February 27th, 2016

Mega Garchomp

Nendoroid Pokémon Trainer Red: Champion Ver.

Hey all! It isn't live yet It is now live! The Pokémon Trainer Red: Champion Ver. Nendoroid has been listed on the pokemoncenter.com. It also has a page up on the Good Smile website here. It costs $99.99 + tax and is also up on Amazon!

UPDATE: Both pages are currently sold out.

I already have the original Red Nendoroid, so I can't justify the high price tag on this. Will any of you guys being puchasing this set?

The Center website also has some 20th logo shirts and the 3DS anniversary bundle listed!
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TRU giveaway

So, just went to Toys R Us for the pokemon day and found out a few things for anyone who might be going. I show up with 15 minutes of them opening and apparently they dont start distributing until noon. I asked politely and they let me have the items early, but when I asked about the portfolio you are supposed to receive with generations purchase, they had no idea what I was talking about. Maybe it is just the one I went to, but seems we got wrong info on it. A quick look at the poster they handed out lead me to chuckle. Big error... (Sorry about quality: still out and about, and Collapse )

Opps.... You kinda switched things around guys.... Seems Toys R Us dropped the ball today. How about everyone elses events today? Things not work out way intended?
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Looking for the new Pokemon Red PAL 2DS Exclusive Theme! :D

Hi guys! It's finally here!! The 20th anniversary of our most treasured series! How are you spending this special day? :D

I'm getting my nostalgia on and playing through my eshop copy of Pokemon Red (my first ever Pokemon game all those years ago <3) I've also got the retro pokemon sprite new 3ds cover plates in the pipeline for delivery and to get in the full retro nostalgia sprit for when they arrive, I'd love a matching theme for my console as well!

The theme I would -really- love for my 3ds is the 2ds bundle exclusive theme which was included in the Pokemon RBY 2ds bundles worldwide in the form of a download code! Since my console is a PAL region one, I'll need a code from a PAL 2DS bundle since they're region locked. If you have the download code for the Pokemon Red theme from your bundle and you're not too fussed on using it, I'd love the opportunity to buy it from you and use it for my console! I'll not need it shipped to me or anything, so just a PM with the supplied code is ideally how I'd like to receive this! ^_^

I'd ideally not like to pay any more than what the eshop is charging for the various other Pokemon themes they have, but throw me your price anyway and I'll see what I can do! ^_^

All the best guys and enjoy the anniversary antics!!

Pokemon Day Discussion - 20 Years of Pokemon!

Hello everyone and happy Pokemon day!

It's the 20th anniversary of when Pokemon first launched on Gameboy. It's been one wild ride hasn't it? To celebrate we'd love for you to share your Pokemon stories here. Past, present, future. How'd you get involved with Pokemon? What's your favorite generation? Do you plan on collecting in the future? How has Pokemon effected your life? Pokemon brings us all together, so share your wonderful stories about Pokemon!

This is a pokemon free for all topic. So post anything and everything Pokemon!
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Small Claims!

So I won this lot.

(if this is your Image and would like it taken down please ask)

And I only want to keep Giratina and Arceus from the lot. So the other ones are going to be up for claim! I was given sales permission a long time ago. Prices dont include shipping or pp fees. Feel free to make an offer as well. These are all TTO. Will ship when I receive the lot.

Reshiram PC Plush 30$ dragoniter
Ho-Oh Pokedoll 20$
Jakks Grotle 3$ or free with any purchase.
Jakks Lugia 10$
And the Arcues pokedoll is added in. I have snother one coming from japan. 20$

ALSO Really mad. I think i got ripped off trying to buy a reshiram pokedoll. Sigh. lost 40$. Hoping to get it back. But in the mean time does anyone have one theyre willing to part with? I know some people on here have multiples and I would really love to add one to my collection (sorta the last piece I need)

Pokémon Day Hot Topic

Hey guys! I hope everyone is enjoying Pokémon Day! I just recently came across Hot Topic having sales on their pokemon merch, including the eeveelution plushes, cosplay hat of Ash and more. There's a few online exclusives so check them out!

