March 4th, 2016


looking for someone...

Hi! I'll delete this post later on.. Has anyone heard from kwingette ? I think they've been away or something, but I really need to contact them about my package. :(

It had tracking but the tracking information said delivered (but to the wrong location). It was supposed to be sent to my friend in Australia (domestic post) and she didn't even receive a notice or anything. It's almost been a month (it said delivered on 9 Feb) and I'm worried about it. ; _ ;

Has this happened to anyone before? I'm not sure what can I do, because the auspost website says the sender must be the one to lodge an enquiry and I think they're away.. Is it still possible for my package to be found??

To make this post a little less boring... I got the Lotte Pokemon Chocolates at a supermarket here!
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That's it from me!~ And to my SSS: I apologise for getting some pins off my wants list. I assume you wouldn't be getting pins anyway since they're more difficult to find than recent Pokecen releases, haha. But I've stopped buying now- my FJ holding period is up haha. My wants list is updated with what I have. :) 

First post :3


I just got accepted into the community today, and I couldn't be happier! My name is Amber, but you can call me Jarsha Arashi. I'm 23 and I live in Upstate New York :D I have loved Pokemon since I was around 7 years old. I am excited to meet new people on here, and expand my plushie collection. Speaking of my collection, I just uploaded pictures last night :)
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I already have two purchases pending from this comm, and I also have more plushies on the way from other sites! I will post pictures of them as they arrive :) I have a small wants list at the moment, but unfortunately anything on this list will probably have to wait for awhile D: That is, unless I can get a good deal on them :P

*Please keep in mind, I would really prefer any of my wants to be NWT, however, the tags don't have to be in mint condition*
Pokemon Center Eevee Pokedoll Minky preferably *This is a Grail, how could I forget?!*
Pokemon Center Suicune Pokedoll *I really want this!*
Pokemon Center 2015 Christmas Illumination Eevee Plush *I really want this!*
Pokemon Center 2015 Christmas Illumination Cookie Tin *I really want this!*
Pokemon Center 2015 Christmas Illumination Pikachu Wreath Plush *I really want this!*
Pokemon Center 2015 Arcanine Plush

These are really my only wants at the moment (at least the ones I can think of). Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to being a member of this comm!


SSS gets and possible pickup? dot sprite tauros!?

So about a week ago, maybe even before that (I lose track of time) I received my SSS package! Sorry I didn't post sooner, 18 credit hours and a job leaves me with almost zero free time (I haven't been able to play RBY and it's killing me!!!)

Anyway, so I wasn't able to do a cool photo story like everyone else because most of my Pokemon things are back at home and not in my college apartment... The gift caught me completely off guard as it was something I wasn't expecting at all but I love the Pokemon she chose, especially since I feel that they need more love when it comes to merchandise <3

Dot sprites of Cubone and Sandshrew! I've been sorely tempted to collect these guys, especially Cubone, but I'm more of a plush person and they don't have much of those and what they do have is usually too much for my wallet. Ahhh I love these guys so much!!!

I also got a Poochyena sprite! She's not too noticeable though since there's so much in that one corner (my boyfriend gives me no room for my things!) If you look carefully, you'll see a picture of my puggy <3 I loved Poochyena before my puggy passed away, but after the fact I really want to collect Poochyena. Again, my wallet will not allow since Poochys and Mightyenas are in high demand XD

My SSS gifter also sent 2 Hershey Chocolate bars which I did not include in any of the pictures because I already ate them... Midterms were very stressful!!! She also sent a stack of cards of some of my favs which included a Poochy and Mightyena card I did not already have :)

So who do I have to thank for these awesome Pokesprites? latias_latios_7 of course! Thank you so much for the awesome Pokemon :) and the chocolate, it was very delicious!

Onto my next topic of the post, I have seen some people report seeing the Noibat Tomy plush. I have checked everywhere for one and cannot find a single one for the life of me! I really want this little guy, so I was wondering if anyone could pick one up for me? I'm assuming they cost about $13 in store so I'm looking to spend no more than $20 shipped if I can. Let me know!

One last thing, I've noticed people are receiving their dot sprite blind packaged straps and if anyone pulls the Tauros one and doesn't want it, I will probably buy it from you XD Tauros is like my spirit Pokemon for reasons that would qualify as going off topic for talking about so I will only tell if you ask haha!

I hope you guys have been doing well. A mini-grail of mine has popped up on eBay so wish me luck as I try to win it for an affordable price! Also, quick question, when did you guys see the monthly mythic Pokemon things pop up? Like, a week before that Pokemon's month or what? I really want to make sure I get Keldeo when he comes out because I refuse to pay more than marketprice (I know it's not until October but I must be prepared!)

Wants list just cuz (I haven't updated the Zoroark section though)

If I haven't replied to you on something, I am working on it and I am terribly sorry! Thanks for looking as always :) Random question time! If you were a Pokemon, which Pokemon do you think you would be!? Me? Totodile! with Tauros as my spirit Pokemon of course! I've just always seen myself as a crazy little croc XD

IT'S HERE!!!! Mirage Charizard!!! :D

Hey there everyone! :D

So, a few weeks back, I posted about buying a Mirage Charizard out of Thailand that appeared to be a shiny with blue wings!

