March 3rd, 2016

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Happy Girl's Day! Higher quality pictures of upcoming March promos ~ Easter, card sleeves

Today 3/3 is Girl's Day or also known as Hinamatsuri in Japan.

I took this picture today. <3 Err.. not perfect... I realize after I was about to upload it that female Little Tale Pika's left ear is hiding. ._.

And surprisingly the website updated with some news today earlier than its usual weekly Friday news.
Today just some higher quality images of the upcoming releases:

Card sleeves coming out March 18th~ one pack each 362 yen

I really love the Ho-Oh one. Which one is your favorite?

Pokemon Easter coming out March 19th:

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April Monthly Pair Pikachu Plush also coming out March 19th:

Brief tag translation~ Sakura season is in full bloom. Today is the opening (entrance) school ceremony. Pikachu together with other 1st years I wonder want to get together and mingle? I am not sure about the last part if anyone can read it that will be helpful.

What do you think of the Easter goods lineup? Some of it is alright but I rather see some bunny like Pokemon get cute a cute promo.

Wanted - Jolteon EX

I am looking for the new Jolteon ex card from Generations if anyone pull any from the Mew and Celebi boxes. Typically this card below.

Also look for the HOLO energies from Call of Legends set with pokemon on the energy cards.
FIre - Ho-oh
Water - Lugia
Grass - Celebi
Lightning - Ampharos
Psychic - Espeon
Dark - Umbreon
Steel - Steelix
Fighting - Sudowoodo

Let me know if you have these cards for sale. Thank you!

P.S. Only looking for the English cards, thanks.
Kura pokedoll

Auction Reminders

My auction for the White Kyurem pokedoll (Japan release) is ending in 2 days:

It will end officially on March 5th at 7pm EST.- It's still at the starting bid!

My auction for the 1:1 rainbow collection laying Pikachu ends in 3 days.

It will end officially on March 6th at 11pm EST.

So please take a look if either are of interest! :3

It's been a while... I'm back with more Pokemon Figure Prototypes!

Hi everybody! It's been a while since I last posted. I haven't been able to do a lot of sculptures and I really want to get back to the hobby. I just need more motivation, haha. So I'm planning to open up a commission slot soon so to anybody who is interested, please do give me a heads up and comment your Pokemon subject. When I'm ready to work on a commission I might pick yours to start with. So anyhow, as usual, all my sculptures are inspired by Kaiyodo. Here are a few things I've worked on...


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my first want list

This is my first want list. The main thing I collect is Christmas Pins and Charms. I'm trying to collect all of the Pokemon Center Chrsitmas pins from 1998 to 2015. I have a few of them already but they're really hard to find. Probably because they're so old. It's very important to me that I get them all, if you have any of them for sale or trade or know where I might be able to find them I would really appreciate it. Here they are:

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I love Pokemon Christmas things so if you have anything on this list I would be interested in buying it. Also if there are things not on this list that you think I might be interested in let me know. I'm sure there are other Christmas toys out there I don't even know about.

*I should clarify that I'm really only interested in Christmas Pins, Charms, Key Chains and Figures.
Not really looking for any plush, flats, etc.*
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Hey guys, so today I was watching an aipom pokedoll mwt on eBay and was planning on bidding and then all of a sudden, the bid price skyrocketed to over $150 xd so I missed out basically lol was hoping someone had one available for trade but willing to purchase as well if I have enough. Please let me know if you have any information! Also looking for other pokedolls too so feel free to show me what you have! Thanks 😉

Pic of attention

Some major gets, a little disappointment, and a GRAIL.

Hi all! I'm not dead. I've just been indulging other interests and cutting back a bit on the Pokemon (The 20th anniversary has made it kind of difficult. Nostalgia and all that.) I thought I'd show off some major gets from December on:

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Where's the grail?
Oh, he's coming. I didn't take "unboxing" pictures of him, because it didn't occur to me at the time. Anyway, I checked the mail after a really awful day at work, and he was in the mail box:
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I have some 20th Anniversary goodies on their way to me too. I'm planning a major collection update once they get here and I've got my collection rearranged a bit. Also I managed to get my hands on a 20th Anniversary edition N3DS. I can't decide if I want to keep it for myself or give it to the BF...

That's all for right now!

Pokemon 20th Anniversary gets

A little late, I know. I've been super busy trying to clean my room and...well, some of my collection went missing in the cleaning. ;A; I'll find them eventually.

But, for now, I will post what has been going on in my neck of the woods.
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And just because I'll show off my Toys R Us event, although nothing much happened but me getting a little stressed...and my Service dog stepping in some gum. ;A; He was so confused as to why his foot was sticking the the floor.

