February 23rd, 2016

Reintroduction post!

Hey! Ive been enjoying this community since early 2015, I made a intro post sometime last year but I wanted to reintroduce my collection and I. I have been playing and loving pokemon since blue red and hellow. I remember the day I got blue and a gameboy so vividly, it was easily one of the happiest days of my life. I don't really have a focus for my collection at the moment. I have a lot of pikachus because of how readily availible they are, I do love pika but it's not my favorite. I really want to focus on factory sealed games, sealed tcg packs, and zukans though. Emphasis on the factory sealed games!!

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Hope you enjoyed looking at my collection! Looking forward to making some friends here!


It's Demo leftovers and Sales: Some Plush and Small items

Hi! My its demo still has some Pokemon stuff!! And looks like they restocked some Pikachu jars! And it has some old eevee and piplup pouches!
so if you wanted some but missed out here is your chance!:D http://gaarasyami.livejournal.com/39372.html

Also Selling a few items:

Added some more PokeKyun cards and a Squirtle sleeping figure.^^

sales permission granted by areica96
Items are from Japan

10 Generations Booster Packs Opening Livestream

I picked up the Mew Mythical Pokemon Collection boxes from the GB last night! ^^ Now it's time to open the booster packs. :D I'm actually more excited about the Radiant Collection (Pokekyun) mini set than the actual Generations set. I feel like it could've been much better since it's meant to be a celebration set for the first 151 Pokemon.

Livestream Link As usual, my dogs will probably make an appearance at some point. My livestreams are silent, so don't worry about your sound. I will be typing in the chatroom as "maitaidelight" or "risha."

I will edit this text once the Livestream starts. Which should be around 3:50pm Eastern Time. (about 10 minutes after original post) Livestream is over! Thank you to everyone that stopped by! :D

My notable pulls -

4 Regular EXs and 3 FAs from 10 packs! Eee! ^^ AND! I got my favorite card from PokeKyun. Beautiful Flareon! :O

If anyone is looking for particular cards from the set, feel free to comment here and I will let you know if I pull an extra of anything you're looking for. Set list can be found here - Link I believe m14mouse will be looking for the two Gardevoir cards (didn't pull extras of either from these packs).

squeakaree - Altaria (have) and maybe Pikachu (have). And didn't pull - Dedenne and maybe Snorunt.
peppermmints - Didn't pull - Gengar.
clicky797 - Didn't pull - Articuno.

Mew Promos!
(For - squeakaree, handmadehail, derranged, espie, and me.)

(For - squeakaree, hokeypokeyboop, derranged, espie, and me.)

I'll be sending shipping totals to the GB participants after I package up the items. Probably tomorrow. ^^

Depending on my pulls from the booster packs today, I might be willing to do similar GBs for the upcoming Celebi and Jirachi boxes. Please let me know if you're interested. ^^

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Generations/Radiant Collection (PokeKyun) I still need after 10 packs -
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Only two wants because I'm trying not to purchase anything until I get my SSS gift. ^^;

This card in Japanese. Last one I need to complete the set.

This card in Japanese. Less important but it'd still be nice to get.

~ Risha

Game Stop Poster

Not sure if this was posted yet or not, but I went to Game Stop to get some Mew codes (and to see if they had any Mew merch yet), and I was able to nab two 20th Anniversary posters!



Oh man! It just looks so much better than I thought they would. Sadly, they didn't have any Mew items (a man bought the last of the Great Ball Mew it seemed). Hopefully they'll have them by the time Pokemon Day rolls around. And that I will be able to get the money to get them. XD

Off topic, the first merch my mother got for my sister and me came in the mail today, being for my sister. :D And boy...is it cool!
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Welp, that is all for me at the moment. C: LOVE this poster, and will most likely hang it somewhere in my room when it is finished being fixed up (which I am actually cleaning!! :D) But until then, I hope everyone has a fantastic day, and remember to smile. :)

Lots of gets & ACEO commissions!

