March 9th, 2016

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Seeking to get rid of MASSIVE 30 in/76 cm Minccino Plush

Would anyone be willing to take this guy off my hands? Won him at a local fair last summer in the U.S.~ He's stuffed with what I guess to be foam beads? Not sure what kind of fabric the plush is made of, but all the details are embroidered except for the hand pads. I guess I'm taking offers on him for now! ( ^ ^ ) Not quite sure how to ship yet but I'm sure I could find a big enough box somewhere.. :P

Here's pictures of his tags!

Sales permission granted by areica96 on December 17, 2015.
My feedback can be viewed here!

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Small Auctions and sales update!

Hey guys!
So today I have a few small auctions for things I got in Japan. I know some wanted the Sylveon sticker that is possible to get in the snack box. It's sealed so I have no idea if it has Sylveon, Pancham or whoever else is in it, but the Sylveon sticker is sought after so I figured I'd put it up for auction/offers! :)
I also have a sealed magazine I got when I was there with a Shiny Gyarados tretta, DVD and cool inserts! I have one unsealed I'm showing pictures from.

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~The goods~

BOTH Start @ $5! :)
Additional info and LOTS of pictures under the cut below.

This will end A WEEK from today, at 12pm HONOLULU time. Here's a countdown timer! :D

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Small sales update! I still have plenty of items from the past one as well, so check it out!
(Click either picture)

What do you do with your non displayed collections

I recently moved my collections from my old room to another and I unfortunately no longer have space to display all of them at once. What do you guys do with your collections that you don't have room to display? How many main collections do you have?

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I also still have the Raikou Tomy plush up for offers. I am lowering the starting offer price on it. Feel free to give me an offer of what you would like to pay for it I will more than likely accept.
Sales permission granted by rypeltajaroll in 2010.

Edit: Sold!
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Plush is in great condition; no hang tag, tush tag is in good shape. Offers start at $90!

So rare that it is still said to be a mirage by many experts....

I've been meaning to make a post about my newest get for a while, and now that I'm stuck at home with a cold, I finally have the chance!...

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Speaking of elusive items, just wanted to mention that I'm still hunting for the Bandai Double Attack Absol Action Figure. I didn't have it on my wants list for a while... but my money situation has changed for the better, so I'm comfortable offering $150 if you're selling one, depending on condition. :)

Still working on my collection site... and on SSS as well! But will hopefully get mine shipped out by the end of next week!
Lastly, my sales have been updated with new items. Check them out if you'd like!

Where to get: Nendoroid Red, Green and Mew

Does anyone know where I can get the "Red, Green and Mew Nendoroid"?

If I'm not mistaken, you can only get them in Japan by pre-order till 31 March 2016.
The list price is 7500 Yen (about $66), but since they're only available in Japan (for me) it's hard to find one for the original price.

Can anyone help?

artist pika online

Hey guys, just a quick little note to let you know that the Monthly Artist Pikachu plush is now on!

The site has also added some new TCG tins featuring Mewtwo, Machamp, and Shiny Gyarados, as well as some TCG sleeves.
You can check out all the new stuff here:

Hope you're all having a nice week!

ISO: Bulbasaur and Venusaur from the Red Nendoroids??? + Help with Customs on FJ Package!!!!

Hi my fellow members! I want to ask if anyone is willing to sell just the Bulbasaur and Venusaur figure from the Red Nendoroids??? And please let me know what price you are charging!!!

I recently got hit with customs fees ($43.29 @.@) on my FromJapan EMS package. It was marked as a gift and everything was marked with a total value of around 2000 yen to 3000 yen. From my knowledge, the Canada Border Service Agency won't charge you customs on your package if the value declared on it is under $60. I just confirmed with the Canada Border Service Agency, it seems any package over $20 will be charged for customs @.@. I have shipped much larger and heavier packages and always had it marked as gift, I NEVER GOT CHARGED FOR CUSTOMS. I don't understand why I got charged. I was told by the post office that I could either: 1) Pay for the customs fees and request a refund from the Customs Office (which could take up to 6~8 weeks) or 2) Have the package shipped back to the Customs Office, ask for re-evaluation and file for a dispute on the custom charge. However, I have no idea what is the proper process and the proper forms I need to fill out. Did anyone experience something similar and got charged for customs when your package is marked as a "gift" and how did you deal with it? Please help me out! Many thanks!!!!

