February 29th, 2016

Wants! (Totodile stuff, Retro Strap Flying Type, Charizard Die Cut Plush Cushion)

Hi guys!
This is my first post here, and I hope I'm doing it right! :) I want to start collecting my favorite Pokémon, which is Totodile. So far I haven't started my collection, but this ought to change now!

Basically I'm looking for:
...Totodile figures (I have none, so please offer any!)
...the brand new Retro Strap Flying Type (I know these are randomly packed, but I'm only looking for the flying type :3 See pic below!)
...the brand new Charizard Die Cut Plush Cushion

The following pictures are not mine, I took them from another pkmncollectors member & another website! Please message me if you want them taken down! :3

Please comment if you want to offer anything! :)
I live in Germany, please keep that in mind when it comes to shipping!

Thanks for taking your time! u_u

A graily get!!!

Hello guys! And happy Pokemon Day!! :D

I just want to share my newest plush which I bought here on the comm and I´m really happy I had the chance to get him since he is the most cutest adorable Raichu I´ve seen *-* <333 He was kind of a grail to me! I took some photos you can see under the cut :3
<--- I tried to make some Pikachu face soup for celebrating the 20th anni! Looks a bit weird hehe xD But it was delicious!!!

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I never made a poll here, so I thought I should do now! It´s fun!

Which electric rodent pokemon do you find the cutest?


How do you find the new XY anime special "Pokemon Mega Evolution"?

It´s awesome!!! I love it! <3
It is really good!
It is OK.
Aweful! I will never watch this again.
To silly and stupid!
Never seen it!
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Huge want, plush question, gets, and updated sales

I was bidding on the last pen item I need for Giratina when I got outbid literally last second. So I'm posting it here in hopes someone has one or knows where to find it! It was listed for 500 yen, so I'm willing to pay up to $7 before shipping. It was a promotional thing from the Giratina movie.

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I recently found out (the hard way) that many of my TTO Giratina and Palkia plush are super dirty. They have either dirt stains or weird coffee-like stains on them. What's the best way to clean them? It's the fabric used on pokedolls and the standard fabric BP uses for their plush (which honestly feels like Walmart quality felt lmao), if that helps at all. I don't want to damage them :c Just using water has proven to be useless.

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Collection | Wants


Introduction and collection bits!

Hello, everyone! I'm a new member and it's really great to be a part of this group!

My name is Sweetie, but feel free to give me a nickname if you want. I've been a big fan of Pokemon ever since it was first released in the US. In fact, Red Version was my very first video game! As the years went, I collected things here and there, but never had something akin to a collection until about 2 years or so ago. After X and Y were released, I finally found my favorite Pokemon of all time: Sylveon!

Once I found my favorite, I knew I had to have every piece of merch I could possibly get my hands on. And that's when I started collecting! I do have things with other Pokemon on it, but the biggest part of my non-card collection by far is Sylveon-related. A few things are (unfortunately) bootleg, but the majority is either official merchandise or fanmade merch. Here's a picture!

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It's a little small, but I'm trying! Soon I will have a Sylveon plush purchased from Yahoo Japan. It's currently in the mail, but I'd be happy to update everyone when I get it! It's the super cute lottery prize one with the baby Eevee. I can't wait to see it in person!!

Anyway, the largest part of my collection number-wise and price-wise is my Pokemon card collection. I own over 1,200 unique cards as of writing this post. I've got cards ranging from Base Set to Generations and have been collecting the cards for what feels like eternity. I'm afraid I won't be posting pictures of it soon though. I just got about 50 new cards that haven't been organized yet and there are more to come. Once it's done, I could post about them then! c:

Can't think of anything else to write, so thanks for reading! I hope I can get to know some of you in time!

Yay!! I finally got sales permission :')

Hello comm -

Exciting news, at least on my end :P I finally got sales permission, so in celebration I thought I'd like to present my first sales post :) I do have to say that the timing of it all couldn't have been better because I found an item that isn't exactly cheap and is an ultra high grail of mine and would really like to get it! I have a bunch of items that I'm hoping will end up in more well-loved homes, so check them out!

Well...here we go!

First, some rules:

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Last Updated: 3/20/16

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Thanks for looking! :)
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Introduction, Pokemon Day gets, and current collection!

Hello everyone, nice to meet you all! My name's Michaela, though I also go by Mew - you may call me either (though the latter could get kind of confusing!). I've been lurking this community for a year or two, but decided it was finally time to join. I've loved Pokemon ever since it came to the States, and have been collecting for just as long. I don't have a massive collection seeing as I don't have a lot of space, but I really enjoy picking up new Pokemon stuff when I can. I'm particularly interested in collecting stuff for Mew, my favourite Pokemon.