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I was going to show off my collection, and a lot sooner, too, but again, my room is a complete mess right now, and I don't have the room to show ANYthing off, which saddens me. Hopefully by the end of this month, I'll finally have my room clean so I can at least show what I have at the house.But I am not making any solid promises. (I never keep them).

Anyways, sorry for the super long post. I hope I was doing things correctly.
Once again, happy 20th Anniversary for Pokemon, and I hope everyone has a fantastic day. :)

Card Opening Stream: 2 Celebi Boxes, 1 Mew Box, Breakthrough Mewtwo Y Elite Trainer Box, & Pokecrate

So if you guys haven't noticed from some of my previous posts, I stream most of my card openings and then put them up on Youtube. This one's main focus is the February Pokecrate and I recently found out that Pokecrate sometimes has bootlegs in it. However, I know it's not all bootlegs and I started my subscription well before I joined the community and even knew about bootlegs. I'm also friends with one of the admins there and I'm fairly certain the people sending them out may not even know they're sending bootlegs out to people when they do. I'll put a warning here now that some people may not enjoy this as much since there is that possibility.

However, I always get something from the TCG to open with the Pokecrate during the stream. Usually it's only one collection box or elite trainer box or something. However, when I went to my Walmart, they had a full stock of Mew and Celebi boxes. Since I've already opened 2 Mew boxes, I ended up getting one more of that one and then 2 Celebi boxes. Plus, I got the Mewtwo Y Elite Trainer Box. This all works out really well with this Pokecrate since it is themed around the Saffron City Gym, so Psychic types and possibly some Sabrina stuff. Usually they just focus around the type of the gym and have a gym badge, as well.

The stream will actually be very soon, at 9:00 PM CST. Be warned, there will be audio in the stream and I may get excited with good card pulls. xD It will be here if you want to watch:

EDIT: The stream is over now and I have to say, I came out with some very nice pulls! :D The radiant collection in Generations (PokeKyun) was super nice to me this time as opposed to the last time. xD Here's what I ended up pulling from the Elite Trainer Box and Generations boxes:

Unfortunately, the Pokecrate did have a bootleg Alakazam plush in it, so I won't be posting the picture of that here. However, it did have a Japanese PokeKyun pack in it, which was nice, along with some other nice items!

The Kadabra is a magnet, while the very amusing Haunter with Brock/Misty dolls is a sticker. Pokecrate has always had a sticker of what I believe is their own custom design in it since I started with them, so I always look forward to those. This one is probably my favorite one, though, as I loved that episode of the anime, and it was completely unexpected since it's not Psychic type but related to Saffron gym due to that episode! x3 I still can't stop laughing at it here and there.

One thing I'm curious about is if anyone knows if these gym badges are legit or not? I'm not sure myself, I'm still pretty new to the comm and have a hard time figuring that out. They seem to be made by a company called Halder. These are always the ones that are in the Pokecrate, obviously with a different badge depending on the gym.

Super tiny new get!

Hi everyone, I've been meaning to do a collection update, but still haven't gotten around to it. XD

Anyway, as some of you may know, I have an ever growing collection of sleeping pokémon figures, and today I got a really exciting get which I just had to share!

This was a really random and cheap find on ebay, a figure from the 8th(?) Pokémon movie featuring Mew and Meowth, but most importantly a little sleeping Pikachu which I had never seen before! What I didn't expect however was simply how super tiny it was!

Look at it, it's the size of a fingernail. Not as small as a zukan, but for a sleeping figure it's absolutely tiny and I love it to bits.

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Does anyone have these cards?

Hey there :)

I recently looked through the new "Generations" reprint set as well as the Pokekyun set and there are some cards I'd love to have, but I don't want to buy a whole booster box from Japan, so I was wondering if some of you happen to have some extras of the cards I am searching for.

I know that pokemontrader has a Pokekyun claims post, however, since I am also looking for a few Generations cards, I'd love to combine them if possible and find someone with relatively cheap shipping - I am in Germany. Also, I am looking for someone who would sell the cards at a relatively cheap price if possible, not looking to spend more than $0.80-$1 on Pokekyun cards (except for the Charizard) and $0.50 at most for the Generations ones (except when it's a holo).

The cards I am searching for are under the cut:

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Raikou Takara Tomy for offer

Sales permission granted by rypeltajaroll in 2010 (checked recently by moonlightpkmn and gave the okay to sell/trade)

Seller feedback here

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Offers start at $175 OBO Please feel free to haggle with me!

I ship from the US and I am willing to ship all over the world.

Item is in good condition with no hang tag; tush tag is intact.

I take payment plans.

I am NOT accepting trades right now.

Paypal only.