EDIT: So I called the Canada Border Services Agency and they told me I have two choices: 1) Pay for the customs fees at the post office and then request a refund from the government, attaching the invoices from FJ to show them proof of the items and the values or 2) Request the post office to send the package back for an appeal, so the customs can revisit the package and reassess it.

What do you guys think is the best route to go with this? I actually checked the FJ's invoices that were attached to an old package, and never in the statements did it show the original values of the items. However, it did indicate what the items are (toys, shoes, clothing...).

EDIT 2: I spoke with another customer service from the CBSA, and they told me that the customs charge contains the following: 1) GST + HST (taxes) 2) Duty charges on the goods (shoes, clothing, toys) 3) Handling fee that is charged by Canada Post for releasing the package from the border ($9.95 is not refundable, and it is only charged once even if you request your package to be sent back to the border for re-evaluation). They also said that because the package was marked as a "gift", when the border employees inspect the package, they realize that it is not a gift, but purchases from a private seller. Marking it as a gift is illegal because that exempts the buyer from having to pay 1) and 2). So it seems it will be very difficult to get the charges dropped. Also, even if I did pick option 1) Pay for the customs fees at the post office and then request a refund from the government, providing FromJapan's invoices as proof would only give me partial refunds because my items (shoes, clothing and toys) are subjected to 1) and 2) charges. And I would have to wait 6 to 8 weeks for me to hear back from them. Sigh......this is really unfortunate. It seems registered SAL shipping is the safest to go now for buyers to not get charged for customs. But who wants to wait 2~3 months for their package? T^T

*LESSON LEARNED*: Ship smaller quantities of items to reduce the chances of getting hit with customs. Consider switching to registered SAL shipping.

*My Massive Sales Post:*

I am still accept haggling and offering shipping discounts!!! Please check it out!!!

Thank you for reading!! Have a great week everyone!

TCG Wants + Trade Request

Heyo! I hope everyone has been having a nice day so far! :)

I pulled a Full Art Winona card today and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to trade it for a FA Wally in any other language other than English or Japanese! :) (Picture of card and sells permission below cut! :3)

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Also, I really need your help, fellow collectors! The new Meowstic card from the Radiant Collection / Generations is my favorite card of all time! With that being said, I need help finding it in different languages!!
French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portugues, Korean are the languages I still need! Any help would be incredible! :D

I would also love the Male Meowstic promo card in other languages besides English and Japanese!

And, lastly, any of the newer Wally cards from other languages besides English and Japanese would be awesome too! ;_; XD

❤ Selling some goodies ❤

Hello everyone back with sells; come and offer? :3
Sorry for poofing haven't been collecting anything for awhile...
-the only recent thing I got was the jumbo Togekiss plush, but that is at my parents house. :3

I was granted sales permission by: entirelycliched on 8/7/2013.
My feedback is located: HERE
~All Rules apply~
I will take commitment over quotes, so if someone is committed to an item then they get it.
If you feel an item is too much then we can negotiate a price; just let me know!
I ship most items out in bubble mailers, I ship from KY, US and use USPS; I am only shipping within the US.
-Shipping starts at: $3.50+ for plushies.

(I am NOT responsible for damage or lost goods!)
I will ship through standard mail which is very cheap it may or may not come with free tracking.
-If you want me to show you the receipt I will gladly do so.
Please note that bigger plushies will be $7.50 and items that are glass or fragile will be placed inside a box which will increase the price as well.
-I will only accept paypal as payment; please send payments to:
-ONLY if you are 100% committed then I am willing to do holds.

I moved into a pet free, non-smoker home.

If you want more pictures just ask.
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fall fuji pika

Kyoto Center Pikachu Plush and Ditto Tranform plush!

The Kyoto Pokemon Center opens next week on the 16th. The first goods annouced there weren't plush announced but now they are!

Exclusive Kyoto Center sitting Pikachu plush

This standing Maiko Pikachu plush will be at all Centers. All 3 plush are 2400 yen each.

Also, the Ditto Transform plush! Coming March 26th~

Regular plush are 1200 yen each and the mascots are 800 yen each.

How do you like the Kyoto Pikachu plush? And the new Ditto Transform ones? I wonder if they are going to release more Ditto Transform plush in the future... My wallet is crying... with these releases this month and the Monthly Pikachu restock and big Sleeping Onemuri Pikachu plush on the Online site...