March 13th, 2016

Plushie care question :3

Hello all!

I recently have acquired a few plushies that were in need of a cleaning. I didn't want the stuffing to get wet, so I used a wet cloth with a little soap to clean the fur on the plushies.

My problem is that I haven't been able to get the fur to look the same as it did before 😢 Is there something I'm missing? Or is it possible I've ruined the Minky by cleaning it?

Also, one of the plushies still smells a bit after cleaning it. Is there anything I can do? It seems like it may have sat in a basement for a few years.

Any tips or experience would be appreciated 😊
Umbreon, Espeon

A few notes and pre-order bonus for Pokken Tournament

Hey everyone! Not much to this post, but a few notes I wanted to get out there.

Firstly has anyone heard from hantsukihaunter? I had been discussing a purchase with them over 4 weeks ago now and last message I got was them saying they were sick and would respond that evening to me. I have sent several follow-up PM's but no response. At this point, since no money had exchanged hands yet, I am just really worried about them. Anyone know anything?

Secondly: yesterday I went to gamestop and talked with my friend who is a manager and pokemon fanatic. He said that the Pokken Tournament pre-order at gamestop comes with an exclusive poster! So, if you have not preordered, now might be a good time to do so!!!


Thirdly: for those who are still looking for the Mew Tcg boxes: yesterday I found 4 at a Target, so they are still out. I picked all 4 up and plan on posting them for sale when I get permission so those who missed out have a chance to get one. =)

Hope everyone is having a lovely sunday!

Looking to Trade TCG/Art for Lillipup line merch!

Hey Everybody! :D

Hope everyone is enjoying spring and SSS :)

I received some plush in the mail (which will be in an upcoming update), and the seller included a Stoutland MPC that I had expressed interest in due to my plush being delayed for almost two months.

I collect Herdier, and that Stoutland made me want to collect the entire Lillipup line!!! :D
Plus, I have a huge Scottish heritage (two clans, yay!), so the Scottish terrier pokémon really appealed to me :3

I'm looking to trade TCG or art for any stoutland, lillipup, or herdier figures and plush if anyone is interested (though I have all of the official herdier stuff) :)
Let's see those pups (even looking for the bootie figures, especially of herdier)!

Feedback located here-

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Thanks for reading!!!

~ Ebon

P.s. I'm looking to add associates to my collection site, so if you're interested, let me know! :D

Looking for Saurs, Polis and other Kanto items of interest!

Hey guys! I have a wants list which you can see here full of Saur and Poli line items with many flats, figures, and plush that I am looking to purchase or trade for.
I am also interested in purchasing any fully colored figures of Kanto Pokémon to go in a Kanto 20th anniversary display that I am currently working on.
The Kanto mons I am looking to buy are Zubat, Paras, Persian, Bellsprout, and Cubone! Mainly looking for Tomys, Kids, or like sized figures of these Pokémon. Thank you for your help!

Recent Gets, Wants List , & Final Reminder


I just wanted to share my most recent gets which is the Nendoroid Pokémon Trainer Red: Champion Ver. Posable Figure. This set of figures are awesome and have such great detail on them. I was surprised to read on the box that the figure of Red is hand painted and there may be slight variations between products.

Wants list

Lastly final reminder of my $1 auctions that end tonight at 10pm CST.ClICK HERE TO BE TAKEN TO THE ACTIONS

SSS Gets 2016!

Hey everyone, after sending out my SSS gift to majora1990 and admiring his amazing photo story about his own present from me, I've been patiently awaiting for my own gift to arrive!
Come see what I found at my doorstep Wednesday night!

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So who was the amazing human being that got me all of this stuff?!
None other than the adorable Eevee lover,syminka! Another one of my good Twitter friends that has been supportive in my time of darkness! I cannot thank you enough for such an amazing SSS gift. I have participated in this swap for 3 years and it feels like each year gets better and better!

I'll be back with a small collection update soon, and some pre-Japan sales before my trip in June!


New collection setup!

Hi all!

I haven't posted for a while and wanted to show my new setup and get your opinions on my collection as it is now. ;v;

So, for anyone who isnt already aware I collect the Heliolisk line, Umbreon and Charizard. It started out with just Umbreon as my favourite, then when Helioptile was revealed I fell in love. Charizard was supposed to only be a side collection, but things happen I suppose - no regrets!

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Thanks so much for looking, you might even be able to tempt me to buy things of these guys I don't have... so throw your sales posts at me too. ;u;

Build able tazo GB!

I'm doing a GB for the awesome buildbale tazos you see below! :)

Luckily this lot has a low BIN price so I'm going to say each one is $5 (excluding shipping and PayPal fees) so I only need four other claims before I buy the lot! The lot has been bought and almost all are claimed so price will be lower than $5!
If more of them are claimed then that will result in shipping discounts (or just cheaper claim price if claims made before sent payment!)!
I will be shipping these from UK.
I was granted sales permission August 7, 2015 by areica96
My feedback can be found here
All PKMNcollector rules apply!
The seller lists these as 'the best condition' but please note they're not in their packets.
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Pokemon merch in China?

So a family member is visiting Hong Kong and was wondering if there was any official merch that can only be found there? Wanted to give them a heads up to look for me but not sure if they have any exclusives or if it's just the same things you can get elsewhere :/

How To Wash Your Pokedolls!!

Hello everyone! Im back with another picture tutorial, this time its on washing your Pokedolls! The doll I am washing is the 12 inch PBP Charizard but this method should work for minky, fleece, and longer pile fabrics alike! Im sure there are other methods to doing this but this is one I have always found worked for me.

First, you take your doll and put it in a bath of room temp water!

((Continued under the cut!!))

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Exciting applause get!!

You know those times when you snag something on eBay and you are so excited about it you can't even wait till it arrives to post to the community? This is one of those posts.

Story time:
So maybe you saw my post a couple of days back about falling in love with applause plush and wanting to start collecting them. Well I figured no time like the present to get on eBay and grab my next set. I hopped on to and was searching for a couple of them when I came across a listing of a lot of 11 of them with a starting price of 13.99. I of course was internally screaming, but this was a brand new posting and there was plenty of time for things to change. I kept that window open for SIX DAYS. I was obsessively checking it every day to see if anything had changed. Of course nothing has.

Till tonight, when the auction was set to end as I was riding my bus back to school after break. I didn't trust the bus internet so I hadn't friend bid on it for me. I don't think my heart has beaten so hard as when I watched the countdown (eBay will do that to you), but my friend managed to snag it. $10 under my limit, no less. And so now, I present to you my new applause plushie via the eBay pic

I'm still reeling a bit, but I'm so excited for them to come! Especially that abra plush, he's so cute!!

Side note to my SSS- if by chance you were super quick and bought me an applause after my last post which is in this lot, don't worry, I plan to get a bunch of duplicates! (If you already sent it out like a week ago and it should have arrived, it probably has, I've just been on spring break and will be able to pick it up tomorrow.)