Hello guys! :3 Hope everyone have fun shopping for their secret someone? :D

I got a lot of cool new stuff from the comm which I wanna share with you all! :3 I guess I wanted to stop collecting but I really can´t xD It´s just too much fun sometimes! But I´m trying to limit my purchases x3 Click the cut to see what I got!^^

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Also here is a reminder for my ACEO card commissions! Now I made a few so I have more examples of them! ^_^

The price is 10$+ (depends on complexity and difficulty!)

~~~ SSS Special! You will get FREE SHIPPING on your order + 2$ discount on each ACEO card! ^_^ ~~~
Just write me a PM with what you want so that your secret someone will not see it! I will also only upoad a pic of it in my journal and send you a link via PM and I will not show it here in the comm in any post until the secret swap is over in april.

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Thanks everyone for viewing and have a great day!
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Gets, Commissions and packing tips?

Hello lovelies! Another super exciting post from me today (or at least, I think so!). This morning I received a Y!J parcel with some goodies in it - 1 for myself, and some stuff for my SSS *oooh secrets!* which for obvious reason I won't be showing!

But without further ago, please meet:

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Next up, is my commission reminder for this month. I want to try something new this time around. I have a stack of pre-cut trading card/ACEO sized paper and I'd absolutely love to have a go with them. SO! This time, I'm offering $10 (+shipping) portraits/busts of Pokemon. As ususal, markers and coloured pencils, gold/silver/white gel pens for fun, maybe some white gouache for highlights and maybe even some pearlescent stuff......the works really! If you want, I can also offer fancy things like gold leaf, lamination, mixed media, watercolour, acrylic, but as you can imagine, they will cost more!

now shipping very much depends on how many you order, whether you want standard sketch paper or super thick board, and how you want it packaged. For example, 1 ACEO on sketch paper, unprotected in a standard envelope, can go as a flat, and so shouldn't be more than $3 shipping, in a bubble mailer with protection would go as a 'large letter' so would be closer to $4.50. However, if you order more than 1 ACEO, you get free shipping (worldwide!)

The best part? I have the next 48 hours off work (hooray) with no other commitments, and that will be completely dedicated to commissions. So anyone who commissions me by tomorrow, I'll start work on your stuff straight away :D I'm happy to send a sketch before I ink and colour or, for a super quick turnaround, tell me what you'd like, and let me work my magic! <3

Permission granted by EntirelyCliched 22nd Sept 2014, and as ususal, I ship at least twice a week, from the UK ^^

Examples of previous stuff is under here:

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Finally, does anyone have any packing tips for putting their collection in storage? We'll be a bit low on space when we move, so I anticipat that some of my stuff will be boxed up for a while. Fingers crossed that wherever we move to isn't damp, but I wondered if there is anything in particular you guys do when putting your collection into storage? I'm thinking plastic bins rather than boxes, and I wondered about putting one of those plastic dehumidifier things in to make sure nothing bad happens?

As always, thanks for reading! <3

Plush identification + does anyone have a spare Mew code?

Hey all! I haven't been posting much, but I'm still growing out my collection and trying to get a more solid collection. I have a lot of random plushies and I think I'm going to focus on collecting kutakuta plushies.
So back to the topic...
Does anybody know what line this Igglybuff plush comes from?
It's made by TOMY and seems to be terry cloth, but it definitely is not a kutakuta. (I'm 99% sure it isn't.)

Also, I completely forgot about the event distributions and I rushed to my local GameStops. Unfortunately they were all out and I even tried contacting customer support for a code, but apparently they had no more codes too. :(
So, I'm here asking anyone if they have a code they're willing to part with!
I don't need the physical copy, a code sent online would be wonderful. :)

Holy Grail get! - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Diorama!

Hi everyone I have some exciting news!

After a long auction battle I won one of my most wanted grails of all time!
The full set of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Diroama!
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The seller even gave me the display case it came in ^ v ^
I had fun putting it together, it was all in pieces with their individual pegs.
The figures are really well made and the bases are so detailed with cute little 'P' coins scattered everywhere o(>ω<)o

I don't think i've shown a picture of my PMD collection,so here it is so far
☆ ~('▽^人)
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That's all for now, mata ne!~ (⌒ω⌒)ノ