Well, he wasn't.
Buuuuuut, he's turned out to be a lot rarer than I originally thought :3

Info and pictures under the cut :3

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To my SSS, I'm gonna ship your package very soon! :D

Thanks for reading, everybody! :D

Happy collecting! :D

~ Ebon

Quick Want

Hey all. So I've been bidding on a Duskull Pokédoll for a few days now and just when I thought I had it it got sniped from my top bid xC. Anyway, I do still want it, so if anyone has one for sale I'd be interested in buying as long as it's not too expensive. The one I was bidding on sold for $71.00. It had the hang tag and tush tag, but I only care if it has the tush tag. Any help on where I can get one is appreciated :)

The pic is just a reference. I found it off Google, and it's not my own pic!

A Teeeeny, Tiny TCG Sales Post! =D

Hi guys! It seems AGES ago since I last posted about my sales posts! D=

Fret no more however, as today I've updated it with a very small amount of TCG cards I have decided to pass along to better homes! ^_^ I have more such as rares, uncommons and commons from the same sets, so please just ask if I have anything you may be missing and I'll check for you along with providing you a scan of my card! =3

Here's a little preview of what I have to offer!

Interested in buying? Click the snakes below to be transported and amazed!!

I also have a commission slot for my custom sculptures still open from my last round of openings! If you're interested in having your favorite Pokémon sculpted into a one of a kind piece by me, click the banner below for further details and examples of my work! =D

Thanks so much for looking guys, and happy collecting! ^_^
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A cute get & more art commissions open!

Hello guys! I hope I´m not posting to often in the past time >_< I got something new again, a veeeeery chubby fat plush! He is just sooo cute I must share with you! ^-^ Click under the cut for more pics!
<--- Who can it be?
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Also here is a reminder of my art commissions for aceo cards! I have so much freetime and can make more! ^-^
They´re just 10$! For my SSS special, only 8$!

If you´re interested, please click the link to come to the original post with more info:

Thanks everyone and have a great weekend! <3
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Quick question about a Piplup?

Hi everyone,

I recently found the following Piplup up for sale and was wondering which one it is (as I don't know which Piplup I face when I see one). So, here is the photo:
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I am also planning on doing a collection update (or pretty much a collection introduction as I have never shown it before) at some time but I'm pretty busy at the moment.

Thank you for your help

Reintroductionally Yours

Hello everyone! It's been quite a while since I knocked around this place. I thought I'd reintroduce myself and show off my current collection. I've also got a question about some stuff. So, yeah! My name's Sunny and I stopped collecting Pokemon merch for a little while, and now I'm starting again. My favourite Pokemon are Dragonair, Altaria and Vaporeon, but you'll see me associated a lot with Eevee and Shiny Meowth. I'm probably going to be collecting more figurines and cards, and maybe some other lovely things I see around sometimes. :3

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Here's my question: I recently adopted a username that I use professionally for my art commissions, and I would like to make a new LJ account under that name (because $15 to change a username is ridiculous). Eventually I would like to obtain sales permission, and I was wondering if I would be able to use my feedback on this account to go towards getting sales permission on the new account, or if I would have to start from scratch? Also, what's the process for rejoining the community with a new account? Would I just need to prove who I am?

Anywho, it's nice to meet you all (again). I hope you all have a great weekend. :D

Spring Break Sales

Just in time for Spring Break and while there's still time for the Secret Swap, here I am with things that need new homes. 3/7 is my next planned shipping date. After that, I plan to ship on 3/15, so please let me know in a PM if you need something shipped out ASAP for the swap! Here's a preview of just a few of the items:


I was granted sales permission by entirelycliched on January 9, 2013
My feedback can be found here:

All other details are under the cut.
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Thanks for looking!
Please check out my Non-Pokemon Sales for other anime and cute goods.

Looking for LARGE PIKAZARD:) and some wants

ah,, i really want the large pikazard but always let it slip away...
and the ones on ebay go over $100...
Anyone selling a large pikazard for UNDER $100?
i dont mind whether it has tags or not haha.
some wants.. espurr wanted plush, espurr wanted mug, or anything espurr related :)
(pictures from ebay)

Secret Base Cyndaquil?

Hey everyone! I'm currently on the search for a Secret Base Cyndaquil pokedoll! I didn't know they were in such short supply and seem to have been sold out on for a while :x  I'm willing to go around $25 if anyone has one!


Pokemon With You Pick Ups and Sales

Hey guys, this is a little last minute but I am going to Nagoya tomorrow and am able to do a few pick ups; however, I can't pick up any large items or large plush tomorrow since I am going to a going away party! ;o;

Tomorrow the Pokemon With You items will be released so I can get those as well as most other items.:) The list of prices and items can be found here:

Also I am selling a few things. I really want to get rid of this Pikachu! Please check out my sales: )

sales permission granted by areica96

Looking to buy several legendary Pokémon Center Plush

Hi- I am looking to buy several different legendary Pokémon Center Plush. I'll list them below. They're all the ones that are approximately 6 inches (standard size). I'm totally fine with them being used, as long as their in decent condition!





Deoxys (any form):



If you happen to have any of them, in any condition, let me know and we can figure out a price. Thanks so much and sorry for long post!

Small get, collection post, and wants post

Hey everyone! So a few days ago I ordered something on the Pokemon Center that I've been excited about for months...

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Aside from the get, I've also made a wants list here, and a general collection post here that I'll continue to update as my collection grows.

That's about it for now, hope you're all having a good weekend!