February 22nd, 2016

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Goomy cosplay. update 2.0

Well where to start. I got very ill and Had to drop it because of medical reasons. Now I am back at it and I sorta need help. I am doing a mad hatter theme for goomy because he is the great lord goomy. So I went with a tye dye theme and going with a couple gloves and stuff. I am making the boots just need to get the fabric. But yeah things I need for this cosplay
Is there a goomy tea pot?
Do people make custom Top hats or show me a pattern for one.
Also i need to hunt for purple dyes.... XP
A boot pattern.
A pocket sized goomy for the pocket.
but yeah sorry for being dead... I been quite ill.

Little Tales fountain pens?

Hello lovelies! I'm here today looking for some advice. I'd love to pick up the little tales fountain pen:

I have a bit of a thing for fountain pens, plus my school taught us to write with them from a really young age, so they're quite special to me! Does anyone have one of these beauties?

What I really want to know is:

does it feel like the little tales logo stuff is likely to rub off with use?
How well does it write? (I really hate scratchy nibs >.<) and what size is the nib?
I assume it's a plastic body? Does it feel solid enough?
Do they take standard international short ink cartridges, or specific ones like Parker do? And of course, if they're brand specific ones, how easy are they to get hold of??

Finally, from Reddit, I've gathered that it's a Japanese brand called Sailor who produces these. I don't know anything about the brand, so if anyone does, I'd appreciate the input!

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Flareon and Jolteon rare dice auction!

Hello everyone! Hope you all are doing great.I have a quick auction to run today!
Mini Pracoro dice featuring *drumroll*
FLAREON and JOLTEON! They will start at $25 each :)


These are mint and crazy rare! I spent about 5 years searching for these and got them by LUCK out of a huge lot. These are the extras...along with hundreds more.
What have I done @____@ I will have the others posted for straight sale tomorrow, but for now lets get this underway. I have sooo many other small dice and quite a few big ones to post. Mainly legendary birds (OMG WHY SO MANY?!)
All of this can be included with my sales: I ADDED NEW KYUN CARDS!

Thank you and happy bidding! :D

Any questions? Please ask before bidding.
I will ship internationally. (No, these cannot ship as flats)
I accept payment plans
Paypal only, please.
Sales permission by Lineaalba.
Feedback here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/syminka/
All community rules apply. Sniping adds 5 extra min.
Auction will go until March 1st @ 9:00pm
Countdown here:

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linameerun, zigzagoon

Zigzagoon collection update and updated sales

Hello all!

Hope you had a nice weekend. Unfortunatelly it's already Monday and the work/school week is starting again. (Here in Holland for schools it's now 1 or 2 week holiday, so enjoy!)

Well, recently I have done a big collection update, and I have also new pictures of them! (Of course collection goes on and in not too much time the pictures are already old and missing lots of new things.. x'D)
For now, I would like to show you them, because I am also a bit proud of it.. ;3

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I know I still have to collect lots and lots to obtain all Zig stuff (well I believe thats kinda impossible.. XD But I give it a try)
If you want to see my whole collection better, you can view it here:

Also I updated my grails a bit, because I got some of them recently as well :3 maybe some of you can help me to achieve my goal?
Here they are:

For my full wantlist, please click here: http://linameerun.livejournal.com/1060.html

Also I have updated my sales a bit. Lot's of new flats, figures and others!
Please take a look here:

Of course I am willing to trade my sales for something on my wishlist!! Trades for commissions are also okay for me :) (depending on what of course)

Thank you for looking and helping! :)

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Collection/ Display Update


About a week ago I did some early Spring cleaning and changed around my display a bit so I figured I'd post some pics here.Collapse )


- MWT Jigglypuff pokedoll
- MWT Magikarp pokedoll
- MWT Poliwhirl pokedoll
- MWT Shinx pokedoll
- MWT Delibird pokedoll
- MWT Teddiursa pokedoll

If you're parting with any other pokedolls that I don't currently have, feel free to let me know!

Custom Sales + Super Lightweight clay figures commissions

Hello all! It's been a while since I last post. I had my very first convention table last Sunday and it was amazing :D

I actually sold lots of stuffs, but I made too many and I still have quite a bit of leftover, they can all be found in this post.

Since I bought too much clay, I am offering commissions starting at $6, so please check out the last section if you would like one!

Preview: Much more in the post!

P1100179 (Medium)
P1100148 (Medium)

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Thanks for reading :D

Will be wanting to buy if I lose this auction

...that is, if I end up losing a bidding war on eBay. There's a lot with some Pokedolls and there are 4 in it that I want, but it's already up to a fair amount with 11 bids... there are still 4 days left. Ahh, it makes me so mad. Do people not realise that with all that time left, they're going to get outbid? It almost seems like they're trying to 1-up the other people...

anyways, in the event that I lose the auction, or it goes higher than I can spend atm then I'm going to turn to you guys to find me the dolls I'm after. :>

For further reference, the 2 I'm REALLY after are these two:

The other two in the lot are a regular Pikachu Pokedoll (2011 I believe) and a Pichu Pokedoll (I can't tell if it's a Notched Eared Pichu or not.) Those two I'm not particularly after right now, but they are nice additions if I win the auction.

