March 6th, 2016

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Generations gets and a few questions

Hello from a long break! I know I'm pretty late to the game seeing as how Generations released last month, but after looking around some local stores I finally got lucky enough to find not only a celebi box, but a mew box as well! Pulls under the cut.

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I haven't been this excited about the tcg in a long time! One thing I want to know is, is Generations eventually going to be released as normal booster packs/boxes? Or is this a special 20th anniversary thing only and you'll only ever be able to get them from the monthly legendary boxes/the charizard/venusaur/blastoise/pikachu box sets? I'm hoping that's not true, because these cards have some of the best art I've ever seen and I'd like them to be a little easier to get so more people can enjoy them.

Sales re-opened for this week!

It's spring break (even though the weather outside is nothing like spring) so I am opening my sales only for one week! I added a few things such as pins and a mini towel from the nuku nuku kuji, and reduced prices on things that didn't sell last time. I've had these items for a while, so dont't be afraid to make an offer for things you want!

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I also made a brand new pokemon card trading/sales post! It's updated with the recent Pokekyun and Generations sets.

Thank you for looking!
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Frogs + February gets + Mew flyer want + Lifesize Goomy restocked !!!

Hello everyone!
So let's start with the frogs :3
Indeed, I've decided to put some of my Water Type plushies on my desk and they ended to be mostly frogs ^^ I really love Froakie and Poliwag lines (but not because I'm French haha) and I've just realized that I had completed both families. I only miss Ash's Greninja which can be considered as a kind of Mega Evolution and that I hope being able to get soon :s

I actually have to build a lot of shelves for my other plushies, but I never have money for that since I prefer spending money on goodies ^^

It's time to see the gets!

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Now let's talk about my want.
It's actually a tiny want. I'm looking for a Mew code flyer (English or other language than French)

Even if my system is broken, I'd like one with unscratched code. Thanks for your help o/
Found! Thank you faleepai o/

And like the title mentions, we end with good news: Lifesize Goomy restocked? (Actually, I was waiting to be able to buy one before sharing the info :s) I haven't seen anyone talking about that and I can't confirm the info, but for several weeks I've seen Lifesize Goomy coming back on some famous shop websites. And recently it finally appeared on my favorite ebay seller sales for 60€
OMG! You can't imagine how happy I am! I had totally lost hope that Pokémon Center restocked it, and I was not willing to pay 150€. Like probably many of you, I had missed the first release because I had no money at that time and the plush sold out very quickly. Besides, I don't know for you but I got the feeling that Pokémon Center is releasing more and more stuff and it's complicated to follow the pace. Thus we have to make choice and sometimes I feel a bit sad having to miss items I'd really like to have (hello Kanto Starters). Well, I'm not here to complain, but it's to explain you how happy I feel to get another chance to own Lifesize Goomy <3 Now I'm really looking forward to receive it ^^

Thank you for reading :3

Monthly Merch Round-Up: February Edition!

Hello everyone!~ It's time to go over the big things that happened in February and what's coming this March!


February brought lots of new merch, especially with the 20th anniversary being on the 27th!

I was in Japan for the later part of February, and actually got to be there for two of the Pokemon Center promos, making it an extra exciting month for me! I'll be including a handful of my own photos this time.

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Here's what's coming for March!

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That's all for now!

As always thanks for reading! Feel free to ask/answer questions, share photos, discuss, or yell at me if there's anything you want me to add XD (Just send the original source please!)
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Random Gets!

Hello everyone~ Long time no see! So I had been kind of absent again from the community because of school, and as I can already tell I missed a ton of stuff! ;A; I'll have some catching up to do ;v; Glad I did come though, otherwise I would not have known about the amazing merch coming on the 19th! I'll definitely have to snag both of the Victini kuttaris and the new monthly Pikachu pair *3*

But anywho, onto the subject of this post, yesterday I got some out of place gets that you guys probably wouldn't expect me to get XD

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Hiya there!  Since Spring Break is coming up, I thought I'd get a few items cleared out before I head out.  Anything purchased from me will be shipped out within a day!

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In addition, I've made a separate post for my TCG Sales.  Please check it out by clicking here or the banner below!

Thanks for looking!

Anyone doing pickups for the tru jirachi merch?

Please let me know if a post asking for help like this isn't allowed!

Would anyone be offering to do pickups for the TRU Jirachi plush, figure and TCG set? All I'd want from the TCG set is the promo card and pin.

Would anyone be willing to do pickups and sell for close to the retail price for all these items? Does anyone know what the retail price is for all of these? Isn't plush $20 and figure $10? I'm unsure of the TCG set. I'll pay a little more than retail price for service/labor + shipping & pp fees of course, but if anyone would be willing to help out and sell for close to retail, I'd appreciate it so much!! ;v;

Is the TCG set available at more places than just TRU, as well?
Also does anyone know when TRUs typically restock, and when a good time to check back would be?

Thank you so much for your help answering any of these questions!! ☆
Brooke and Jed

First Sales Post

The link above will take you to my sales in my journal. This is my first sales post and I was granted permission by aerica96 on February 28, 2016.

Here are some examples of my sales:

I have more coins and figures. A speed loader for the coins. Some keychains/straps. Two mighty beans and some masks. Just click the link to check them out. All prices are negotiable and I'm willing to trade.