Looking for this for a friend!

My friends dog chewed his up so he needs another one of these, if someone has one for sale I can buy let me know.

Even just the specific name of the keychain will help. Or pic of it in the packaging.

I really hope I can find another, hes pretty sad about it.

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Let me know if you have it for sale or know someone who does, thank you!

Pokemon 20th Anniversary Event Loot!! Grail and SSS Packages! EDIT: Stream done! Added Video!

So I'm sure most everyone knows by now that Gamestop and Toys R Us had some "events" where you could get some exclusive stuff today!

First off, the GameStop poster:
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Pretty much what you'd expect from a gamestop poster, pretty flimsy and pretty generic images for the #Pokemon20 celebration. I still really like it, though because one side has all of the starters on it multiple times, which means my main collection, Cyndaquil, is on it! xP My GameStop actually gave it to me for free but I still bought a couple booster packs anyway because they're $3.99 there and $4.18 and my Walmart. xD

Toys R Us Event:
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So my TRU did have most of the free stuff that they were supposed to be giving away, plus some other overstock from older giveaways they've had. They had B2/W2 badge charms and Kalos starter charms but each person could only take one, so I grabbed a Delphox! xP They also had a Pokemon League reverse foil of Tierno that everyone could get, and had each one all nicely in a sleeve, too! Plus, everyone could take one Pokemon League code card for TCGO. I grabbed the one with Fennekin on it because Fennekin. xD

On top of all of that, my TRU also had a buy one, get one 40% off deal on ALL Pokemon merch. Unfortunately, they didn't have the Celebi plush or any Generations stuff AT ALL. So I ended up grabbing the Mega Mewtwo X/Y boxes with the pearl figures because with that discount, they ended up being the same price as the normal versions at Walmart. I also still needed to get these boxes anyway for the promo cards, so it made sense to get the pearly versions while I could get them at the same price as their normal ones instead of their inflated actual TRU price. xD

Next, I received 2 packages in the mail yesterday that were left at my apartment complex office. The office closed at 3pm yesterday, though, so I wasn't able to pick them up until today. It upset me for a bit at first since I knew what one of them was but once I thought about it, I realized that it's perfect timing since it's now Pokemon Day!!

The first package is one that I know for sure has something I consider a grail in it. I considered it a grail as soon as I found out about it and then bought it only a few days later. xD Here's a picture of the box:

The next package I received I actually had no idea what it could be. I have some packages coming that don't have tracking on them, so I thought it could possibly be one of those but didn't know for sure. However, when I picked up the packages, I didn't recognize the name from my Paypal and even double checked. I had received an e-mail on Thursday from my SSS host that my SSS package had shipped but they said it should arrive on Monday, February 29th. However, this is the only thing I can think it could be. Here's a picture:

You can't really tell the size of this thing by the picture but it's about as tall as that box is long and it's even HEAVIER than the box. I have no idea what's in it, as I haven't opened it yet and I plan on streaming opening everything here!! I'm fairly positive that my SSS package is the only thing this could be at this point! xD

EDIT: dragoniter has confirmed that this is my SSS package that they sent me!! Thank you so much, dragoniter! ;w;

Anyway, if anyone is interested, I plan on streaming opening my booster packs, Mega Mewtwo boxes, and my packages on my twitch at around 3:30 PM CST. That's in about 50 minutes or so after this post will go up. I will warn you that I will be talking, so my voice will be in it and I may get excited while opening stuff, especially if I pull good cards, especially while opening my grail, and ESPECIALLY while opening the SSS package since I have no idea what could be in it. xD

The link to my twitch is here: https://www.twitch.tv/tiamatruler

Thank you to anyone who comes and talks to me in my chat while I do this. It's a lot more fun to do things like this when people actually come to watch and when I have someone to talk to during it. xD

For those that don't watch, I will be updating this post with any good cards I pull and what I get from the packages once I'm done opening them! :3 However, it may not be until tomorrow that I update it since it does take me some time to get the pictures ready. ^-^"

EDIT: I have completed the stream and uploaded it to Youtube! 8D If any of you want to watch it, I will include it in a cut below!
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I will post pictures, I promise! I just have to take them all, upload them, and then add them onto here, so it may take some time. xD

Some grass type wants!

