March 12th, 2016


Pokemon Center Kyoto March 26th Pick Up- Limited CLOSED

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Kyoto Exclusive Slots:noibatcutie: Little Tales Wagon Pouch, Dittosaur $52.18 shipped
noibatcutie: Little Tales Wagon Pouch, Dittosaur $52.18 shipped
Sitting Maiko Pikachu plush (or Parasol Maiko Chu if out), Logo pin $59 shipped normal mail
gustygarchomp: Kyoto logo pin $13.50 shipped
kaffeina: sitting pin set, standing charm set, 5X pokekyun cards $41 shipped
angelarcher: sitting charm set, standing charm set, Okuge sitting Pikachu plush, sitting Maiko Pikachu plush, 5 pokekyun boosters, standing Maiko Pikachu, 2 pens $194.25 before shipped EMS
evilashi: Maiko pika pressed coin, okuge pikachu pressed coin, pen, notebook, matcha, iphone6 case 94.20 EMS shipped
renarys Kyoto logo pin $13.50  shipped
deranged_girl (Easter random tin+) Maiko Pikachu pressed coin $12.50 (Canada)
tsuiling: Kyoto sitting Maiko pikachu plush, Okuge sitting Pikachu plush (+ tote(Paid for tote) and Monthly Pikachu plush) $129 EMS
yardsalecouch: standing pin set $13.50 shipped
Terrah Vinz: All 3 Little Mews, Big Charmander, Maiko Pikachu $192 EMS shipping
Sergio Tanner: Easter pin, Kyoto pin, Standing pikachu pin set, sitting pikachu pin set $46.50 shipped
Shaun Suarez: standing Maiko plush, sitting maiko plush, okuge sitting plush $135 EMS
crasherwake Mascot strap Dittosaur, Dittosaur Plush  $38 shipped
marissakura Standing Maiko plush, sitting Maiko plush, clearfile sitting, clearfile standing, notebook $92 EMS shipped/87 normal mail
yoshiko75 Iphone case $36 shipped

Hi! I am going to  Kyoto on the 26th to dress as a Maiko with my friends and then I plan to hit up the new Center!! So I can pick a few of the exclusive items (hope they are still there o.O)! ) Pick ups will be limited on the Kyoto exclusive items! :( I can't carry too many back to my home town.

If you want items that are not the Kyoto Center exclusive goods please ask for a March 16/ or March 22nd Pick up Slot. Here is information for prices and items for my March pick ups.

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6 year anniversary! Gets, photography, sales Pic Heavy!

Hey guys! Its been an awesome 6 years of collecting and this site is a huge part of that! I remember having a tiny Saur and Poli collection but in that time, they have exploded and become quite the joy!
The Saur line is my main collection as I am always looking for items that I need for it. With the 20th anniversary, there has been a flood of merch that has been nearly hard to keep up with!
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Me and Bisharp

I'm back with some gets!

It's been a long time since I last wrote in this community :)
I was quite busy, also because I (finally) found a job!

Every time I enter in this site, see my banner at the top of the page is a great satisfaction!
In these days I have received the product that I have bought from the Sunyshore Pokemart, using the gift certificates gave to me for winning the PKMNCollectors Banner Contest last year (yeah, I used the gift voucher only 6 months later I received that, I'm a person who thinks a lot XD).
I also put another pic to show off 3 gift my girlfirend bought for me from Japan <3

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WANTED! Bulbasaur Plush!

Hello everyone! I am looking to buy a Bulbasaur plush. My girlfriend and I were talking and making teams last night and it gave me a whole lot of nostalgia.. Bulbasaur is my favorite grass type and while I probably wont collect him like with my Charizards I would like some merch of him :>

Does anyone have any Bulbasaur plushies for sale? Any size or type is fine but Im looking for medium-large ones not really small ones. The sleeping version that was recently released is a grail of mine but I know they are quite pricey.. but if you have one that youd like to sell for $30 or under let me know! Any other plush is open for consideration too.

((pictures added as attention grabbers))



grail get + 3-item sale

Hi again everyone!

I finally received a much-anticipated grail of mine in the mail yesterday and I'm so excited to share it ;w; It may not be the rarest of items but I've wanted it for so long and never could find one in reach until now...

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Also, here's my very very small sales if you might be interested~
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Thanks so much for looking and happy collecting everybody! Hope you all are as hyped up for Pokemon Sun and Moon as I am *o*

Anyone selling Pokemon Lab merch?