I'm not sure if this is allowed, but I will probably end up selling off the other 20+ Pokedolls if I win. I don't have sales permission right now, but once I get it you can be sure to see a sales post if I win the auction.

Anyways, that's all for now, friends!

Smell ya later!

Is Aliexpress any reliable?

So, I found this on AliExpress which is a listing what appears to be Get Collection figures from Takara Tomy including the rare Gigalith and Swanna figures.

(Source: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/High-Quality-Pokemon-Tomy-Genuine-Pokemon-Figures-PVC-Model-Pikachu-Charizard-Snivy-Pokemon-Toys-Children-Kids/32379593379.html

http://www.aliexpress.com/item/High-Quality-Genuine-Pokemon-Tomy-Pokemon-Figures-Mewtwo-Blaziken-Kyurem-Japanese-Anime-Pokemon-Toys-Children-Kids/32379581840.html )

Now, I have no idea if there exists bootleg Get Collection figures but considering this is a site from China, are these legit? Probably made in the factory fresh with the licsensed authenticity?

Incoming Collectible OBTAINED I've Been Trying To Find For 2-3 years.

I bid on this plush at the beginning of the 7 Day Bidding period and to my surprise, no one outbid me on it. I've been looking for this plush for about 2-3 years and I finally was able to get one after losing about 5-6 biddings on eBay. I got it for about $19 BRAND NEW! :D <3

[Click to Reveal the Plush That Will Be Coming in the Mail]

2011 Serperior Pokemon Center Pokedoll!!!!!
I think the Black/White Kyurem Pokedolls are a little more rare but SOOOOOO GLAD I FINALLY GOT THIS SERPERIOR!

I will show it to you guys once I get in the mail. ^_^
Getting this today made this day even better. :D

eBay Auction Link Where I Got It: http://www.ebay.com/itm/161978995460?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
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Looking to buy: Umbreon mug/ Sylveon pint

So I recently had a complete set of the Eeveelution stacking mugs and the Eeveelution pint glasses from the American Pokemon Center website. Had being the key word there because within the last month my roommates have broken one of each. It's really important to me that I recomplete each set but so far I have been unable to find replacements for the pieces lost. (The Pokemon Center website currently doesn't have the Sylveon glass in stock.) If anybody in the community has the Umbreon stacking mug or the Sylveon/ Eevee glass tumbler that they are willing to sell to me I would most interested in negotiating a price for either and or both. Given the rarity of these items my price range is flexible. Included is a photo of the other pieces from both sets for reference.

Eeveelution gets + Want

My latest gets were purchased within the community few days back. I have to say I think I am getting to where I like the chupa figures as they don't take up much space, lol. Thanks splash !

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Now for my want...can anyone here help me locate a Mismagius Jakks Pacific figure? Thanks a bunch :)

Picture was found during a Google search, if the owner is here feel free to let me know so proper credit is given.

Collection Update - 1 Year Anniversary

Wow - Time does fly when you are having fun (and so did $$$ :) Hello community !!!

Over the weekend (actually last weekend), I just noticed that I have been a member of the community for a year and that was a total shock for me ... especially considering how my collection have changed. I know I have not been the best collector at updating my collection (poor my guys) but as it has been said, better late than never. So, that's why I am here to showcase my collection and hope you all will enjoy them as much as I do.

Just a little reintroduction (promise it would be quick ;) about myself. I'm Q from the States, who grew up loving Pokemon through the original animes (dubbed from Japanese) and wanted to have a collection to call my own but couldn't. As I grow up, Pokemon has always been in my mind but I just never had the courage to venture out to an area where I had no knowledge about whatsoever. Things started a year and half ago, when I started looking things up on eBay and Amazon as well as other media networks. But it did not really picked up until a year ago, when I finally had the courage to join the community and communicate with the other members. And how glad I am that I did! As a matter of fact, I owe it all to you awesome fellow collectors frugrow happyjolteonivyaggronsplashwhite_chocoboabsol and definitely, many many others. So thank you to ALL OF YOU for your support and encouragement :D

My very first favorite is Scyther (from my young days watching Pokemon) then Rayquaza (green + dragon = awesome :) and Arceus (mainly because of his 17-plate series) and lately, Wailord (her zukan got me hooked lol). I collect mostly figures but recently started to gather other items (flats, cardass, cards (not TCG), magnets, charms, etc. and most of all, them stamps !!!) Besides, I am also an avid zukan & Tomy figures collector (more on them at a later time, considering there is quite a good amount of them haha). So, if you have any leads from those pokemon, please please please hook me up because I'll be all over it before you know it ;)

Okay, without further ado, I am honored to present to you - my Collection !!!

* A little stroll down the memory lane, where my collection was at the start
  - That Scyther (out of the box) is the very first Pokemon figure I own. Love him 'till this day !!!

Full Resolution

A year later ...

