March 8th, 2016

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Pokedoll wants :3

Hey guys! I'm still after a ton of pokedolls and plushplush for my growing collection :p I am mainly after the following atm: aipom pokedoll, wooper, butterfree, spinda, wailord, spheal, rayquaza, and smoochum. Will consider looking at any other pokedolls and plushplush not mentioned above though! Mostly looking to trade for them but will consider buying as well (: thanks

My collection so far :3

Surprise gets! :) or, "Thanks Subway!"

Hey guys! So, I haven't been having a lot of luck lately with ebay or sales here, but somehow I managed to scrounge up some luck and found something pretty great tonight. I thought I'd do a little photostory about it. ^_^

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And of course, here's a link to my wants, I didn't update the picture because it's basically the same. When I find a couple more I'll go back and update it. :)

Thanks for reading guys! <3

- Natalie

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Long Shot: Anyone selling their Original Red Nendoroid?

I would die for one :')
Name your price, doesn't matter if the box is messed up. Long as the figure isn't damaged, I'm willing to buy. I'd rather get this version than the newer release since of the cute extra face on this one UNLESS someone is will to sell me that.

tldr;; Undamaged Original Red Nendoroid figure which box condition doesn't matter OR the happy face plate the original comes with.

Thanks! Have a good rest of your day.

Christmas pins to date

I collect Pokemon Christmas pins and charms. My goal is to collect all of the pins starting back from 1998 to 2015 to forever. This way when I'm old I'll have one pin for each year Pokemon has been part of my life as a keepsake and as a Christmas ornament. I convert the pins to ornaments and put them on my tree. So far I have the 5 most recent pins.

I'm in the process of acquiring some of the older pins to add to my collection. If you have any Christmas pins or charms I might be missing let me know.

Trainer Red Claim Needed! (Nendoroid)

Hey guys, since the new Red Nendoroid was restocked, I have decided to do a claim group for those not wanting to buy the whole set. Currently there are claims for all of the pokemon, so we just need someone to claim Trainer Red. The claims are $25 + shipping Slot filled!

I will update up here when has shipped the Nendoroid. Status: Recieved!


Red- emeraz

Venusaur-solishark (me)

Blastoise- handmadehail

Charizard- nosidamsucram

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icon, furret

Hello New Friends!

My name is Yoshi!

I am VERY grateful to have the opportunity of joining this wonderful community! I have watched it from afar for awhile, but now I am happy to be apart of it! I am 25 years old, and have been a Pokemon fan for 17 years of it!  Furret is my favorite Pokemon <3 andP probably always will be.

I'm always looking for new Poke' pals, because I can never get enough of them! If one thing Pokemon has taught me while growing up, it's that you should always be on the look out to make new friends and take part in special bonds over your interests. I would very much like to do that! And share my own personal collection I've accumulated over the years. It's dispersed in bits and pieces at the moment since I've moved around some, but perhaps I can revitalize that Poke' nostalgia with my copious amount of 90's toys. I'm personally even more so into the merchandise now! Like the kitchenware, house and bathroom supplies etc. What kid didn't dream of having a Pokemon themed house?

I'm also an artist, and hope to even share my work someday here. But I did read the rules, so I know to be patient and wait and see if that's something that can be done in the future :) .

Here's a few pictures of my collection I'd love to share!:

These are probably the pride of my collection. But my Pikachu kettle's ears snapped and the saucepan's handle is cracked >.<;

Remember these mini skateboards? Around the era of Tech Decks these guys came out! All but the Articuno remain in their packages. Even though Pikachu's and Dugtrio's packages have been yellowed by the sun.

The 20th Anniversary Mew pin and the SUPER cute Poke Mikke sticker patch! Love Poke Mikke campaign <3

This Patriot Pikachu mat is from the Boston Massachusetts World Championships for the card game!

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You might recognize a lot of them from Burger King's Pokemon campaign back in 1999. But some are a lot newer than that.

I sure hope you all approve of what I do have so far!  And I'll be uploading more when I get more! ^____^

As for trades, I'd definately be interested in the future. Here's some of my favorite capaigns and promotions:

  • The Little Tales

  • Poke Mikke

  • Pokemon Palre

  • It's Demo

  • PokeNeco Dulce

  • Chiku Chiku Sewing

  • Pokemon Time

  • Pikachu on the Farm

  • Heroine

  • Blooming Flowers

  • Pikachu and Friends Musical Party

See you guys soon!!  ^___^
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Pokemon-trades open!