Hello lovelies <3 I'm back again! First up, a little update. All owed packages etc were mailed a bit ago so they're already on their way or nearly there's! Feedback, is the next thing on my list, so if I owe you feedback, hang tight, that's my next job :D commission/trade updates will be sent out to everyone this afternoon. And finally, I'll be doing a bit sales update in a couple of weeks time that may well involve roughly 2 full boxes of stuff!

Oh and to my spring swap partner (you don't know who you are :p) you're parcel I'll be sent out in the next couple of days :D

Which brings me round to the subject of this post. POKEMON LAB! As most of you probably know by now, I've got myself a fancy new science job. So, I think that's a perfect excuse for me to shirk house moving responsibilities, and buy some more stuff!

As a 'yay job' reward from me to me, I'm looking for some Pokemon Lab merchandise. Nothing super big or fancy, maybe just a key ring, or a pin or something, especially if it features cyndaquil. (I'm not actually 100% sure what was even released for this). But, there's a catch, I'm only looking for UK sellers otherwise it might not arrive in time.

So, if you're selling, let me know please!


collection update!! + some gets and a tiny sale

I finally did my collection update!!! It's not much but my collection has been steadily growing and looking at it makes me happy. It's mostly a pin collection update though, so I'm not sure if this is of any use to my SSS. ;w;
(yes I spent more time than I should have on this banner)

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Whew!! I didn't expect to ramble on for so long, sorry about that hahaha. Also I apologise for the weird quality/lighting of the photos, I only have my phone camera and it takes too much time to edit every individual photo in Photoshop. ;~;

P.S: I need to advertise a tiny sale: items shown in the picture below! Click here or on the picture to head to my sales post. :)
Also open to trading it for any of the pins on my wants list here.

Which were your favourite pins?

Gotochi Gacha
Rainbow Gacha
Traditional Gacha
Pokecen Exclusive
Older-Style Pins

Have a nice day!

SSS Gift

I got my gift a couple of days ago. :) But I did not have time until today to take pictures and post.

The box has a lot of Pikachu stickers and cutouts decorating it. :) It was exciting just to see it. But this is one of the ones on the side.

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Sales Update + Auctions!!! More FromJapan Shipping Options Question!!!

Hi everyone! So from my last post, I decided to just pay for the customs fees. I hope next time I won't be hit with customs again @.@ Did anyone that use other options besides EMS for FromJapan ever get hit with customs? Does it matter what the total value of your package is? And did you mark your package a gift or no? Is it better to not mark your package as a gift and just modify your items' prices?

Anyways, I have updated my sales with tons of new items. Of course, I am still open to haggling and shipping discounts! Here's a preview of the new items:

Also, please check out the items I have for auction today! They are the Christmas Theme Pins!!!
*Auction ends one week from today on March 19th, 11PM EST.Here's the countdown timer: Please remember to check the timer so you don't miss out on the auction!

You can click on any of the pictures above or my Sales Banner below to be transported to my Master Sales with tons more items!!!

Thank you for everyone's comments on my last post! I was able to learn a lot more about how to avoid getting customs fees, what makes up the fee and using other shipping method than EMS to ship my packages.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I am still recovering from a cold and cough :( but at least the weather is getting warm now!!! :)

(Collection Weeding) Sales Update!!

Hi everyone,

I'm back from spring break so now I'm able to attend to all orders and get stuff shipped out ASAP! I need to have some stuff sent over from Japan soon so to make room for them, I'm selling off some things in my collection that I'm not too attached to anymore. Here's a preview of some of the things I added:


You can go to my sales here:

All the relevant information is there.

Please help me out, if you can :) I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much for reading/looking!
  • riyko

Reintroduction and Sales

I figured i'd reintroduce myself since I've been in here a while I think 2008ish. I'm Riyko and i'm a 29 year old single mom, I'm a togepi, togetic and togekiss collector with the focus on togepi. My daughter loves Pikachu (like her grandma) and clefairy. I live in the US, but i've lived in Canada and Chile as well. I'm going to get back into buying more togepi stuff once I unpack my collection (shh she doesn't realize we've returned from Chile yet haha). Nice to meet everyone who is new here and to see all of those who were here from way back when. I will be doing a collection update post when everything is unpacked and placed where it belongs.

I also have some sales here :D
  • 4fire1

Omg lovely gets :p

Sorry for posting so frequently but I just had to share my latest gets! These b

eauties just arrived today and I can't be happier with them! (: I just had to share these with you guys x3 hope you like them 😊