* First of all, the display shelves
  - Home to most of my collection
  - Has constantly been changed/reorganized (and only more in the future)
  - Scyther/Rayquaza/Arceus
  - Pokemon Figure Sets (in box)
  - Pokemon Kaiyodo Series/Promo Figures
  - Pokemon Adventure Series (English/Singapore version)
  - Misc. Pokemon Books (in many languages lol)


* Let's take a closer look !!!

- ARCEUS (Hurray them rainbow ponies ;)
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- Rayquaza (Call them CrayCray ;)
Collapse )

- Scyther (My very first Pokemon - after all these years, still looking so dope hahaha)
Collapse )

- Kaiyodo Figures Series (Promo figures & BW Dragon Duos variety - not sure why I group them together but it's all gud lol)
Collapse )

* Oh, and if you are wondering, I have not forgotten about my Wailord crew
  - Home to the gam of Wailords ;)
  - That zukan figure sparked my interest for the biggest Pokemon there is. In fact, it's so huge that I need a separated case just     to display her !!! However, stay tuned for more reveal of what's on the other glass shelves right now !!!


And that's it! If you made it this far, thank you so much for looking at my collection and I hope this put a smile on your face. I'm working on my webpage, where I have photos of each items in my collection individually displayed so wait for it. I'll post another collection update soon since I'm having some packages coming in, just in time to celebrate Pokemon's 20th Anniversary !!!

With that, I need ALL OF YOUR help in catching them all, especially my HIGHLY SUPER DUPER DESIRED figures. OMGGG, I'll be forever grateful for you <3

Have a good one my lovely friends :)

- guccishiny

celebi 20th anniversary plush?

Has anyone seen this plush at Toys 'R' Us yet? Because I just went today and there were a ton! At least six were in stock. It's quite early, because I thought it wouldn't be released until early March. (But, I mean, the Pikachu and Mew plushes also were released a bit early, but this feels even earlier??) But there they were, so if you have some time, I'd recommend checking out your local Toys 'R' Us to see if they've stocked them yet!

WTB: last chance pikachu plush

Hey guys! So I've came across some money and am hoping to buy the female pikachu plush in the upcoming ichiban kuji in April, I'm thinking around the $60 range, is anyone here ordering a set or know of anyone who will be? I think I may have found a source, but would like to have a backup incase it doesn't work out. :0 thanks~

Link below ^_^

Quick Want

So, this post is a bit different than my other posts and comes with the opposite feelings, since I've only posted get/update posts so far, which are full of excitement for me. This post, however, comes with disappointment and a bit of devastation toward the loss of an item that I had purchased. I won't go into full detail as I believe the seller should have privacy when it comes to matters like this. Anyway, the whole point is that I came across an item I hadn't seen before, tried to do some research on it to see how hard it would be to find elsewhere and couldn't find anything else on it at all, so I of course jumped on it since it had Cyndaquil on it. The item was this pin:

I find this pin absolutely adorable and I'm pretty devastated that I ended up losing out on it, for reasons that I won't go into, like I said before. The seller was super kind about it and I have received a full refund, I mainly just don't want to go into further detail because I don't want to say something I regret since I am a bit upset about it.

I originally paid $10 for this pin and I'd like to pay the same, if at all possible. As I said, I can't really find any information on it aside from the post I found it in to begin with, so I figured a good place to start would be here. If anyone has one they'd be willing to sell or can point me in the right direction to finding one, I would be very appreciative. ;w; This is the first time something has turned out like this for me on here and, considering the number of purchases I've already made from this community, I honestly feel very lucky that this has been the only time so far. Thank you to any help or even just for reading. <3
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20th Anniversary Events - free swag??

I hope its ok to ask this, though maybe its a bit foolish still ^^;

I know that all the major events this Saturday will be in Nintendo New York, JapanLA, and of course the Pokemon Centers in Japan.I keep imagining that this 20th anniversary will be like a modernized Woodstock!

When X and Y came out I tried getting into Nintendo World and ultimately failing to make it in, I gave up at 3:30 AM haha.
I now attend school in the middle of nowhere Utica NY and as such cannot try for NYC again, nor have any chance of being in Japan (hoo boy do I wish!)

Anyways, I guess the foolish part of my question is, will anybody try to do... "pickups" for the free promo swag they hand out at these events?? I'm a huge sucker for promotional goods from big events, and I think the 20th anniversary counts as a big event XD
(my favorite cards that I have are from Pokemon Rocks America 2006 and the 10th anniversary card)

I know this seems silly because we don't know what any of the giveaway stuff is yet, but I guess I'm making the post to ask, can people usually get multiples of the stuff to sell to the community later, or would anybody try to get any extra promo stuff in general? Is it usually hard to do a.k.a strict "one per person" rule?
I'd love to hear how other events that anybody's been to had handled it, I don't remember how 2006 and 2010 went about doing it, and that was before I was even a member here!

Thank you so much, I'll probably be eagerly on here and serebii on Saturday wishing I was with you guys at any of the events X'D <3