My sales permission was granted on the 8th of June 2013 by entirelycliched

My feedback:

Hi everyone!!
I've opened a pokemon Trades post :D
Please check it out~
Note: I live in Australia

PS: I also have a none-pokemon trades post :3

I'm still looking for items for a gift as well!
The item's I'd be interested in are under the "Not for me" Section:

PS:There's also a none-Pokemon Want's post :3

Thanks for reading :D


Pick-me-up Get, or How My Friend is a Thoughtful Person

Hello again, friends! Been non-stop busy these past few months (and will be until further notice), but I got something special in the mail today that I wanted to share with you, along with a little story.

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Before I round this post up, would anyone be interested in me doing a small how-to on building nice levellers (like the one seen above) for collections that are crammed on shelves? They add more room and open up more space, allowing to display more and not have everything cluttered, and are super simple to build.

For the time being Poke-friends, see you later and have a great day! <3
new eeveelutions

Collection weeding sales! Also 2 for $1 leftover kid sales! Vaporeon keychain offers!

Hey guys! So I finally decided to depart with the first gen eeveelution items I have since I do not collect them anymore and will be only focusing on my main collections from now on. I really need the space too! I wanted these items to go to actual collectors of these eeveelutions, so I hope you guys can find them homes! ^^

Sales permission was granted by Denkimouse on 11/28/2010.
Feedback link is HERE:

I will be taking offers on this rare glow-in-the-dark Vaporeon keychain. The offers will start at $10 and will end once offers start slowing down (no offers after a full 24 hours from the last offer).

Reply to the thread below to make an offer ^^


Mini preview of the items:

950951 957 960 963 968

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Mirasol happy squee

Easter promo Tin and Clip pre-order! + Mini-Sales from Japan! + Survey reminder!

Hello there guys!
I am back from Japan!!! Sadly, I got sick in the last few days there, so now I am recovering at home! I still have a lot of work to pack at home anyways, so it's not such a huge problem! I am already feeling better and I am working on my special post about my Japan trip and my collection!!! Hopefully I can be done sometime this week!

So today, I wanted to come with three things to you! First:

My middleman is willing to pick up these items for me, so I am again putting up claims for the random tins and for the clips individual claims!

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I have some tiny sales of extra items I don't need and I am sure others would enjoy more! I have more of course than just on these pictures!

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That's it, thank you for looking! <33

And lastly, those of you who remember it:
I am still taking answers for my survey for counterfeit/fake products for my diploma work!! So far, I have gotten 145 responses, which wouldn't be possible without you guys! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!! I still would appreciate some more, so please, if you can, spare no more than 10 minutes for my survey!

It can be found HERE!

Thank you so much guys again, you are amazing!!! <3333
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1st part of mini towels + bromides sales

Hello everyone!

Today I received a box with 1st part of towels and with the newest set of bromides.
I'm also selling extra bromides that hasn't been claimed and some older bromides - check them out if you'd like to add something to your purchase.

Below you'll find your totals, please read the info in the 1st cut - if something isn't clear to you PLEASE JUST ASK :)

I'm waiting 24 hours for payments.

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I think that's it for now, if you have any questions JUST ASK!
Thanks for looking, have a great day! ^o^
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quick noibat question

Hey everyone!

Has the Noibat Tomy plush been released yet? I've been looking everywhere for one, but the only one I could find was the $49.99 Noibat on ToyWiz. I've also been checking my local Targets, Walmarts, Gamestops, and Toys R Us, but no luck. Anything helps. Thank you!

EDIT:Thanks for the responses, I suppose I'll keep looking at my local Gamestops, Targets, and Toys R Us. Hopefully he's out there!

Anyone selling this Totodile coin?

Hello! :)

Thanks to this friendly community, I've been able to get a lot of my Totodile wants!
I'll post a collection update as soon as the other stuff arrives, and I'm very excited to share my stuff! ^_^

Right now I'm looking for this Totodile coin:

Maybe you can help me?! :) Anyone selling this?

I live in Germany, but I hope shipping wouldn't be too expensive! ^_^
Miranda + Andrea // lasamy

Looking for sellers who make customs!

Hi everyone!

I hope you're all having a great day! I'm looking for customs for my SSS partner! I know I'm super late but I've been extremely sick for the past 4 weeks and am only starting to get some energy.

If anyone makes any type of customs, please let me know and it'd be great if you could attach a link/picture of your work! I live in Canada so it'd be awesome if the goodies would be able to arrive by the end of March the latest so I'd have time to send my package to my partner.

Thanks very much and have a great night!