Hi eveyone, its beens years since i've visited this site but Pokemon Day has gotten me nostalgic and in the mood for some impulse purchases.

So im thinking of buying some plushies for my favorite starters. I'm looking for the Bulbasaur trainer's choice plush, It's surprisngly not as readily avilable as I thought, a Torterra plush, I know he doesn't have too many but there does seem to be at least more than one, I'm after the more affordable but still cuddly of them lol, and unrelated to the theme of the previous two, a Hawlucha plush! I see absolutely nothing but bootlegs for him on eBay which makes me wary of the one listed on Amazon.

I have limited income, so I'm not trying to get all at once, but as many as I can that my budget permits, especially since I'm still debating on that $10 eshop card just for Yellow, lol. Thank you!

Happy Anniversary Pokémon!

Today marks the 20th Anniversary of Pokémon. (Not that I need to tell any of you guys that.) Pokémon has played a huge role in my life, it keeps my inner child going strong and brings me joy every day. I'm as big a nerd for Pokémon today as I was back then and I plan to be one for a long time to come.

Even kept my original boxes from my old games.
Falvie Entei

Happy Pokemon Day!

Figured I'd post pics of my collections to Celebrate today! I still need to add a few new gets still under the tomy's section but for now, this is more or less my collection that's being displayed currently, minus a few pokemon that are displayed elsewhere! Otherewise, anything else I own is packed away presently (skitty, dialga's, hoenn kids, ect.)

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Thanks for looking!
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Looking for Charizard cover plate!

Hello XD I'm glad I could have some time to enjoy 20th Pokemon anniversary.
I had been busy with my academics for past year+, and didn't have time to participate in the community T-T
First of all, happy Pokemon's day! I myself started playing Pokemon games from red/green/blue era, with the rectangular shaped Gameboy which appeared at yesterday's celebration video. I almost cried while watching it! So much memories :(
Today we had celebration on NintendoNYC, but I wasn't able to attend since I had to go to lab. I wish I could attend the event. It looked so much fun with everybody in celebration mood!

As for the 20th anniversary items, I managed to buy red nendoroid from Amazon thanks to the post that was posted earlier, but I wasn't able to buy 3ds edition I was looking forward to. I'm really hoping for the charizard cover plate, since Red ver. was the first game I played and charizard had been my favorite since then. I'm thinking 20$+, but any offer would be ok!

Finally, again happy Pokemon's day everyone! I'll enjoy my nostalgia and download red and yellow ver. for my 3ds today XD
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New sales ^-^

Hello everyone!

I need to clear out some space, I took pics of everything I have left - feel free to take a look!

Within few days I should have new bromides from XY&Z so expect the sales post with these at the end of the next week!

Here's a preview:

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Thanks for looking:)
If you have any questions feel free to ask ^^

Have a great weekend!

Happy Pokemon Day Everybody!^_^ *main collection items tour*

SOooo....I wanted to give everyone something new for Pokemon Day and I got some new stuff and the return of old friend at long last...but we'll get to that.   First things first, I want to apologize for not posting as much as I should.  Pokemon is still my baby and main *love* in life.  It's just given me so much over the years, I feel obligated to share what I can so I thought, for nostalgia's sake, I'd go over the main things in my collection.  Let's start fresh!^_^

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Sir Treecko lures you in with free gifts!^_^(Treecko will keep all the Poke Puffs though)

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A Growing Collection

In celebration of Pokemon's 20th Birthday I decided to post a collection timeline! The first photo was taken today.

