March 14th, 2016

by viper_fox

Member for 3 years: it's time for my first anniversary post ^^ + French PokéCen rumour

Hello everyone o/
I've seen several anniversary posts recently, and it made me realize that I've been a member of the community for almost 3 years and never done any anniversary post before :O So it's time to do it!
I want to start with a nostalgic memory: my first post
I was very touched by the warm welcome :3
As you can notice, the anniversary should actually be in May. But for two reasons I've decided to make it earlier.
1) I'll have exams in May/July
2) I've just made new settings in my room

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And now let's see what my collection looks like in 2016 o/
For too many years, I've been saying that I want to build some shelves in order to have my plushies displayed. Unfortunately, I always postpone this moment because I prefer to spend my money in goodies since they are not available for ever unlike wood ^^ But seeing all my plushies inside boxes makes me sad. Thus, last week I decided to free some of them which not necessarily require wooden shelves.

Follow Pancham ^^

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New Trades Post Reminder

My sales permission was granted on the 8th of June 2013 by entirelycliched

My feedback:

Hi everyone! Just a reminder that I opened up trades last week :D
I'm hoping to be updating with some new items asap and might even make a sales post (I've got exams starting next week so it might take a lil while!)

Note: I live in Australia

PS: I also have a none-pokemon trades post :3

I'm still looking for items for a gift as well!
The item's I'd be interested in are under the "Not for me" Section:

PS:There's also a none-Pokemon Want's post :3

Thanks for reading :D

Super cute Sylveon update! *w*

Just a quick update, but my newest Sylveon (with Eevee) plush finally came in the mail after over a week of being in limbo!

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Just look at her and this tiny, little Eevee!! Oh I love it so dearly!

She was bought at such a great price too! My wallet and I couldn't be happier~~~

Just another mark off the list of so many more to get, but I'm making progress. Hopefully I'll have more to update with soon. Ciao!


School has been kicking my butt lately so I haven't been terribly active, but I just had to post about this box that was waiting for me on my doorstep in the rain today!!!

The Pokemon bedsheets were totally planned for this.
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  • snowby

LEGIT Pokemon Plush Sellers on Amazon?

Are there any? I'm looking for small plushes of the following:
Possibly Espeon and Umbreon

I hate Chinese fakes, and don't want to encourage the pirates.

I can't buy from a site other than amazon, because I'm using a card's reward points that work there.

Help? I love plushies, but I don't know much about them, and I've been away from the Pokemon scene for almost a decade, until very recently. I need some help. >__<; please?
linameerun, zigzagoon

New friend, wants and sales update!

Hello hello everyone! grail.jpg

First I want you all to meet my new Zigzagoon buddy! :D

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Second, I want to show my want list again, because I updated it a lot!
Please click here to take a look, or click the link:

And last but not least, a sales update!! Please click the banner below to take a look!

Of course Im always open for trades for ANYTHING at my want list!! :D (Im also open for trades for custom plushes/figures of Zig!)

Thanks for taking a look <3


  • elekid

Holy cow...

I just won an eBay auction this evening that included an incredible item I never even expected to find in my whole time collecting, otherwise I would've had it on my grail list for ages! Click the cut to take a look.

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Ciao, everyone!
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Storage unit Prehaul

So we finally got to the storage unit (we being my mother and me). We didn't get every Pokemon item out of the unit, but we did get my toy box and my mother's box of miscellaneous McDonald/Burger King figures from the first few movies. (And a Pokemon bag of some treasures).

This is just the box of toys. They are mainly Pokemon, however you can see a Neopet hiding in there, too.
Anyways, in the cut below will be some cool things that we found, mainly in the second box we brought home, and my magical bag of treasures.
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The final thing I want to show is what was in the magical bag:

This. Magical bag, which we got while up in Orlando many years ago...
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I have a few questions about some items before I go. These were also in our boxes, but were given to us by my grandmother up in New York, so we didn't say anything.
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Welp. That is it for me. C: My phone is almost dead, so it is time I rap up.
Thank-you all for reading. I am so happy to finally start showing off some of my things.
Hopefully I can find an answer to the questions I have. :3 Have an amazing day!

Searching for a few games

I was just wondering if anyone here had copies of the following

-Art Academy

The first 3 are because I'd like to play through Johto & Unova again without having to restart my SoulSilver, Black & Black 2 & Art Academy due to good reviews. I'd rather ask here first before dealing with potential fakes on ebay and Amazon Marketplace.

SSS gets!!! (and small sales update)

I just checked LJ today and saw the couple of posts made by people who got their SSS stuff today. I receive mine today, too and just had to post about it because I was so excited and happy! This was my first one, too!! Hehehe

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To my SSS giftee, I hope to send mine out at the end of this month, at latest. I have a few more things coming in, hopefully by the end of this week or the beginning of the next :)

Finally, sales plug. I added a pretty rare Lugia TOMY battle pose figure (picture below). I'm trying to clear out as much stuff as I can before I leave college once and for all in two months and I'm trying to go on a trip this summer so any help that I can get is definitely much appreciated. Prices are always negotiable, too, so come check out what I have :)

Thanks for reading this lengthy post! Hopefully your SSS experience will leave you all feeling as happy as I did!

Feb commissions update, and Target question

Two things from me today!

The most important thing first, all February commissions are gonna be mailed tomorrow first thing in the morning. I once again thank you all for having been so patient with me, the past month has been really rough with a close family member in the hospital and stuff ;; but ANYWAY! Here are your finished tags! (except for schenzi's which had already been put in an envelope before I realized I should probably take a picture of the lot of them XD')
Gonna send all you guys a nice digital version of these as soon as possible, as well :)

Then, there's apparently going to be an event in Target stores on March 19th.
All details here:

Now my question is, is there any chance I could ever get to own that photo op (I presume) stand with Hawlucha? I know chances are very slim, but maybe some of you could try ask their local Target if they could have the stand after the day is over? Or, I don't know, something XD' I would go to a Target myself but I live in Italy so it's pretty impossible for me to do so! D:

This should be all from me for today! Thanks for reading and happy collecting!