So anyway, happy belated Pokemon day! As soon as midnight hit, I grabbed Yellow from the eshop. Then bright and early Saturday, I went to get the freebies from Toys R Us (didn't know it started at noon, fortunately they made an exception for me because I'd come from 45 minutes away, whoops) and I picked up a winking Pikachu and Celebi plush because of the buy one get one 40% off deal. I only ended up getting the Magikarp card and not the Pikachu, but oh well. After Toys R Us, I went to GameStop to get the Mythical Mew box set and their free Mythical Pokemon poster. And then when I arrived home after work, I found my 20th Anniversary Mew plush waiting for me, just in time for the special day!!

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I had to order Mew online for a higher price because all my nearby GameStops sold out of them even before the event was supposed to begin, but I'm just glad I got one! It's definitely one of my favourite Pokemon items I own. <3

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Anyway, thank you guys for reading. I look forward to being part of the community! :D

Where to Pokemon Shopping in New York City

Hi everyone,

Happy belated to Pokémon's 20th bday :) Hope everyone got their fair share on the celebration. I sadly miss out on a lot of promotion events, especially the TRU due to weekend work ... arrived at 4PM only to find disappointment when all of stuffs are gone off the shelves. So if anyone has a spare TRU poster, I'd love to get one please !!!

With that, I'd be travelling to New York city this weekend. So I figure why not compensate myself to some Pokemon stuffs from the city. However, I'm clueless as to where to go ? how to find them ? etc. I really hope our members here (local or not) could point me to a couple of places in New York city that I can find some Pokémon, especially figures. I would really greatly appreciate your help ^^

And oh good news, sale permission is granted so be on the look for my sales post.

Take care & have a great day/night everyone !!!
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20th Anniversary Custom Sprite Sculpture Commission!

Hello guys! I hope you all had an excellent Pokémon day! The UK was a little bit drab in terms of events and exciting new merch...but luckily we're getting the shimmery Mew plush in 3 days time at Game! (Anniversary fever gripped me into pre-ordering her so expect her to feature in my next gets post, haha!)

Today...I come to you with a rather exciting 20th anniversary celebration idea! I have one empty custom sculpture commission slot left over from my last opening and have decided to keep it open for an inspiring idea I've had!

As I mentioned, Anniversary fever has well and truly hit me and I would like to sculpt your favorite Gen 1 Pokémon! But I'm feeling a little uninspired by sculpting Pokémon as they are these days, all smooth, refined and "anime exact". Instead, I would like to replicate your favorite Gen 1 Pokémon's RGBY Sprites in the form of a sculpture, colours and all! Of course, as this is quite an exact specification for a custom sculpture, for this slot alone, the price for the slot has been LOWERED to $200 rather than my normal $250 as a gesture to thank you for allowing me to work on this little brainwave of mine! ^_^ (Of course, as always, trades for anything on my wants post will be considered to knock off a sum from the labor fee total as well, so if you have anything to trade, feel free to offer it up and we can part exchange as well! =D)

Intrigued? Click the cuts below to find out more! =D

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Good luck to all you prospective commissioners in getting your slot and best wishes to you all! =D
Thank you!

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Can anyone help?

Hi everyone im desprate for the Red nendroid champion version. But alas being in the uk has caused a hinderence again. Can anyone be a middle man and help me get one or point me to somone who might help??

Sales reminder; grail get

With lots of new members around and SSS going on, I figured I'd post a reminder for my sales post. I updated it with new pictures, making it easier to browse though. I also slashed some prices. Come take a look :) Click the banner or the link to go ^^

Sales Banner final kleiner.jpg

I still have lots of TCG cards, too, that can be found here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/19565663.html

Recently, I received a grail from Japan :3 Pictures are inside the cut!
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Wanted: Female MonColle Pikachu figure

Hey everyone! I hope everyone's doing fine, and I assume some of you guys are aware of the new Pikachu Party figure set?

I'm mostly interested in getting the female heart tail Pikachu as a single figure itself,

So if anyone is doing a group purchase of this sometime at a later date, maybe we could talk about it? Then again, this isn't exactly a "request" nor do I have sales permission to do.
Umbreon, Espeon

Custom plushies have arrived!!!