$1 Auctions Pre Spring Cleaning

Hello Everyone,

I have a lot of pokemon stuff I am trying to clear out of my room so the fastest way to do it is by having my $1 auctions. I am actioning off over 400 different items come and check it out.

Click on the Image below to be taken to my auctions or ClICK HERE

*Sales permission granted by dakajojo on 01.25.11
*My feedback is located here
*I ship from Chicago, US; I will ship anywhere
*I accept Paypal only.
*I'm not responsible for any lost items in the mail. If you would like delivery confirmation, please inquire.
*Auctions end on Sunday, March 13th at 10pm Central time.Timer here
*Bid in at least $1 increments
*All pkmncollectors rules apply

All figure are in varied, used condition.

Updated Sales!

Hi everyone! It's been a while!

I just wanted to say that I updated my sales post today! I've been wanting to weed out my collection a bit lately so I added a couple of TCG stuff, and an Aron/Lairon flats lot! I also have leftover Hoopa movie magnets that I got in the mail a week or two ago! Please take a look!

Custom Pokemon stickers

Hey all! I got sales permission!
I don't have a lot of items to sell yet, when I do I'll make a permanent sales post & link it! But right now I wanna try doing some customs. :3
I've been having some fun making some super cheap-o homemade stickers haha
Examples are below!
I'll only be taking 5 slots to not overwhelm myself.

They're only going to be $3.39 shipped (only in the US)!
& you don't pay till I have it drawn & ready to ship!
I'm not doing international shipping right now, sorry!

Super complicated pokemon are gonna add +$3 to the price!

This is my first sales post, so I hope I did everything right!!

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Pokedoll want + other wants

Hello community! I've got some wants. I've got a relatively flexible budget. I wanna see if I can get these items here instead of resorting to Y!J because I really don't want to wait over a month for my items even while paying premium price lmao
But I got an exciting get a few days ago that I do plan to share in my next collection update ;o Can you believe I only need two more plush until my plush collection is complete? I sure can't. I'd like to thank this amazing community for helping me complete my collection so quickly!! <3 I thought this would take forever, but I only need a total of 29 items, figures and plush together, until it's complete; after seriously collecting Giratina for a year or so. I love u guys

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Collection | Wants

shadow mewtwo pokken card??

Is anyone intending on selling their Shadow Mewtwo Amiibo card? I wanted to pre-order the Pokken game solely for the card, but realized that it'd be too ridiculous since I don't own a wii-u and I'm just gonna put it in a toploader. Is anyone intending on selling theirs? I don't mind if it's used (I don't know if it's a one-time use card or what) just as long as it's in mint/near mint condition and shipped in a toploader. I don't know it's worth or price, but I couldn't imagine it being anything more than 10$ shipped. Either way, I'd love to hear input about it!

20th anniversary cover plates

Hi all! I'm trying to help one of my European friends out. He is in search of the 10th anniversarry cover plates ONLY. Is there anyone selling them at a reasonable price? Shipping would be to Italy (but if you prefer you can just ship them to me directly). I also have other things if you'd rather trade instead. Thank you!

Granted sales permission by denkimouse 6/7/2011
Sales Thread


Sales reminder

 Just a heads up that I've lowered the prices on a few items and added something new, have a nice sunday!

(click on the preview picture to be transportet to my shop)
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Rare Lugia + Lati Pokepark Keychain auctions + Sales post! ~

Hey guys, I'm here today with three things.
Two auctions for rare Pokepark Lugia and Latios/Latias keychains, and my first sales post~! Let's get right into it ^-^
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Finally, I have created my first sales post! I am selling plush, figures, keychains and clear Kids, as well as an N Nendoroid! Check it out! ^-^
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kabuto plush question

does an official kabuto plush exist? i've found one on ebay for sale-but i've never seen one before (trust me i have Looked everywhere)

here is the plush (i know it's non legit because of the 12 inch sticker-im just asking about if an official kabuto exists.) i've only come across fan made ones and none of them look lke that either-so i don't know where it'd be copied from.

any information about this plushie or kabuto plushies as a whole is appreciated!! thank you!

March Perler Sprite Sales

Hey guys! Are you a few bucks short of reaching that 20 dollar min for the spring swap? Is merch of your giftee's favorite pokemon hard to find? Do they really really like customs? If so, feel free to check out my perler sales ;) Prices start at just 1 dollar! Here is what you'll find (copy and pasted from my march perler sales, due to laziness lol):

V-Day Perler sprites, for only 5 dollars! There are three types- trainerxtrainer, trainerxpokemon, and pokemonxpokemon.


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Everything is right here, but if you don't have an etsy I take orders over the comm too :)

Also quick reminder in case I missed telling a few customers: All comm orders (custom or official) have been shipped as of last week!

Help !

Hello fellow collectors !

I just found this Vaporeon but I need help identifying it. I can't figure out if it's legit or a bootleg, mostly because of the release date on his tush tag (if it's minky, the release date souldn't be 2009 ?) and his color which seems a bit lighter than any other picture I've seen of this pokedoll. I'm confused D:

EDIT : PROBLEM SOLVED, thank you everyone ! :3

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