Sleepy,pokedoll, 1:1 Auction

I have decided as im off to Uni soon i need to down size and get rid of some of my larger plush as sadly ill need the money for bouring stuff like books :(
heres a quick glimps of whats up for offers:

2016-02-23 14.16.50.jpg2016-02-23 14.22.35.jpg2016-02-23 14.33.19.jpg
2016-02-23 14.26.34.jpg2016-02-23 14.34.00.jpg2016-02-23 14.18.37.jpg
2016-02-23 14.15.53.jpg2016-02-23 14.30.26.jpg2016-02-23 14.16.18.jpg
Im sorry im rubish at pricing hence why its offers not normal sales
just look under cut for more :)
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Hey Collectors!

Adrian again, the silly guy who decided to collect the shifty, the elusive, the hard to come by lollipop holders. Here's what I have so far:

In the ~1 month time since my last post, I haven't gotten any more, but I've been informed of, and found out that there were/are 5 other lollipop holders out there I had no idea even existed, which is just as great.

Here are the ones I recently found out about:

2001 Bandai Cyndaquil Lollipop Holder

Totodile Lollipop Holder

Meowth, Diglett, and Ivysaur Lollipop Holders
*No pictures, I can't seem to find any of them. I just heard that they are out there...somewhere... :,(

Past wants, but equally high on my wish list:

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If anyone out there has any info, or has one of them that you'd be willing to part with, I am rather motivated to get it. I promise they'd be going to a good home. I appreciate all the previous direction, and look forward to anything new.

Thanks Collectors!!! You're the best! ^__^

*Pictures of wants are not mine. I can remove if needed.
Shimama musical

Hello! A little introduction!

Good day everyone! My name is Acacia, but you can call me Tsuko. I’ve been a member of this community for over five years and this is my first time making a proper post! orz It’s taken me a lot of time to muster up the courage to introduce myself, as I’m pretty nervous about talking online in general, but I decided that today’s the day. I would like to finally get involved now that the 20th anniversary is right around the corner.

First, a bit about me… I’m a college student living in northeast Ohio, and I live with my mom and a few pets. More than anything else, I love MONSTERS! Pokemon has always been my #1, but I can’t help being interested in just about anything with cute, cool, and charming monsters.

I started lurking around pkmncollectors back in… 2007, maybe? The thing that got me started on wanting to collect merchandise other than the things available locally at the time was a photo of a few Pokemon Kids that I saw on an image site way back when. Specifically, I just had to have a Mothim Kid like the one in the picture! I didn’t get him from the community, but he was the reason I found this place years ago, and I consider my Mothim Kid the start of my collector life. I can’t believe it’s been such a long time already!

Anyway, onto the nitty-gritty: what I like to collect! My two top favorite Pokemon are Rampardos and Skarmory, and as such they’re my main collections! I’m also passionate about Mothim and Scolipede, although I have a bunch of other favorites too. But really, I love all Pokemon, and I love finding out different peoples’ favorites.

Aside from single-Pokemon collections, I also really like Pokemon Center promotions and things with original artwork. I’m particularly interested in those old postcards illustrated by Keiko Fukuyama; I have a number of them already and would love to eventually get every design!

I don’t have a very good camera at the moment, so I’m sorry for the quality (or lack thereof)! Here are some quick shots of the main bits of my collection. I plan to provide more pictures/information on them in the near future.

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Thank you for looking! Happy almost-anniversary!

Looking for this munchlax plush!


I really shouldnt be spending money since im saving for those lifesize-ish kanto plushies coming out soon, but figured I'd see if anyone had this munchlax for sale.

Was curious if anyone had this for sale? Havent seen it pop up here or on yj so figured I'd see if anyone has it hidden away ready to sell xD

Its the Munchlax Pokemon Center Hammer Plush, MWT preferred but open to other conditions :)

Let me know :)

If this is your picture I apologize and will take down if requested, got off google.

Updated sales, trades and more

Hi guys, I'm here with some updated sales!! I have new plushies and figures so you can take a look on this post!!
But first of all, I got some new PokeTime straps and I got Shinx bookmark!! :D But I'm still looking for Starly and Togekiss bookmarks so I have Lucario and Garchomp PokeTime bookmarks for trade!!

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A question. I got these pins on the lot but I'm not sure what they are or if they are hard to find. Any idea about it?

Also, I got THIS on the mail too! You now I have one already so by now I'd be open for trades for it since I'm not sure how much could I sell him. The Banpresto Arcanine figure is REALLY awesome.