So, as some of you may remember or know, kyreon posted recently about selling her custom made life size Flareon. Originally, due to shipping, I didn't think about getting it since it would need to be shipped from her place to mine, and shipping was going to be really expensive. Still, I just kept thinking about her and looked to see if I could find her sales page here on live journal. When I did and saw where she lived... the bells rung. My parents where about to go on a trip to the area she lived.... Light bulb!! Pretty soon I had not only arranged for a pickup for Flareon, I also commissioned another plush: A life size shiny Umbreon. =3 Her name is Blue. (Original, I know. XD)

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I am just so thrilled with both of these guys. I expect once the jealousy wears off, I will find my pup snuggling with my new foxy buddies. If you like what you see, don't forget to talk to kyreon and see if you can get a friend of your own. I definitely recommend it. Thanks again kyreon =3

Some Very Exciting (and rare) Gets! +Metal/Minimodel Auctions, Pokedoll Trade

I recieved a bunch of packages in the last week and couldn't wait to show off some of my newest gets! Among the items I got were also some metal figures and clear minimodels that I don't need, so I'll be auctioning them off today. Take a look!

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Lastly, a pretty exciting plush get - an MWT JP Wailord Pokedoll, which is potentially up for trade.

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Finally, auctions for the remaining figures from this lot.

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My sales have been updated with some new items (and everything is back on the original sales page now).
Also, take a look at my wants if you'd like.

Thanks for reading everyone! I may be slow to reply for a little bit. 
art, Litwick

Lot in! Shipping time!

The lot I purchased came in, and the items will be shipped out tomorrow hopefully. I still need claims for the Grotle jakks, nd the Arceus Pokedoll.

Arceus is 15 plus shipping and fees.
Grotle is 3$ or free with another purchase.

Still waiting for an answer on the Ho-oh pokedoll though.
momozono nanami

Prepare for a Reintroduction!

Hello PKMNCollectors!

I've been a member since August of 2014, and I never did an anniversary post ^^; So for my first post of the new year and with the SSS in full swing, it's time for a big ol' collection update and re-introduction!

My name's Liz, but you can call me Kuro. I'm a 21 year old college student in the Metro Detroit area of Michigan (that edge of that little fatty part of your thumb near the wrist). Currently, I'm working on completing my undergraduate degree in Liberal Studies-Criminal Justice/Political Science/Law & Society. Besides Pokemon, I also collect Funko Pops and I have smaller, growing collections of Naruto (Kiba & Kurama), Okami, Digimon, Wolf Children, Splatoon, Disney (Frozen, BH6, & Tsum Tsums), and Studio Ghibli.

I'm mainly an Eevee/Eeveelutions collector. However, Pikachu has grown into my main side collection since I can't resist some of the pancho Pikas. I also collect some of my favorite Pokemon like Absol, Skittty, and Arcanine to name a few, but Eevee and its evolutions will always remain my absolute and main focus since Eevee has always been a favorite of mine since Pokemon Yellow. Let's just say five year old me wasted quite a few Pokeballs on my Rival's Eevee ^^; Anyway, I began collecting in 2008. Then started going to YoumaCon and some of the different conventions that were relatively close, and my little collection started to grow. Once I graduated high school, my collection grew with me throughout college and after joining the community.

WARNING: The following post contains a large amount of images. Viewer discretion advised ;3
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Thank you so much for taking a look ^v^
And a big thank you to everyone who's helped my collection grow! Although I'm not the most active member (gotta graduate yo), I love sharing and seeing everyone's collections. Hopefully, I'll be able to post more since I have some special gets ready to be shipped home ;) It's a pleasure getting to know and meeting everyone, and I'm look forward to another fun year on the community!

Best wishes ☆⌒(*^∇゜)v
Liz/ kuro_kage_kun

ISO > Skitty Items

Hello community!

A friend's birthday is coming up so I'm trying to prepare for it. Her favorite pokemon is skitty so I'd like to get her something skitty-related. I'd prefer them to be figurines or plush (she doesn't play the game or TCG but she likes skitty a lot), figurines in new condition and plush with tags please!

I can't pay until this coming weekend or the weekend after that, but if anybody has some skitty items they'd like to sell please let me know. I'd prefer to stick to items that don't cost a lot, so just small trinkets please! An ideal gift would be the JP skitty petit since I like the ball chain and the USA skitty's tushtag is too big.

Thank you! :) Happy 20th Pokemon Anniversary guys!
Note: I'd prefer to buy from JP / USA!

Edit: Ugh the font is getting weird on me so just let me know if the font is wonky for you too! :( Sorry for the fonting inconvenience.

Need A Bootleg Flareonnn

So Im doing a presentation in my Public Speaking class on how to identify a Bootleg Pokedoll. I have a legit Flareon and looking for someone in the US that may have a screaming bootleg Flareon Pokedoll I can buy from them to compare the two. Will pay $8 shipped. I will film this presentation for you guys :D I'm pretty excited about it. #noshame.

Also, reminder on my 1:1 Chikorita for trade. Will trade for any pokedolls on my wants OR a 2013 Giant Golden Magikarp (can give some money atop that since Chikie is worth a tad less than Magikarp.) I cant decide to auction it or not; may just keep it in case I find someone willing to trade.

Thanks :D