but it will be awesome anyways. ☆

It would be nice to meet some fellow collectors~ :3

Also, in about a month or so, I was planning on trying to start organizing a meetup for next summer if I can spark any interest. I was thinking either in San Francisco, Portland or Seattle. But that's a post for another time. :3

Hope to meet some collectors soon!


Tomy Banette plush in the future?

I remember a while back someone posted a Tomy 2016 catalog for future pokemon merch. Was there a Banette Tomy plush listed too? I've come to consider Banette my signature Pokemon and want to get a small collection going around Banette and it's mega evo too. already got the Tomy figure for him now just waiting on the action pose figure, plush and xy cards.

Broken Feedback and wants

Hello everyone, I hope you're all having a great weekend so far, expecially with all the awesome new merch coming out! Just a quick wants post and a problem i've been having for a couple days now.
the problem: for some reason it wont let me load the feedback page so I haven't been able to leave feedback, not even on my phone. I was curious if this is a LJ problem and/or if anyone knows a fix for it? (sorry to those i owe feedback.)

and my wants page! I'm only interested in eevee items at this time.



Introduction Post

Hi, I'm FDARKLY, it's my first post in this wonderful community, so it's gonna be some brief instroution about myself.

I started collecting Pokemon goods in 2013, I mainly collect plush items and clear files. My favourite Pokemon is Eevee, I've written about my Eevee plush collection in my own LJ which can be found >>>here.

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Recently I started to collect Pokedolls, but now I only have a few. I'll certainly buy more if I have a chance!

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I also collect Lucario, Riolu, Buizel and Ampharos, just a few, I need to save money for Eevee :)
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The standing Riolu in the above picture is my handmade baby. I've just started to make plushes, I'm super slow, I spent one month on it... Now I'm making a Pokemon Time style Lucario, when I finish it I'll be happy to show it off :)

I'll take pictures and update my collection and maybe post a wish list in the future, I'm very slow as always... And I'm ready to help out if there's anything I can do for all of you!

Sales! Added Custom-Made Pokemon Glass Necklaces!

Hello again to everyone~ Hope all are well and having a great time collecting this early in the year!

Just a reminder post about my sales! I still have a few plushies left:

Click HERE to go to my SALES!

I have also added photos of my Pokemon Glass Charm Necklaces! These are handmade necklaces I made a while back with fused glass and pokemon cards!
Here are a few examples:


Shiny Charizard Mirage Plush!!!!

Hello all!

I have to share what I bought this morning-

I've had a Natu Pokedoll fund for a few months, and this guy was good reason to spend it!

I hopped on ebay before work, and in my usual searches, this guy showed up at the top!
He was in a lot with a mirage charmeleon, and I've been stalking this seller (they've listed over ten actual mirages this past week), and this guy was there!
I messaged asking if they'd sell just charizard, and they accepted!
officially the MOST I have spent on ANY plush, but considering the rarity of mirages, and how I've never seen a charizard mirage, let alone one with shiny-esque coloration, I had to have him!

If anyone else owns any other charizard mirages, let me know! :D
I'd love to see some pictures for comparison! :)

Thanks for reading!
I'll post better pictures when he comes in!

Sincerely and happily,

~ Ebon

in search of a few items

hi all just in search of a couple of items that have been evading me lately.
please let me know if you are willing to sell or have seen them for sale anywhere :)

growlithe banpresto plush

vaporeon pokedoll
these are the main two I am after right now, I may only be able to purchase one or the other if both are available though.

im also in search of
totodile mpc
large size i <3 mew laying plush
shiny pokemon kids
art, Litwick

Little mini grail get and a want!

So i ended up finding an old collection piece i had and missed.

The Kyogre Pokedoll! 2005 Velboa goodness! I now have or am going to be recieving the Trio! And in the background Hoopa Plush and Csrbink (i know carbink isnt legendary or mythical, but to me it sorta is, due to the relation to Diancie.)
shelf organization under cut!
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nukunuku style sales post!

Hey there! I'm back with some sales. I have a bunch of extra nukunuku style nebukuro items along with a bunch of other stuff!

* Sales permission granted by dakajojo 7/20/2011
* I Ship from MI, USA.
* Feedback: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/herar/
* I accept trades.
* I accept paypal.
* Shipping starts at $2.60 in the US. PLEASE NOTE THAT SHIPPING TO MOST OTHER COUNTRIES STARTS AT $13.50! FOR ANYTHING! CANADA STARTS AT $9.50 Don't even bother to ask if you can't handle the shipping cost. I literally have no control over this.
* FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE - Item goes to who comments first. You have 2 hours to respond and/or pay before it goes to the next person.
* I do holds for 24 hrs.

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Below I have some custom bags for sale!

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aaand that's all for now! monday is my birthday so i'll be posting a collection update :D

Febraury Perler Sprite Sales

Hi guys!

With SSS going on, I'm taking discounted orders on my perler sprites (for comm members only ;D)
If you'd like to place an order send me a message and I'll PM you the coupon code; it's 15% off any order over three dollars!


eeveelution sprites.jpg

Sales permission granted by entirelycliched 19 Feb 2013