March 1st, 2016


I'M BACK *throws money*

and i'd like to make up for some lost time

can y'all link me your kids sales post? i'm continuing my search for a few pokes!

some key items i'm looking for:

+ a ton more...

some non-kid Grail wishlist items:
natu/xatu zukan
mew zukan
dunsparce zukan + other dunsparce merch!<3
( no longer looking for the plush,keychain,or tomy though)
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new stuff!

Just a few things I haven't seen posted yet!

The new Celebi pokedoll has been finally put up on today!

it's here! It currently says available for preorder, however the release date it noted as today so it will be regular stock later on today I'm assuming.

There's also a new series of MokoMoko plush being made by Sekiguchi!

All of these are available to pre-order on amiami but i'm sure they will make it to Pokemon Centers like the Pikachus and Eevee.
(also, Gengar seems like such an odd choice for this cute fuzzy style plush?? ahah)

Dice sales and new sales!

Hello hello! I finally got all the dice sorted and they are ready to sell. I also have some new cards and items for sale in my regular sales! So check it all out!
Sadly, I cannot do international sales at this time. I don't care if you have your friend in the states middle man for you. Any way you can get your items please do it! I just do not have time to do international sales right now. My work schedule just doesn't allow it. (Full time sucks)

UPDATE: To everyone who has purchased from me, your items have been shipped. I did it either yesterday or today! (a couple Saturday, too) They should all be there soon


Regular Pokemon sales are here:

Non Pokemon Sales here: (added some gashapon machine toys!)

First things first. PLEASE read the rules stated at the top of the dice sales. If you do not abide by those rules I will skip you over until last. PLEASE make this easy on me. I tried to make it easy for everyone.
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The Mystery of The Neckless Snorlax

Okay, so to get to the point, this is what's been on the Pokemon Plush Project for years as the 'Big Size Pokemon Center Snorlax'.

I, collecting the 'laxes, kept an eye out for it for years and never saw anything like it. Not in another's collection, not on auction, nowhere. Only ever that one image.

At one point I obtained a large Tomy Snorlax plush off Y!J. A couple years after that this post pops up listing Big Size Pokemon Center plush... including a Snorlax identical to the Tomy one I'd gotten. I asked the poster about it and they showed me the commercial from the NYC Pokemon Center to prove the Snorlax they had listed was indeed the 'Big Size' one. Mine was a later reissue of the same pattern, but apparently I'd owned a 'Giant' for years without knowing it!

Which leaves the question -- what the HECK is this neckless one? Is it possibly a prototype? Google image search only brings up that Pokemon Plush Project image. Ordering the 5 Foot Snorlax led me to revisit this mystery again.
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ORAS Manga new??


Sorry, quick question!!

Is this for real?? Will there be a new box with mangas ? I already have the old box, but I need the new version as well! But in English.. XD Who has more information?

Thaaaanks :D



Mew Promos/ Pins and a Few Other Things for Sale

I have a few things for sale. ^^

-Sales permission given April 23rd, 2011 by denkimouse
-Feedback thread can be found here - Link

(Starters pin, one Mew promo, and one Mew pin sold.)

- Mew promos are $5 shipped within the US.
- Pins are $7 shipped within the US.
- If you want a promo and a pin it will be $11 shipped within the US.
- Generations Reverse Holo Energies - SOLD

TCGO Codes -

Roaring Skies x1
Ancient Origins x1
Breakthrough x3
Breakpoint x57

Would like to sell as a lot for $16, but willing to consider offers.

Mythical Collection - Mew x3 - SOLD
Shiny Mega Gyarados Collection x1 - Would like $2 but will consider offers.

~ Risha

Also, derranged I sent you your shipping total for the GB. Mentioning it here because I'm not sure if LJ ate my comment or not.

UK Comm Members!: GAME Mew Anniversary Merch Question...

Hi guys! So sorry to post so soon again! =<

I do come with a little question though regarding the UK based store, GAME (more precisely and their release of the 20th Anniversary Mew Plush and Great Ball figure...

I've gone ahead and pre-ordered the Mew Plush on their site a few days ago now, with's site stating at the time that the plush would come out in 5 days (so the 3rd of this month) and be shipped in time for release. Great!

Only now that I've ordered the plush, is now saying that the 20th Anniversary Mew plush is to be released on the 11th of this month instead, so a further week away! =< However, their site listing for the Mew Great Ball figure has pre-orders open and is stating that the release date is the same as the Mew Plush's old release date (The 3rd), so nothing has changed with that at all...So I'm now left a little confused as to when exactly the Mews will be released and shipped out...I'm in no rush to have her or anything, just an eager collector like the rest of us, haha!

Does anybody at all know what is blithering on about? Has there been a mistake or is the Mew Plush supposed to be released later? I've not had the chance to visit any of their stores recently so I don't know if the plush are being sold there already or not either...Any clarity on this situation will be massively appreciated! <3

All the best guys and happy collecting to you all! Take care of yourselves! =D
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Some other updated post + sales reminder

Hey everyone,

First, I thought I'd take the time to introduce another aspect of my collection that I haven't shown to the community before but now will because of how much I've really gotten to love them :)

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Finally, I thought I'd shamelessly post a reminder to my (brand new) sales post!

Normally, I wouldn't be this persistent but my spring break for college starts on Friday and I won't be able to ship from Saturday 3/5 to Saturday 3/12 (most likely that Friday, too, though I'll do my best to make a trip to the post office before I take off). So if there's something you'd like shipped before then, you need to get your order in before Friday morning!

I will still respond to inquiries and comments as best as I can while I'm back home but I won't be able to take pictures of stuff. I'll also add more stuff to my sales post when I come back from break, but do check them out! Please help me out, I need money for my grail :)

Thank you so much for reading/looking!

For Trade! Greninja BREAK!

Hey everyone! :D

I hope everyone is having a good beginning to their March,and that SSS preparations are going well for everyone (I'm finishing up my shopping this week :3)!
At any rate, I got the Shiny Mega Gyarados box today (what an awesome figure btw!), and I didn't get too many good pulls.
I did, however, pull this guy-

A mint Greninja BREAK!
I don't play the tcg, but I wanted the figure and gyarados card (plus a Barnes and noble giftcard helped!), so I'm looking to trade this guy!
I was told they go for $8-10, so I'm looking for any plush/figures for trade?
I'm especially after some older Hasbro plush like ivysaur, and charizard, if they're in good condition!
So let me see your stuff! :D
My feedback is below~

Thanks for reading! :)
I have a BIG collection update in the works for next week, I have an extremely rare and exciting package that just left customs today! :D

Have a good night everyone!

~ Ebon

SSS gets

I received my SSS swap today! I was so excited when I got the package, I was surprised when I got a card through my door saying a parcel was waiting for me at the post office. I knew none of the things I ordered recently would have come this quickly so I had a sneaky suspicion it was my swap gift :D
please see my gets below the cut!

everything looked so cute all boxed up :3

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Spring Cleaning Free Shipping Sale!

Hey everyone! My pokemon shelf has started getting crowded, but I'm not quite ready to part with everything. However, I really do need to get rid of the rest of the items from my sales, so I've cut the prices and, if you buy two or more things, I'll take off paypal and shipping fees!

Click the banner to check it out! c:

art, Litwick

Just a quick question.

My zekrom pokedoll came, but something bothers me slightly. His left arm is WAY over stuffed, and his right one is stuffed just perfect. Like the left one is so stuffed it feels hard if you grab it. Mostly the wing part. Would I be okay to maybe pull some stuffing through one of the seams to try and even it out? It makes his arms very disproportionated.