March 11th, 2016

Quick brag

Hey all! Just wanted to do a quick brag on a model kit my friend got me that I just finished!

The only model things I've been doing have been glow in the dark dinosaur skeleton from the dollar store, so it was really fun not to have to use glue for every piece! 😂

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Looking to buy all kinds of Trevenant merch/farfetch'd charm

Heya! I've always loved Trevenant and I think it would be easy enough to collect without getting expensive. So I want you guys to show me what Trevenant merch you've got for sale. Looking for ALL merch; figures, TCG, plush, flats, everything. The only thing I already have is the Pokemon Center metal charms but I want everything else you've got.


Decided to list the items for Trevenant I already have:
Pokemon Center Phantump and Trevenant metal charms
Trevenant Kid (just purchased)
All TCG Cards

Also looking for this Farfetch'd charm:

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I only want Farfetch'd; I believe it's the last bit of merch I need to mostly complete my Farfetch'd collection. I'll post a collection update when I get some shipments in.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: ALSO I almost forgot. I won a Cofagrigus grail the other day and it's on it's way to me now! It's one of the rarest items of Cofagrigus and I'm so happy to have won it. I'll show you guys when it gets here.

Quick sale!

Hello, everyone! I'm selling my MegaHouse Jesse & Wobbuffet figure which is sealed and brand new for $50 USD plus shipping. At this time, I can only ship within the US and Canada, sorry! Shipping should be around $15, depending on where you live. (Ask for a quote!)

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Happy Friday!
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New eBay lot + SALES!

Clean-up auctions are in progress now~ I will slowly be taking things from my sales and putting them in huge lots to clear out inventory, so if there are things from my sales you're interested in getting please get them while they're still available! Starting with a lot with lots of retro stuff, and ends in around a week!
Click the pic or here to go!

Uu I'm kind of terrible about getting those absol/articuno auctions going XD; There's just a lot of stuff I feel like I need to clear out first before I get to them (also real life things including work/wedding/housing/everythingreally), but they will happen for sure!!

Lastly... Sales plug!
Preview of new items:

Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )

Hope everyone has a great weekend >w< ~~ I shall trot over to free-for-all-friday to see what you'll all be up to hehehe


Wow, I just crept passed my 6th anniversary here. Crazy!
Anyways, I'm moving out and I can't take my stuff with me.

It's been a good run, but I'm selling off the majority of my collection now.

LOTS of rare Bayleef and Lapras items for sale/auction.



eBay Sales! Australia!

Hey Guys,

Its been a while since I posted since unfortunately I don't have the time to collect much anymore.

Although I am super excited for the new Kyoto items (especially the new Ho-Oh and Lugia Pikachus!)

Just thought I would let people know I have some things ending on eBay soon, if you are in Australia you can use the postage price on eBay, however if you are international and interested in anything please let me know and I will give you a postage cost :)

The items are hyperlinked to their listings in the indvidul pictures under the cut :D

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If yous have any questions just message me on eBay or here :)

Sales reminder :3

Hello~ I just wanted to post a reminder for my sales. :) I collected too much stuff (or got it because of buying small lots) and really want it gone. I also rearranged my sales post a bit to make it clearer. Please click the preview picture or HERE to visit my sales post.

Surprise Gets!

Hello everyone! How have all of your days been? Personally, my day has been awesome! Here in Canada the snow has melted, it's warm out with a nice breeze, so spring must be here! Today, I got a surprise in the mail, and I'd love to show you!

(Also, I'm not sure if this will show up twice, I accidentally posted it to my personal Journal first, so if you DO see it twice on the PKMNCollectors Homepage, let me know!)

I've decided to do some unboxing thing like I see a lot of you guys doing, so this post is going to be a bit image heavy, so bear with me!

Today I got this package in the mail. I purchased this item from pokedolllover! Isn't the packaging awesome? It also fits perfectly with the item I ordered, the seller was super attentive to detail! Keep reading to find out what I got!
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Thanks for reading!

<3 My Spring Swap has Arrived <3

As you guys can tell from the title, I got my spring swap today!! I had a feeling that it would come this week, but I didn't want to raise my hopes to high just in case ;w; I giggled like a little girl while I opened all this up...

Warning- a lot of images and fangirling below the cut!

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SSS Gets!

Hi everyone! Hope everyong is enjoying the SSS! It was my first time participating and I've had a great time! Today I received my parcel from none other than kinokokoneko with a lovely card too (which I forgot to take a picture of!)

I'm so used to opening boxes using my pen in work that I did the same and drew on the bag T_T

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Finally! 5th anniversary post! + Japan gets!

Hello there guys!
So finally it is time for my 5th anniversary post!!! Since I also got back from Japan a few days ago, I would like to share what I got as well <3

What collections you are going to see the most:

And a preview picture:

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Aaaaand now to my Japan gets!!!

Follow Pikachu to the Pokemon Center!!

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Thank you so very much guys for looking, it means a lot to me <33

I also forgot about these guys! These are extras I have gotten, so they are up for sale! I am still taking claims for the Easter clips and tins as well! They can be found HERE!
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Celebi Want!

Hi Everyone! Im looking for one of the 20th Anniversary Celebi Plush since I don't think my local Eb Games or Toys R Us has any in stock or stocking them in general. I live in Canada as well. Thanks! :)

SSS get & updated (and discounted) sales!

Hi everyone! I got my SSS present a little while ago but I'm just now getting around to posting it as I prepare to ship my own gift out tomorrow to my giftee. ^^ elcardenal12 got me this lovely Pokemon Center Lugia plush, a Pokeball keychain, and some of my favorite cards! (Kudos for the super cute art of Lugia as well!) They also gave me two cute Piplup kid figures but my baby sister took them away from me so I had to leave them out, haha!

Thank you so, so much! It really brought such a smile to my face to get to open up such a lovely gift after coming home from a long day at work. I hope everyone else is enjoying SSS- I've seen tons of super awesome presents being posted. ^^

So with this, I have an auction reminder! My Meowth PlushPlush ends in just over 24 hours and he has no bids on him.

Click on him to go through to the auction. Or, here: Click-click-click! If you end up wanting him/winning the auction, please message me! We can do the transaction via Paypal so that the fees don't hurt so hard if you're okay with that. I am also completely open to payment plans for the little guy- just let me know!

Finally, I've got a ton of updated sales and I've discounted everything I hadn't sold from the last time I posted my sales. Everything is open to haggling so just let me know. ^^
Here's a preview:

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That's it, folks! Happy Friday to everyone, and have a great, great weekend!