Happy 20th Birthday Pokemon! #pokemon20 #pokemon #pokedoll #pokedolls #pkmncollectors

April 2015:
Collection update! Obviously I have nowhere to display them so right now they sit in containers 😔 #pokedoll #pokedolls #noshame #pkmncollectors #pokemon #pokemoncenter

October 2014:
I'm going to end up being a hoarder. #noshame #pokedolls #pokedoll #pokemoncenter #pkmncollectors

Also, I'm looking for a Buizel Pokedoll that's MWT. It's the only thing I'm going to spoil myself with this year's tax return lol. If you have one for sale for a reasonable price please let me know! And again MWT. I've had bad luck lately on here and eBay of getting dolls listed as MWT but with no hang tag :(.

Thanks for looking! Happy Pokemon Day!

Can anyone identify this figure?? + Huge Sales Post!!!

Hey everyone! I recently got this figure but I don't know if it is a candle holder or oil candle holder or whatever it might be. It is a very delicate piece cus when I got it it was broken in many pieces TT^TT but luckily I was able to glue it back together. However, I don't think I ever found the missing piece for Pikachu's tail, so I am left with a piece which I can't glue back on :(. Does anyone have any information on this item? I wonder if anyone that owns this item also know if it came with a box of some sort? Please let me know!!! Thanks in advance!!! :)
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Also, I updated the pictures of my sales and some prices. I am still offering discounted shipping to help members out! I know how crazy international shipping has become :( I also accept haggling in my sales. Please check it out by clicking on my sales banner to be transported to my Main Sales Post:

Thanks for looking everyone! :)
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Collection site update + gets / Looking 4 US Middle man

Hey everyone! I just updated my collection website Lostsmonsters.weebly.com.
I only updated the plush section and my main collections cause I have over 30 figures I need to take pictures of and I just didn't have the time >.<
Click the banner to be transported

I'm looking for a US Middleman who can order from PokemonCenter.com as I would like to get the new mew Pokedoll. Shipping would be to Canada and I can pay asap ;u; would really appreciate it!
Got one! :D
On to the gets!
As many others have done today I made my way to my local TRU and EB Games to get some free pokemon swag xDD
I got two posters and two cards cause my boyfriend game with me so double score! And I saw this figure set and well Pokemon #001. I had to! It's so perfect the first pokemon in the dex on the 20th anniversarry :)

That's all! Happy 20th everyone!


Hello! In honor of Pokemon day, I'm looking to buy!

I just updated my wants list and was wondering if anyone had any of these for sale or if they know of anyone who might be interested in selling :3. I would love love love if I could get my hands on the mirages on my list. So let me know via message or comment!


Have a great Pokemon day!

Website additions + 1:1 Chikorita

Hello comm! Happy Pokemon Day!

So first off did a few additions to my website. I added a section for my customs. Check it out http://pkmnlove.weebly.com/mewisme700-customs.html

I also added a few things to my Horrors of Completed Listings Saga. Some Plushplush that sold for under $100! Can find that here: http://pkmnlove.weebly.com/the-horrors-of-completed-listings-saga.html

Also I am interested in putting up my 1:1 Chikorita for trade (or partial trade) for Pokedolls off my wants. I may put it up for auction in the future if I don't have any trades in interested in.
I'm currently looking for Smoochum, Noctowl, Spheal, Corphish, Magikarp and a 2002 Natu.


Big Eeveelution Lot Sales On eBay!

Long time no see, friends!

I've had to cut back my collection- like a lot of us have had to do- and I've put all of my Jolteons and Flareons into two huge lots on eBay. They include things like all of the ILE plush, Pokedolls and Mini Pokedolls, plus many Japanese release plush and figures.

I was granted sales permission on March 14, 2015 by areica96

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Thanks for looking, and a Happy 20th Anniversary to us all!